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The Watchtower Society teaches its people that Jesus is not God and that therefore one should not worship Him. That would be blasphemy and idolatry, because Jesus is only a kind of secondary god and not the Almighty. This teaching has been very subtly read into the Bible and is intended to keep people away from the only possibility of salvation. Whoever is once captivated by the logic of the Watchtower Society will have extreme difficulty in ever finding Jesus, who is indeed God, the Almighty God, who has become man, executed and resurrected on the third day.

Question to Jehovah's Witnesses

How do you deal with Bible passages in which Jesus says things that completely disprove the Watchtower Society?

John 5:22-23 The Father does not judge anyone, but he has entrusted judgment to the Son, so that all may honor the Son as they honor the Father. Whoever fails to honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.

Jesus clearly states that he deserves the same devotion (glorification, worship, praise) of man as man gave to the Father in his time on earth. He expresses this in the present form, which means that it is valid for all times. At all times there should be no difference between the worship of the Father and the worship of the Son.

Jesus even tapers this statement by saying that anyone who renounces the same devotion to the Son as he shows to the Father actually honors the Father not.

John 6:28-29 Then they said to him, »What shall we do to accomplish the works of God?« Jesus answered: »This is the work of God: to trust the one whom he has sent!«

The Watchtower Society teaches exactly the opposite: Good works from one's own strength! To build up a good standing before Jehovah through the good works and an extremely controlled way of life! See Jesus as an example and teacher, but do not worship him, do not worship him, do not talk to him, do not thank him!

John 8:19 They said to him: »Where is this your ›Father‹?« Jesus answered: »You know neither me nor my Father; if you knew me, you also knew my Father.«

What does it mean to know someone?

The Jehovah's Witnesses know Jesus only from hearing-telling. They have no personal contact with him, no connection, no personal relationship. They pump themselves full of watchtower-adapted stories about him and think that that would be enough to know him. But the mere theoretical knowledge of someone cannot replace knowing the person himself. But Jesus must not get to know Jehovah's Witnesses because otherwise they would worship him. That would be fatal to the teaching of the Watchtower Society.

John 8:24 Therefore have I told you that ye shall die in your sins; for if ye believe not that I am whom I say I am, ye shall die in your sins.

Whoever categorically prevents personal contact with Jesus will never know who he is. Whoever classifies the conversation with Jesus as blasphemy has the goal of preventing people from recognizing Jesus and believing him. Anyone who teaches that you cannot have a personal relationship with Jesus wants to make sure that people die in their sins.

The Watchtower Society has only one goal: to prevent Jesus in man!


We are all God's daughters and sons.

A wonderful Masonic saying. What difference does it make anyway? That's all it means. With Jesus, those who do the will of the Father are His brothers and sisters. What is the will of the Father?

Matthew 17:5 While he was yet speaking, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed it, and behold, a voice out of the cloud said, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; you shall listen to him!

Everything is delegated to the son. Jesus Christ is the door through which all must pass if they want to be saved. This is also true in prayer. Every person who avoids Jesus and seeks a side entrance is considered a burglar. [RH]

Whoever does not want to nail himself up, prays only to God, because since Jesus is his incarnation, he automatically prays to Jesus, if this link exists, and at the same time he prays to the Holy Spirit, because according to the CONVENTION OF NUCÄA/NICAIA we are talking about all three as the TRINITY.

Good idea to eliminate Jesus. Of course, this is the best thing you can do to trample God and his will ( listen to him! ). To take God seriously as "to nail oneself" is of course also a very good idea to dissuade people from God. [RH]

If I stir in the soup pot, the whole soup turns. Ready!

Wow! What a profound logic! Father, Son and Holy Spirit – a soup! This is the basic foundation of the best theology. And everyone agrees on that. Especially the Freemasons and those infiltrated by them. [RH]

Even as a four-year-old, this worship of a human aspect of God was more than scary for me and is still repugnant to me today. 56 years of sincere requests to correct this for me were never granted.

When you were four years old, did you ever think about this? Did you have a heavenly pre-existence before your earthly birth that you were ready to decide about Jesus at the age of four? At four years of age? You must have been clean by then, right? [RH]

What you ask will be given to you. So!

The prayer alone to God meets him and his other aspects. If these links do not exist, then you would always be right anyway.

John 5:23 that all may honor the Son as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.

Murrax, your principles are higher than God. [RH]

If there was anything wrong with that, He/She/it would have shown me long ago.


MURRAX C. [April 29, 2020]

If you had asked Jesus, there would never have been this comical comment. [RH]


Pretty embarrassing claims. May the author please explain: Why does Jesus say: the Father is greater than I? Joh 14,28

Jesus, the Son of God, humbled himself. Attention: humbled. And that even to the point of death. What a lie it would be if Jesus had said that he was as great as the Father? [RH]

Why does Jesus say that His Father is also His God four times in one text? Revelation 3:12.

Jesus Christ, God made man, cannot be godless. He shares this with all people. Moreover, the Father himself calls him in one place: O God! [RH]

I do not like agitators very much. The whole Gospel of John contains statements of Jesus that show his subordinate role. Those who can read are clearly at an advantage.

Who is rushing? The Son of God humbled himself when he became man. He who can read has a clear advantage and avoids being a rabble-rouser. [RH]

The article serves to discredit a particular group, neglects other biblical statements, and shows a lack of understanding of grammar. Jesus does not say "I am God" but "I am the Son of God". This is truly not the same thing.

The clarification of facts is not discrimination. Jesus says several times: He who sees me sees the Father. You can also read this in the Bible. Brings advantages. [RH]

The interpretation of the texts run in the wrong direction. False teachings lead to a false image of God, lead astray and can prevent future life.

Exactly this business operates the Watchtower Society in satanic order. [RH]

We are asked as Christians to examine whether we are in the light or in darkness. Likewise, to be prudent, wise and understanding. Trinity is an illogical construct that no one understands. Theologians have written endless books about it to solve this mystery, to explain it, only to find that our brains are too small to grasp God's mystery. What a contradiction to Jn 17:3, where Jesus says that we only gain eternal life when we know the only God a n d Jesus Christ.

Banough [December 07, 2022]

Those who do not realize that Jesus is God have believed false teachers. [RH]


In John 17,2 Jesus says that He gives eternal life. Exactly this is not a contradiction to John 17,3

John 17.3 But this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and whom you have sent, Jesus Christ.

He who gives life is my God. What should I do wrong or be able to recognize even more?

Jesus says that he is one with the Father.

John 17,20 But I pray not only for them, but for all who will hear from me through their words and believe in me.

Believe in Jesus. Otherwise, he would have to say believe in Jehovah.

John 7,21 They are all to be one, just as you, Father, are one with me. Just as you are in me and I am in you, let them also be firmly united in us. Then the world will believe that you sent me.

If a sole God sends something that is firmly connected within Him, what is the world to believe that He has sent?

Anonymous [January 11, 2023]


Hello, I would like to say what is the only thing I know:

I love the Lord Jesus.

He took me from the bottom of a lake when I was a small child.


Doris [January 16, 2023]

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