Appearances on the high mountain?

Jehovah's Witnesses, the people who worship a name invented in the Middle Ages, also claim that man has no soul. They say that death, as a natural consequence of sin, is also the payment of sin. With death, man simply disappears and everything is over.

It is almost as if modern evolutionists would talk to us when they claim that after death the great nothing, Nirvana, begins its infinite non-existence. Like the great world consciousness of modern man, who feels like a child of evolution, Jehovah's Witnesses say that nothing comes after death. Only the members of the Brooklyn newspaper publishing house are later recreated from Jehovah's memory.

The Watchtower heresy of human soullessness comes very close to today's "Homo sapiens sapiens sapiens". Everything is permitted and no atrocity is punished justly, only the demise of every single sinful human being is the "punishment" as a result of sin. The exception are the Jehovah's Witnesses, whose loyalty to the faithful and discreet slave from America makes possible post-surrender re-creation. Jesus does not give them eternal life (why should the Bible be right on this point?), but the lifelong imprisonment of the Spirit among the teachings of those who consider it appropriate to spread demons in their publications and worship a God's name whose legitimacy is based on pure habituation (naturalization).

Does man really have no soul?

Jesus says that God is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living.

Luke 20 Then some of the Sadducees came to him, teaching that there was no resurrection, and asked him and spoke: Master, Moses commanded us: »If anyone dies who has a wife but no children, let his brother take them as his wife and raise up descendants to his brother.« Now there were seven brothers. The first took a wife and died childless. And the second took them, and the third; likewise all seven, they left no children, and died. And the woman died last. Now in the resurrection, whose wife shall she be among them? For all seven of them have had a wife. And Jesus said unto them: The children of this world shall marry and be married; but those who are worthy to attain that world and the resurrection from the dead shall neither marry nor be married. For they cannot die any more; for they are like angels, and children of God, because they are children of the resurrection. But the resurrection of the dead was also indicated by Moses in the bush of thorns, where he calls the Lord God Abraham and God Isaac and God Jacob. God is not a God of the dead, but of the living; for they all live for him. Then some of the scribes answered and spoke: Master, you were right. And they did not dare to ask him anything.

So if people also live after their death – as Jesus says, how could they simply have disappeared into nothingness? Here Jesus enlightens the highest religiously taught and proves that people certainly do not dissolve into nothingness after their physical death.

Question: How can the Watchtower Society claim, on the basis of Solomon's philosophical saying, that after death everything is over?

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses! If you answer this question for others and yourself, please think of the event on the high mountain! The Watchtower Society presents the incident on the high mountain because of the Watchtower doctrine of the soullessness of men in such a way that the "extraterrestrials", Moses and Elijah, would only have been apparitions. Please read the Bible passage again in peace and ask your conscience if this explanation of the "Jehovah's channel" really can be true! As you read, ask yourselves if God, whose true Word claims it was Moses and Elijah, can really lie. Do you see in God one who fools the disciples of Jesus into believing something and then lets them write that it was not a spectacle, but Moses and Elijah? Can God make the assertion that Moses and Elijah appeared on the high mountain and in reality it was only a kind of mirage?

Matthew 17:1 and 2 And six days later Jesus took with him Peter and James and John his brother, and led them alone up a high mountain. And he was transfigured before them, and his face shined as the sun, and his garments became white as the light.

If Moses and Elijah were not mirages that Jehovah – your great puppeteer – conjured out of his hat, then man must have a soul. (It could not have been God, because he had never written in the Bible about a pure apparition, it would have been Moses and Elijah.) Moses and Elijah appear there on the high mountain and we know they are dead! But Jesus changed before the appearance of Moses and Elijah! Question: Did Jesus at that moment also become a kind of play that only played something that didn't happen? Was Jesus transformed into the kingdom of lights that your God Jehovah let run off?

Matthew 17:3 And, behold, Moses and Elijah appeared unto them, and they spake unto him.

The Watchtower Society claims to protect its theory that man has no soul, that Moses and Elijah did not appear there, because they were already dead and sunk in Nirvana according to the Watchtower doctrine. The faithful and understanding slave shifts the emphasis to the word "appear" so that he can claim that Moses and Elijah were not present, but only an appearance of their no longer existing persons. Question: God's Word, the Bible, tells us that Moses and Elijah were talking to Jesus. If Moses and Elijah had only been apparitions, the next lie would be perfect, if a play, an apparition, supposedly talks to Jesus, wouldn't it? Don't you make God a guy who fools us humans and his son into believing something and then lets everything report neatly in his word false? It is obvious that your Jehovah can be trusted to do such a thing. But do you seriously want to claim that God reports in His Word two fictitious sensory impressions that spoke with Jesus?

Matthew 17:4 And Peter began, and said unto Jesus, Lord, here is good to be. If you will, I will build three huts here, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.

The Bible would have even reported that Peter completely sat on this deception, which your God ascribes to him, if your thesis were correct, that man had no soul and Moses and Elijah were only a mirage. How far do you still want to go to make Jesus disgust people? What else do you want to do to blind people and build a "New World" by such means?

Matthew 17:5 While he was still talking like that, behold, a light cloud overshadowed it. And, behold, a voice from the cloud said, This is my dear son, in whom I am well pleased: you shall hear him.

If Moses was only an apparition and Elijah was not really present on the high mountain, then the transformation of Jesus must also have been a small deception of Jehovah. The light cloud could then have been either a car passing in the fog with the high beam switched on or it was just an illusion. This light cloud even had a kind of engine noise that sounded like a voice. Jehovah's Witnesses! Question: Where do you want to draw the line between the self-explanatory truth of the Word of God and the cheap explanatory attempts of the Watchtower Society? Why do you cling desperately to the Watchtower notebooks, which, incidentally, are stuffed with demons?

God speaks: This is my ... Son, ... you shall hear him! But you only listen to the slave. To this spawn of the snobbish twisting of the Bible and its power structures, which permanently unite you spiritually. You have nothing to do with Jesus, but only with this Americanized religious confusion that keeps you imprisoned in fear and terror.

Matthew 17:6 When the disciples heard this, they fell on their faces and were very afraid.

Oh! No engine noise, is there? Anyone who reads this passage in the Bible realizes that the command of God is, "Hear him" to the whole world. With this command that we should hear Jesus, God transmits all address to Jesus. This address also includes the Inquiry. Whoever is to hear Jesus is forced to ask him also in prayer. Question: Or do you want to construct a special telephone circuit that is structured according to the scheme: Jesus speaks to us, but does not hear us, God hears us, but does not speak to us? If you want to construct this, then you have incorporated even more of this Trinity theory into your religion than true Christians do. For then the technical entanglement of the Father and the Son would be an even stronger intervening unity. For then the Father would be the ear and the Son the mouth. We would hear the Son, but pray to the Father.

Do you not notice how crazy the faithful and understanding slave makes you look in front of the world? You are already being embarrassed by him by every trick in the book, and before God you will have your Jehovah's clothes ripped off completely. For this is the purpose of Satan. He wants to lure truth seekers onto the wrong track and then expose them to all angels and people.

Matthew 17:9 And as they went down from the mountain, Jesus commanded them and said: You shall not tell anyone of this appearance until the Son of Man has risen from the dead.

This verse is serious if it is interpreted according to our current patterns of thought. While in the times of Jesus every appearance showed truth, that is to say God, angel or – as in this case – the dead, in our modern language appearances and visions are banished to the field of pathology and psychiatry and suggest to modern man that there is nothing behind it but imagination. When Jesus ordered this phenomenon to be kept secret, he could not have meant this modern psychiatric meaning of the word, because all those involved had seen and heard the same thing. The absolute silence as to who had seen and heard what proves that the word "appearance" or "vision" was not meant to be imaginary or to have been pretended by a bold Jehovah, but to have taken place an event that will only be a matter of course for us in the eternity of God.

So what had happened there on the high mountain was actually the apparition, the preview of what is with God and these are really for example Moses and Elijah. Just as Moses and Elijah live for him, God, and are in a world that has nothing in common with our material world, but is far superior to it, so every person lives for him, God, if he is pardoned by Jesus. He not only promised that God would accept us through Jesus, but he signed it bloody.

Whether a person has a soul or not – after his physical death he lives for him, God, and is therefore existent, present, there, alive, active, fully aware of himself, in communion with God, perceiving and realizing everything, seeing, experiencing. There is nothing to suggest that a human being does not know or feel anything after his physical death due to a philosophical utterance of Solomon. At that time Solomon argued and thought from an earthly point of view. For the context of his speech, his view also made sense and was a heavyweight of his depressive world view, which led him to glorify God and not to suicide, as Jehovah likes him to practice by bleeding to death.

Jesus says very clearly: God is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living. They all live for him.


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