Name basis of the Watchtower Society Jehovah stunted and lied

The Watchtower Society (like Islam) claims to be the only true religion. The peg to which this one true truth is tied is the only true worship that may only be addressed to the Watchtower Jehovah. The Watchtower holds the view that there is no true worship other than this one true worship of this Jehovah.

The Apparatschik Watchtower Society, led by the spirit of a God, in its boundless self-exaltation has made the mistake of naming the crowd of its subjects Jehovah's Witnesses. When this mistake happened, at least some of the Watchtower religious representatives must have seriously believed that the name Jehovah was indeed the name of God. The spirit that this organization follows, which it claims to be the Spirit of God, must have suffered either from amnesia or severe mental derangement at the time. Or it is the spirit of a completely wrong deity!

For the so-called name of God Jehovah was nothing other than a mere read-write error until his absolutely arbitrary inclusion in Catholic writings (sometime in the 12th century), which resulted from the fact that the vowels of the word Adonai were provided to the consonants JHWH in order to avoid the unintentional pronunciation of the name of God. This was and is a pure precautionary measure of the Jews, who still today do not pronounce the name of God. With this mixture of letters they only prevent the reader from pronouncing the name of God by mistake.

From this precaution of the Jewish keepers of the Holy Scriptures, in the general stupidity of the people, the assumption arose that "Jehovah" was a possible pronunciation of the name of God. It was this very name God's pronunciation-preventing Jehovah that became the only true name of God for the elite Bible scholars, and thus the most obvious proof of their exposure!

For many years it has been known worldwide that the letter sequence Jehovah is nothing other than a fantasy achievement of the badly informed people who immediately believe in any lost property. C. T. Russel also belonged to this kind of careless person. – He wanted to prove the truth of the Bible, which he suspected to be true, with data, which he drew from the discoveries around the Egyptian pyramids.

The naming of those who thought they could extract the truth from the Bible with human logic had to be terribly derailed. The Watchtower Society still clings to this artificial name of God with a great spasmodic act of strength, which is part of its extraordinary truth and was originally only intended to prevent anyone from accidentally pronouncing the name of God while reading it aloud. Jehovah's Witnesses certainly realized long ago that their organization was spiritually broke, and yet they still want to preserve this obviously false religion because it is so difficult to find another job.

He who endures to the end

And so these upper slaves of the Watchtower Society, those Jehovah's Witnesses, are sitting in their wide armchairs taking the thinking away from the other Jehovah's Witnesses, giving their consent to the production of children's books which are still supposed to suggest to people that Jehovah is the rightful name of God! What a situation! The sinking ship Watchtower Society, whose planks are made of errors of thought and fallacies, is plugging its yawning leaks with further efforts to maintain the most bizarre of all its mistakes. In addition, the faithful and intelligent slave lets produce children's books that instill the necessary poison directly into the children's souls.

In the children's book of Jehovah's Witnesses "Learn from the great teacher", page 27, we read:

Jesus knew that "Jehovah" was a very important name. That's why he taught his disciples to talk about God's name. He also told them to use the name of God in their prayers. Jehovah wants all people to know his name.

The Watchtower Society even uses the new German spelling in this book. But it insists on the false name of God "Jehovah" and thus pays the necessary veneration and support to its own existence, because it cannot allow a renaming of Jehovah's Witnesses. Modernity comes to WTS in all areas. It is currently wedding the states in Europe by allowing itself to be recognized as a church, it trades in shares like any modern corporation, but it is not in a position to correct the most stupid of its mistakes: the name Jehovah!

Whoever has become rich by lying, even if it becomes narrow, will not let go of the lie. The one who lets children and women bleed to death will not take individual people into consideration. Whoever calls himself the channel of God and at the same time teaches the very name of God – the pronunciation-preventor of the Holy Scriptures – as the only true name of God, must be destroyed to the last gram by the truth. – While the Watchtower Society will perish from the breath of Jesus' mouth, which is the sword of truth, it will not admit the truth, but insist that it is the only true religion and that Jehovah is the only true name of God.


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