Jehovah's Witnesses! What is your gospel?

Accepting the Bible

Something that I think is very good ... – Something very important to help the Jehovah's Witnesses and anyone who denies the deity of Christ is when they [the Jehovah's Witnesses] ask me: "Why do you believe that?" And I say: "Well, because I believe the Bible. And I believe the Bible to such an extent that I have to accept everything it says. Even if I can't explain it." And then I go on attacking: "Your problem is you believe that you can only believe what you can explain. And if you can't explain it, Scripture can't say it and so you reject or twist or modify some Scripture texts to fit into your argumentation. You can't do that."

I say: "I am and must be subject to Scripture as a slave. I must submit my intellect to Scripture. When Scripture says there is a God, but when Scripture attributes to the Deity three persons of the same nature – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – I must accept this truth even if I cannot explain it. You cannot explain it, so you change the text. I can't do that."

Jungle experience

Another thing that is very, very useful in dealing with a Jehovah's Witness is that I will never forget it. I was in the jungle for a few days with a missionary named Homer Crain. And we came out of there and we weren't doing well. We were supposed to meet other mission groups, but we didn't meet them. We had to sleep outside in the jungle without mosquito nets, I mean we were lying on the ground. That was really not funny. Well, I came back and I will never forget it: I carried this diesel reserve, these big diesel barrels, I was much younger then. And I pulled them out of the boat stern and I carried them up the dock. I was full of diesel.

And I wasn't just full of mud, I hadn't taken off my boots for five days, hadn't bathed and now the diesel was all over me. Finally I had everything done and I come back and I walk through these swarms of mosquitoes and just try to make it to a hotel. That's all I wanted to do. And there the Jehovah's Witnesses try to approach me. And I say: Oh no, not now, Lord! And I sit there while they talk and ask: Lord, am I going to join a debate now? What do you want me to do?

And suddenly it occurred to me what I was supposed to do. So I just looked at him and said, "You know, I love talking about God. I really love it. And I really appreciate people like you talking about God." I said: "But you know what I would like to talk about?" And I said: "And you will understand that because you are people who love God. I love to talk about these times, you know, these times of prayer. You pray and all of a sudden the presence of God seems to fill the room and fill your heart. And you lift up and pray and that goes on for a few hours. And you must literally almost cry out to God and ask Him to take His hand off you because it is killing you. Because he is so real and his presence is so powerful and there is so much joy in your heart that it literally ends in you screaming: »Oh God, get your hands off me so that I don't die.« Tell me about some of those moments you spent so much in prayer."

And they just look, "Huh?" "Because they can't. For there is no presence, there is no power, there is no joy. And when you see the confused expression on their faces, you say: "No, you can't even talk about it, can you? Because you don't even know what I'm talking about. Because you have a religion. You don't have God. You don't have God because you don't have Christ... "

The Gospel

Another very, very helpful thing is when a Jehovah's Witness comes up to me, I say something like: "Look, I don't want to talk about many things that might be important, but not the most important. So what I want to talk about is this: I want you to tell me your gospel. I give you three minutes, five minutes to tell me what the gospel is."

And they will begin to speak of the kingdom, of the church, works, everything at all. All right? And now, when they're done, I say, "Well, this is your gospel..." "Yes." "Would you repeat it again? I want to make sure I understood you. You tell me again. I say: "Ok. So this is the Gospel. " "Yes." "Now let me repeat it to you, because I want to make sure that I fully understand you. " And I repeat it to you exactly what you told me. "Well, is this your gospel?" And they say, "Yes" and talk about the dominion, the kingdom, all the different things.

And then I say: Okay. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. I read it, this was Paul's gospel. "That Christ died for us according to the Scriptures, that he was raised on the third day. That he was buried and that he rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures. They didn't talk about it. " And before they can even answer: Galatians Chapter 1: "Anyone who comes with any other gospel be cursed." And they say, "No, no, no. We meant the same thing ... "

And I say, "No, sir. I gave you two opportunities. You repeated yourself. I even repeated what you told me and asked you to confirm whether I really understood your gospel. And not even you mentioned those things."

Let them repeat themselves several times so they can't say later you misunderstood them. And it will completely silence them, because I rarely had a Jehovah's Witness talking about the death of Christ.

Jehovah's Witnesses! What is your gospel?


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