Don't go from house to house!

If you join the Watchtower Society, you spend much of your former free time going from house to house. The Jehovah's Witness Governing Body calls it disciple making and sends its slaves out to stalk. It is all strictly planned and documented with great accuracy and statistically evaluated. Thus the message of the kingdom becomes a kind of disciple manufacturing plant and the basis for it is the going from house to house.

Assembly line work, assembly line work, assembly line work, assembly line work, assembly line work and monotony and assembly line work and assembly line work and assembly line work and monotony!

What does Jesus say about the assembly line work of Jehovah's Witnesses?

Jesus says in Luke 10: Go, behold, I send you like lambs among wolves. Carry no wallet, no bag, and no shoes with you, and greet no man on the way. When you come into a house, first say, "Peace be to this house! And if there be a child of peace there, your peace will rest on him; but if not, your peace will return to you. But stay in the same house, eat and drink what is given you, for a worker is worth his wages. You're not supposed to go from one house to another.

It is very strange that Jesus should speak these words to his disciples! Did he already know the heresy of the Watchtower Society, this "channel of God"? Anyway, his word is clear and commands us not to be on the way for Jesus as propagandists, but to have fellowship with those who receive us where we deliver the news. It does not matter to what extent the listener gets along with the topic or not. We should already cultivate fellowship with the people who have been informed if they even put a cup of coffee in front of us.

The Gospel of Jesus is not a party program or a view of the world, but the saving hand of God who turns to people with patience and love. So as his ambassadors we must not act as if we were campaigning, but we should know and love every single person well who listens to us.

Jehovah's Witnesses have disfigured this and turned it into a pure labour service.

Jehovah's Witnesses!

What do you say when your special Bible of all things gives this statement of Jesus completely wrong? Look it up in your New World translation at Luke 10, 7 and order the furniture van. For your Bible says: Do not move from one house to another.

Hey, Jehovah's Witnesses! Don't you realize that you're being lied to and excluded by every trick in the book? Neither have the disciples moved into any house, nor do they have any reason to move from one house to another. This translation knocks the last remnant of your brain out of your head and makes you accept even greater nonsense from the hand of the faithful and intelligent slave as spiritual food.

The sent disciples do not settle in any house, do not become citizens of the city in question, do not integrate themselves into the environment. Only if this had been the case could this translation be perceived as halfway meaningful. But to suggest to Jesus that he would give such a nonsensical instruction to his disciples is in itself a hell of a pleasure for the Brooklyn false teacher.


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