Serious questions to Jehovah's Witnesses

Torah / Watchtower Act

Acts of the Apostles 13:38-41 Therefore, brethren, be it known to you that through this man the forgiveness of sins has been proclaimed! This means that God will cleanse every one of us who places his trust in this man, even from all those things from which the Torah of the Mosque could not cleanse you. So be careful that the word found in the prophets does not apply to you: Ye mockers! See and marvel and die! For in your own time I am doing a work that you simply will not believe, even if someone explains it to you!

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses,

Paul, if you want to read this open-heartedly, even presents the law, the Torah, as a temptation at this point. "Beware yourselves!" Jehovah's Witnesses! Your organization has even added its own rules of conduct to the Torah.

The Watchtower, Born 1956, page 464. "It is today imperative that those who wish to live in the new world of justice keep pace with the New World society. Why? Because they will soon bring all their limbs through the greatest of tribulations, the War of Armageddon, safely through and lead them into a bright new world..."

Here the Watchtower Society promises you salvation for the price of "keeping up". I would understand this more as a call to bondage. And if you test yourselves, you will admit that you are in bondage. You call the Watchtower Society your Mother, as Catholics call the Pope their Father. It is hair-raising how people put the hope they were supposed to put on God on people.

Question: How do you want to understand the work of God if your mother has not even understood it? Do you really believe that a newspaper publisher founded by a Mason can lead you to God?


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