Suicide forum for Jehovah's Witnesses

Suicide forum has theocratic basic tenor

Wolfgang M. from Darmstadt attests the demanding, extremely versatile special Freitodforum a theocratic basic tenor, "differently ... than the usual suicidal forums".

Wolfgang M. presupposes that the common spiritual imprisonment of those who have entered into the teachings of the Watchtower Society is effective far beyond the direct influence of the Watchtower Society. The logical consequence of this is his assumption that suicide candidates from Jehovah's Witness circles all share the same problems and foundations for their forfeited lives. This common starting position is, of course, very suitable for "reflecting" things together! Therefore in Wolfgang M.'s eyes such a "Suicide Forum for JW" is actually a good thing. But it is completely incomprehensible why this Wolfgang M. still insists beyond all reality that this Jehovah really exists! He talks about Jehovah as his naturally existing neighbor. Wolfgang M. – like all Jehovah's Witnesses – does not check and does not question. And that for decades.

Question to Jehovah's Witnesses

Is it really impossible to convey to you the fact that Jehovah is only a name invention, and can only be an alias for the devil because of the subterranean lousy teachings of the Watchtower Society?

Your spiritual imprisonment

It is extremely amazing that the Watchtower Society has made you Jehovah's Witnesses so extremely abstinent of Jesus that even years and decades after the beginning of your "apostasy" you do not realize that Jehovah is only a human fantasy phenomenon that lacks any theological, scientific, historical, or realistic foundation. Your imprisonment extends not only far beyond your exit, but into your death, whether it be natural death or suicide. You are soaking in the mud puddle into which the Watchtower Society has thrown you. The mud smells so well known, you feel at home and safe. Don't even think about checking the whole situation from the ground up! No! Because then it could be that one would have to rise from the dirt, to straighten up. You are like paralysed people who don't even want to try whether there is healing. You are like forgotten passengers who are not ready to board a plane because they have arrived with the scooter. You have more faith in your wooden crutches than in your natural limbs. You sink to your death in the spiritual derangement which faithful and understanding Satan has prepared for you so that you may never come to Jesus.

Who will blame you if not only you – later? Are we Christians called to look down on you or to be angry with you? Or should we have pity on the Jehovah's Witnesses who have been corrupt for all time? No! The only thing we can do is the same job the disciples of Jesus did. We can only point to Jesus and make all people, especially those seduced by the Watchtower Society, aware that no one saves but Jesus. There is no other name under heaven where we need to be saved.

The Watchtower lie of this alleged Jehovah who would be God, like the Catholic worship lie of the Mother of God, is one of the greatest lies the world has ever seen. The invocation of the name Jehovah is only a Jesus suppression program of Satan. Anyone who goes down this road will always be extremely limited in their thinking. But above all in faith, he will experience nothing but his own futile power and not the power of God.

Wolfgang M. also asks the right question in his article:

"Are we more perpetrators or victims of all injustice in the world?"

Rats have a sophisticated system of survival. Before they eat anything nutritious, they pre-ship tasters. People, on the other hand, run blind into the trap by the dozen, just because the clan is on it anyway, because the witnesses are so nice, because the theories of the Watchtower Society sound so plausible, because the WTS Brotherhood so beautifully "protects" you. By recklessly going down the wrong path, people can no longer take on the role of victims. By hardening their hearts and exchanging the Word of God for the Word of the faithful and understanding slave, they become active self-destructors who are no longer entitled to the sacrificial role.

Therefore, people who do not ask Jesus who he is, but rather claim a human organization for "clarification" of this question, are actually exclusively perpetrators of all injustice in the world. They did not trust Jesus and did not listen to him. They let the human organization, which calls itself the channel of God, clog their ears and eyes with demons and got involved in the carnal horse-trading with the preaching ministry. Through spiritual self-mutilation, they have become incapable of ever looking to Jesus again in their lives. They have turned themselves into mental cripples so as not to have to miss the convenience of the carnal "exercise of faith. They prefer to rely on their preaching ministry report sheets rather than on Jesus Christ. There you know what you have. One has done something. And God can't be so unjust to ignore these sermon service notes!

But God has presented faith in Jesus Christ as salvation and reconciliation and not as preaching ministry report sheets. He demands that we obey His commandment and listen to His Son. It is the fulfillment of the law that we trust Jesus. In trusting Him, Jesus, He fulfills the law in us and leads us into eternal life, even if we die.

When Jehovah's Witnesses consistently wrongly think ahead

Wolfgang M. continues:

"Since we are all more or less under massive collective guilt before him, there are actually only two alternatives: Either to have ourselves nailed to the preaching of Jehovah's Witnesses for the rest of our lives, or – by calculating calculation – to scratch the curve before Armageddon, so to speak, and by death to reach a pure state before our Creator (Rom. 6:7)."

Already the "massive collective guilt" shows that this Jehovah must be Satan. With God, there is no collective guilt. God always saves individually and has always done so. Every single one gets the way paved by God if he follows the commandment of God and trusts his son Jesus Christ. But Wolfgang M. is bold enough to call suicide an intelligent way out as a logical consequence of the satanic collective guilt that this Jehovah suggests. He shows people that which can only be in Satan's interest, namely death, and thereby reaffirms that he, like all Jehovah's Witnesses, is the perpetrator of all the injustices of the world. For he does not propose to question this Jehovah and turn to God himself with open questions, but takes the theological framework of the Watchtower Society as an unchangeable basis of thought, even if it logically must lead to death. Here, with the help of Wolfgang M., she even leads directly into the seemingly ingenious and intelligent suicide.

The symptomatology so typical of Satan, leading every human being to certain death, is the hallmark of the Watchtower Society. Even after many years of apostasy, the Jehovah's Witnesses are trapped in their error and unerringly steer toward mental and spiritual (self-)annihilation. The suicide forum of Jehovah's Witnesses is apparently intended to accelerate the Jehovah's way to death.

Jehovah's Witnesses are the best!

Wolfgang M. on the legality of euthanasia and suicide in the final calculation:

"But what does the inspired Holy Scripture really reveal in this sense, which today is unfortunately only understood in the best possible way by a small international religious community defamed as a sect?"

Mr. M., Wolfgang M., you're a chatterbox! I will give you just one example!

John 5:23: ... that all may honor the Son as they honor the Father. Whoever fails to honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.

From the words of Jesus it follows compellingly that the Son must be worshiped just as the Father. Their small international religious community "defamed as a sect" teaches exactly the opposite of what Jesus says! And you, Wolfgang M., say that Jehovah's Witnesses still understand the Bible best? Mr. Wolfgang M.! You are blind to elitism!

Sanctity of blood

Wolfgang M. on the subject of blood:

"With regard to the holiness of the blood, the Bible gives us clear instructions in both the Old and New Testaments, which, with a little logical logic, categorically exclude Blood Transfusions."

And again the "logical" logic of the Watchtower has to be applied, which already advised Jehovah's Witness to intelligent suicide above. The "Elite", which calls itself Channel of God and Jehovah's Visible Organization, ignores that the abstinence in blood related only to animal blood. Because human flesh was never allowed. But the Witnesses of that obscure Jehovah pretend that the Jews ate people but abstained from their blood. Jesus ended the series of sacrifices with his blood and filled the Torah with this final point, the shedding of his own blood. His sacrifice, valid for all time, forever lifts people from the observance of Old Testament sacrificial rites and blood rules. The instruction of Acts 15:29: "To abstain from idolatry and blood and suffocation and fornication. If you keep yourselves from it, you do right. Farewell!" is merely a recommendation and was pronounced on the basis of compromise negotiations of the Jewish Christians. For this recommendation cannot be reconciled with other biblical passages:

Romans 14.20 Do not destroy God's work for the sake of food. It is all pure, but it is not good for him who eats it with a bad conscience.

The Jehovah's Witness Guild is good at making others feel guilty. That's what they call: "a little logical logic". And when they've almost ruined people, they recommend logical, intelligent suicide.

Titus 1,15 To the pure all things are pure; but to the unclean and unbelievers nothing is pure, but both their mind and their conscience are unclean.

This is an excellent hit for the faithful and intelligent slave. And he is so impure and cunning that one can be grateful when a smart Jehovah's Witness philosophises about how best to evade Jehovah's collective guilt by suicide. Nothing is of the Word, nothing is of Jesus. Everything comes from a "logical" argumentation, which shone very early with the words: "Should God have said ...?" Wolfgang M., who has not wanted to be an active Jehovah's Witness for 14 years, but still believes everything the Governing Body injects into him, literally shines in the exercise of "logical" Watchtower Thought Acrobatics. Wolfgang M. incubates the misbelief of Jehovah's Witnesses from the outside and emphasizes his special inner dependence by the fact that he has allegedly been on the road for 14 years only as a Watchtower break clown.

Corpse obedience

Wolfgang M. on the subject of corpse obedience:

"Just on Christmas Eve 2007, a 66-year-old pensioner was shot dead by a special police task force in Heppenheim, southern Hesse, after an 8-hour siege of his apartment, only because he refused to voluntarily come to the closed psychiatric ward on vague suspicion of suicide. What actually distinguishes such compliant, unscrupulous servants of corpse obedience from the Nuremberg war criminals who "merely" obeyed "Caesar"?"

What does Mr. Wolfgang M. think about the corpse obedience that the WTS leadership demands of Jehovah's Witnesses? Isn't it refreshing how Jehovah's Witnesses, once they come to their senses, present their own shame to the world?

Imprisoned murderers

Wolfgang M. on the treatment of imprisoned murderers:

Why not instead give them sodium pentobarbital at their free disposal and appeal to their consciences by providing the right information, so that they may at some point use it to address themselves in the most humane way?

A murderer in jail is the most desperate person when he's innocent. Further up Wolfgang M. is upset that every tenth executed person is innocent. Here, however, Wolfgang M. makes the suggestion to provide imprisoned murderers with poison and deliberately assumes that they are all rightly imprisoned. Does Mr. M. not notice how short his thinking is? Is the limitation of Wolfgang M.'s thinking to the Watchtower Society or was Mr. Wolfgang M. already like that before?

The self-determined death

Wolfgang M. on an intimate matter:

"... then ... one's own, self-determined death in the final calculation is an intimate affair between each individual and God."

Just as Jehovah's Witnesses pop a large pile of evidences of sermon service on the table and with a provocative head movement ask God to take note of their good works, Wolfgang M. makes suicide a freely negotiable matter between God and man. Yes, God, I do not have the right to criticize the Watchtower doctrine, but I can kill myself, can I? Hey, God, I am allowed to do that! And lo and behold! The Watchtower Society has nothing against it! Fine thing, that.

But life (and therefore also death) is not negotiable, Mr. Wolfgang M.! We live by grace, that is, not because of our mood and arbitrariness, but because someone else wanted it that way. And this other one is God. Not Jehovah, but God, the Father of Jesus Christ. That you Jehovah's Witnesses can make a deal with your Jehovah about life and death is what you get taught in the Watchtower Society from the beginning. But they do not tell you that your Jehovah is the father of deceit. And so you actually come up with the abstruse idea that you can negotiate your own suicide with God.

No matter in which direction the teachings of the Watchtower Society are further and possibly extended, everything ends in death, in self-glory, arbitrariness, and in overruling the will of God. This is the clear sign of the false prophet Watchtower Society: All Watchtower doctrine leads to a deadly impasse. But at first glance it looks very attractive.

May a Jehovah's Witness commit suicide as a free citizen of the Earth?

Wolfgang M.:

"Once man was born into this world peacefully and without pain. What is the definite argument against not being able to leave it again without having to trust in arbitrariness and chance? A loving God?"

Genesis 3:1: But the serpent was more cunning than all the beasts of the field which God the LORD had made, and said unto the woman, Yes, God should have said: Ye shall not eat of all the trees of the garden?

Mr. Wolfgang M. enjoys pushing already bagged Jehovah's Witnesses even closer to the abyss. To do this, he stands behind them at a semi-sloping angle, bends forward in a friendly manner and whispers something into their ears over their shoulder. His tools of the trade include theories that the genetic substance is constantly deteriorating. His Jehovah sees things real (by not explicitly forbidding suicide). And the gap between the strong of Jehovah's Witnesses and the weak of Jehovah's Witnesses entitles him to argue that the weak should better commit suicide without literally pronouncing this thesis.

M. bases all action on genetic determination and thus seamlessly follows the perfection dreams of the Watchtower Society – and Hitler, who also wanted to genetically perfect man. The deadly error that the Watchtower Society makes by mixing the Bible and Darwinism (which here, however, refers to the religious superhuman) is also doubled by Wolfgang M. in his reversal. M. claims that the genetic material has been subject to a clear downward trend since time immemorial.

At the end of his article "May a Jehovah's Witness commit suicide as a free citizen of the earth?" Mr. Wolfgang M. quickly becomes affable again. He shows compassion for the weak, who are not allowed to commit suicide. What a fine gesture! – A request, Mr. M.: Before you kill yourself, please quickly delete your "articles"!

Does Jehovah's spirit also work in theocratic "subhumans"?

If, in the sense of a public demonstration of the errors of the Watchtower theories, it would not be so productive to deal with the outpourings of Wolfgang M., then ... but his goat thinking is symptomatic of the skilful seduction of the Watchtower, which repeatedly leads to human victims. This author claims that there is the spirit of Jehovah. With that he probably agrees with the Watchtower outer theory. But in contrast to the Watchtower Society, Mr. Wolfgang M. does not seem to know that there is no such thing as the spirit of Jehovah. And he also calls it "Jehovah's Holy Spirit". But Jehovah is one who advises suicide and spreads the gospel that all evil will soon be destroyed. He does not mention that Jehovah's Witnesses without the dominion of Jesus (John 5:23) are first and foremost to be counted among evil. Whoever advises suicide cannot be God and therefore cannot have a Holy Spirit. It is not for nothing that Jehovah's Witnesses deny that the Holy Spirit still works on every single Christian today.

Wolfgang M. also talks about "Jehovah's modern people" and one can be thankful that he does not write "God's modern people". The Watchtower's own anti-Semitism, which, incidentally, is absolutely satanic (see Hitler), manifests itself in the teaching that Jehovah's Witnesses replaced the Jews as a chosen people (which, incidentally, the Catholic Church also believes of itself). Wolfgang M. hits with the vocabulary "subhumans" and with the term "Jehovah's modern people" two satanic nails into the soul of the naïve reader.

Wolfgang M.:

"... that someone must have at least the basic genetic make-up of a normal, average person in order to attain Jehovah's spirit."

Good thing God isn't Jehovah. Fortunately, with God it does not depend on the genetic predisposition of the clientele whether God pours out his spirit over it or not. The audacious stupidity of Wolfgang M. does not seem to come to an end.


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