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John 1:3 tells us that nothing was created by God without the Word that was with God in the beginning. (All things were created by the same thing; and without the same thing there was not even one that was created.) If the Watchtower Society's thesis that Jesus is the first creature of God is correct, then Jesus must have created Himself. For without him nothing has been created that has been created. But since he – if he were really a creature – could not be present and involved in his creation, either the Bible or the Watchtower Society lies.

Ask the Jehovah's Witnesses!

You pretend to accept the Bible as it is. Please explain to me how Jesus could create Himself! And if he were really a creature, how could he be created without being a part of it himself, when John says that without him there is nothing created that is created? Is John lying? – Is the Bible lying?


So if the Bible were indeed the foundation of Watchtower theology, then the creature Jesus Christ claimed by the Watchtower must have been involved in his own creation. For the Bible makes it absolutely clear that nothing has ever been created without the Word that was with God in the beginning.

The Watchtower liars, however, are so clever that in John 1:3 they make "all things" from "everything that is made". But the original text does not speak of things, but the original text actually speaks of everything that has ever been done.

So anyone who seriously believes that the Bible does not lie can never consider the Watchtower Society's thesis that Jesus is a creature right! Jehovah's Witnesses seriously claim that the Word that was with God in the beginning was the first creature God made. If that were true, the sentence that all creation was made through this Word and nothing was made without it, what was made at all, would be sheer nonsense. Then the Bible would lie and tell people the untruth. For this sentence means that Jesus Christ (the Word that was with God in the beginning) would also have been created by Himself if He were indeed a creature.

The fact that the Bible would be a liar if the Watchtower Society were to tell the truth is so simple at this point that it can hardly be presented. The simplicity of this connection is almost axiomatic and can therefore be explained almost as badly as the mathematical statement: 1 + 1 = 2!

But it can even be understood from the dried-up Witness Jehovah's brain if the statement is taken seriously that nothing was done without the participation of Jesus what was done at all. If only the seduced of faithful and intelligent slaves would open their brains and hearts to the simplest truths!


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