Jehovah's kingdom – the dead disappear completely

What comes after death?

All people, not just Jehovah's Witnesses, are trying to brighten their vision of the hereafter. The experience of this world automatically and imperatively poses the question: "What comes after death?" There are many traditional views and just as many communities that try to refute the traditional views.

Jehovah's Witnesses

At the Watchtower Society, the dead disappear completely. Only the memory of their god, Jehovah, who is known to be a fictitious name, preserves the information that this god, the Watchtower scribe, believes will be used to recreate the dead from his memory. This second creation implies that the state of the deceased will be restored exactly as it was when he died. However, the Jehovah's Witnesses hope that they will succeed better than before in the course of the second creation, which then no longer represents a resurrection in the original sense, or at least that they will be subjected to perfection (time in eternity?) in the course of the course of the first moments in earthly paradise. It remains to be seen whether they have to take care of perfection themselves, or whether their Jehovah, whom they regard as God, will perform this perfection.

The Jehovah's Paradise on Earth is one of the most important marketing factors for the Watchtower Society. It conveys the idea that after the Watchtower Society takes power, a perfect world will be created from Jerusalem under the (alleged) leadership of its God and King with an iron government rod. The most important and treacherous aspect of this construction is the fluid transition. The existing world is cleansed by the annihilation of evil and then serves as the basis for the Jehovah's Witnesses wading in the blood of those then killed to build an ever-improving world.

This transition represents a system change, not a new beginning, but the violent displacement of the old system of things by a new system. The dead are then re-created, re-scooped, and -Jehovah-reminded into the system newly installed with an iron rod. These masses of people flushed in there should then be given a second chance to decide for the Watchtower Society or its God Jehovah.

The ideas of Jehovah's Witnesses are reminiscent of dreams that have always been dreamed of by radical, system subversive parties. At the same time, there are aspects of Freemasonry that aim to gradually perfect the world and its people. It is alarming that a government will exist in the earthly paradise of the Watchtower Society that will rule from Jerusalem with an iron rod. Governments of the iron rod have so often been exercised on earth that normal man shudders at this thought.

Nor does this vision really have anything divine about it. It smells strictly like a transition scenario that, if necessary, can be carried out without this Jehovah and without his king. Because in all descriptions of the earthly Watchtower Paradise these supporting players are invisible or stay in the background. This once again underlines the Masonic aspect of the Jehovah's Witnesses' hope for paradise, for the Jehovah's Witnesses' paradise gets by quite well in their course without the appearance or intervention of God. It will then be the Watchtower Society that will determine man's path and goal.

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is known for its widespread ideas about the Kingdom of God. These have gone down in the folk faith to the deepest superstition. But they were also adopted from pagan imaginations. As a coronation, the Catholic Church came up with additional subtleties such as purgatory in order to maximize its profit in the long run. This colourful mixture of business acumen and fantasy is not worth a closer look. Only the opposite goddess Mary, who besides Jesus functions as an additional condition of faith, should be briefly mentioned, so that everyone knows why he should leave the Catholic Church as soon as possible.


In addition to the inventors of the current and such wacky versions as those of the Jehovah's Witnesses, other sheep graze on the meadow of hereafter research. The United Church of God, for example, vehemently denies, as Jehovah's Witnesses do, that man lives on in some way after physical death. For this purpose, similar to Jehovah's Witnesses, they only ever touch individual passages of the Bible and cook their soup explaining the hereafter on a small flame in order to administer it to the reader in portions in their writings.

What is striking about both the United Church of God and the Watchtower Society is the powerful statement: "We know! Equally conspicuous is the complete ignorance of a word of Christ, which stated for the explanation of the hereafter: "God is the God of the living and not of the dead. In him they all live " In another place he sends another blatant signal: "Before Abraham became, I am!" (timelessness of the eternal God) – These words of Jesus, which best enlighten us about the kingdom of God, are largely, if not totally, ignored by those who pretend to know exactly. But even the traditional views about the hereafter avoid these clear announcements and persist in human constructions of the kingdom of God. For no Bible-explanator wants to separate himself from the factor »time«. For then only one thing would remain: the childlike trust in the words of Jesus, who presents us with a spiritual world in which time will no longer exist.


Modern physics accumulates unanswered question to unanswered question. Some scientists even go so far as to say that without a parallel universe, with which our visible world is connected, the problems cannot be explained rudimentarily. What a sensation! Does modern science lead back to where David was already at home in his psalms?

The believing Christian

Those who take Jesus seriously cannot ignore his words! "They all live in God!" This succinct statement of Jesus (Luke 20:38) categorically forbids any speculation about the condition and stay of the man who believes in Christ after his death. For if a person comes to God at any time, he is in the eternal, timeless kingdom of God. From this point of view, it is not possible, at least from our human point of view, to determine or imagine the time of his return to the kingdom of God. This transition cannot be classified into our time-dependent world of thought. Already the word "transition" represents an inadmissible explanation that describes something that cannot be understood in a human way.

If it is true that God is the God of the living and not of the dead, then there is no question at all to be clarified with regard to the hereafter. For we cannot grasp the divine with human thoughts. But we can accept the words of Jesus in faith and know that we will live after our physical death if we can refer to Jesus before the Father. He is the way to the Father and the Father is eternal like Jesus. Every person who has access to God through Jesus does not need to ask himself any time-technical questions. Whether a person has a soul that is transported to heaven, or whether he has none, is completely irrelevant. The fact is and remains that the person who comes to God through Jesus Christ, has eternal life and will only smile at the question of when he came to God.

Any human attempt to explain the question of the hereafter and the kingdom of God beyond the words of Jesus must inevitably end in a thoroughly human thought structure that can be easily torn down by human beings. The example of Jehovah's Witnesses shows very clearly that man cannot make sense of the divine and fathom it. What is surprising is that they are not ashamed to completely ignore the words of Jesus (Luke 20:38).

The mere idea of staying in a time-integrated existence forever is horrible. Like the never-ending orgasm of the Muslim among the 72 virgins, the earthly paradise fiction of the Jehovah's Witnesses is a horror scenario whose horror is characterized by the very fact that the earthly world is brought into the kingdom of God. The human experience of this world bends the glory of the kingdom of God down to the human. But the kingdom of God can only take place where God Himself is. Therefore, when Jesus came to earth, he said that the kingdom of God had come near. In him all in all will be God.

Nothing remains but Jesus

Already in the problem of the hereafter we see how man fails in God. These and other difficulties in understanding explain to us why God gave Himself to us in Jesus. There is no man who can come to God without taking the hand of Jesus. It is not conviction and knowledge that decide, but only childlike faith. Every person who tailors or lets tailor a religion beyond Jesus or past Jesus successfully prevents Jesus from introducing him into all truth. For he simply no longer listens to Jesus. He thinks he already knows everything! It is even worse when people think that book publishers from America can explain what they themselves do not want to hear from Jesus by considering a human organization to be more important than Jesus himself.

That is why every teaching is allowed and right when it points to Jesus. Any teaching that does not point to Jesus is a lie. This applies to all religions. Whoever rejects the knowledge of God, which is Jesus Christ in person, gains security in the form of rules and regulations (Pope / Governing Body), but loses faith, which is not confirmed by his own power of faith or the mass of those who are equally convinced, but by Jesus himself.


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