Research the Deep Things of Jehovah

The Watchtower Society offers Jehovah's Witnesses the service of guiding them in the knowledge of Jehovah's deep things. Again and again we find the term "explore/recognize the deep things of Jehovah" in different formulations in the publications of the worldwide Watchtower publishing house. This is a hobbyhorse of Jehovah's organization to market the secrets of a certain Jehovah.

The phrase "recognizing the deep things" actually appears in the Bible. The Watchtower Society invokes the authority of the Bible and claims to be the only institution in the world that correctly understands the Bible.

What does the Bible say?

The Deep Things of Jehovah erkennen

Revelation 2,24: But to the rest of you in Thyatira, to those who do not keep this teaching, who have not learned what some people call the deep things of the adversary, I say this: I will not impose another burden on you;

This teaching of which Jesus speaks here is the teaching of a self-proclaimed prophetess named Jezevel, who was tolerated in the church of Thyatira. This only passage in the Bible that speaks of the deep things refers to misbelief and false doctrine. It is the teaching of the deep things of the adversary.

Ask the Jehovah's Witnesses:

How do you deal with it when your spiritual authorities tell you things that serve lies in front and behind?

Just take note of the fact that you are led directly to ruin by your nose! In the verse before the Bible passage quoted here we read that Jesus is the one who explores the hearts. This is another indication that he is the Almighty!

Aren't you going to open your eyes for once?

Don't you ever want to realize that the teaching of this Jehovah is just a big lie?


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