For there is ONE God and a single mediator

1 Timothy 2.5

Watchtower 01 August 2007, page 21, paragraph 3: "Jesus Christ, the "main mediator" ...

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses,

Your "Bible" writes in Acts 3, 15: "Main Mediator of Life". How do you do the balancing act between 1 Timothy 2:5 and your modified translation of Acts 3:15? Who did something wrong? How did you come to suspect, besides Jesus, one or more other mediators between God and men?

Interlinear Acts 3,15

The original text gives us the word ORIGIN-LEAD(er). What does this term mean in German? The word Leader means leader, that is clear. But what does Origin mean? The dictionary gives us the following possibilities:

  • Beginning
  • Start point
  • Start
  • Evolution
  • Origin
  • Concept of origin
  • Provenience
  • Source
  • Cause

Of course, one could now assume that a copy could exist next to the original. If someone speaks of an original, the listener automatically concludes that there should also be a copy of it. But the Bible contradicts this in the case of mediation between God and man without any ifs or buts. It claims strictly against all Watchtower speculations that there is actually only one mediator between God and man.

Jesus says in another passage that many Christes will rise and that we must not trust these other Christs.

Why do you still follow your side Christ from Brooklyn?

Are you not thereby branded as the second great liar next to the Catholic Church with its substitute Christ, the Pope? Did you not once again overflow the golden cup of abominations with your own Christ double?


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