Captivity of Jehovah's Witnesses

The spiritual captivity of Jehovah's Witnesses is immeasurable. On the basis of a promise of loyalty and friendship that the Watchtower Society takes from each individual Witness to a certain Jehovah, the Witness experiences a kind of secret pact. This secret pact is a mutual triple promise, the actors of which are the Jehovah's Witness, the Watchtower Society, and a god constructed by them, whom they call Jehovah after a transmission error Jehovah.

Secret Pact of the Three: Jehovah's Witnesses, Watchtower Society, and Their Replacement God

This Watchtower-Secret Pact puts Jehovah's Witness in a special position. The components of this special position were constructed and refined by the Watchtower Society over a period of more than one hundred years. The most striking feature of this special position is a double bond. Jehovah's Witness is given the opportunity to survive the great Battle of Armageddon, but is obliged to allow himself to be exploited by the Watchtower Society throughout his life in order to maintain this opportunity.

According to the motto, what is expensive must also be good, Jehovah's Witnesses are largely deprived of normal life. They are stigmatized and carry this stigmatization with an ongoing "hooray," almost like those who went to World War I with a hooray. They pay as high a price as possible for the way out that the Watchtower Society has constructed, otherwise they cannot believe that there really is something to this Watchtower cheap logic. They have to take themselves into ideological breeding day after day, they have to apply their work and life force to preaching to assure themselves that the cheap human logic of the Watchtower is indeed a saving wisdom.

This permanent self-deception is also necessary! For the redemption in Jesus, which is based only on faith and is a perfect redemption, is an abomination to Jehovah's Witnesses. They cannot comprehend that God became man in Jesus to save by faith that accepts Jesus. In order to escape from this need to decide to bind themselves to Jesus without conditions, Jehovah's Witnesses prefer to go to an inner prison, which consists of purely theoretical performance principles.

This spiritual corset of the Watchtower performance principles is conceivable without faith on a purely carnal basis and therefore so attractive to people who are suspicious of faith in Jesus. For believing in Jesus means nothing other than trusting in Jesus' promises and promises, even if no secular institution chains me and pushes me forward with the whip. Jesus says: Whom the Son makes free, he is quite free. But this freedom is also dangerous and contains the anxious tension for which we have actually been made free by Jesus. The fleshly man cannot bear this.

They prefer to fulfill a large list of obligations to live with the feeling that they have done what is necessary to survive in Armageddon. They have specialized in saving themselves with as much and as much effort as possible. With this they basically call out to Jesus: "We don't need you. But if you do, then look at our diligent works that we have done in the name of Jehovah."

Charles Taze Russell
Hang something over it!

The chains with which the Jehovah's Witnesses are bound are based on a purely mathematical and technical interpretation of the Bible. The spirit of man is lost to the Word of God and tries, according to the rules of Freemason Charles T. Russell, to get the Bible "on its toes". The result of this spiritual tower building at Brooklyn is a behavioural corset that has nothing to do with divine spirit, divine grace and divine guidance.

All the evil works of Jehovah's Witnesses can be hidden in their own perception.

With the exclusion that the Jehovah's Witnesses enthusiastically do to themselves in order to be something better that may still survive in Armageddon, all attempts to criticize them are made absurd. Every criticism, even the one that shows the worst conditions in the circles of the Watchtower Society, is enough for Jehovah's Witnesses to confirm their decision not to hope for Jesus but for the Watchtower. Therefore, websites that are well-intentioned and openly publicly denounce the evil effects of the Watchtower Society are not at all suited to really touch a Jehovah's Witness. For as long as his own child has not been abused, he firmly believes in the Watchtower's statement that under Jehovah's Witnesses this is impossible.

Rather, only the rescue offer of Jesus can really help a Jehovah's Witness if he accepts it. For without Jesus he falls out of his highly stylized mental prison and into the worldly evil spirit who throws around himself the most stupid idiocy like Santa Claus and the theory of evolution. The worldly spirit actually argues with birds that have arisen from small flying dinosaurs. Such idiocy is hammered daily into people's brains to make the existence of this saving Jesus appear as unlikely as possible.

There is therefore no escape from the Watchtower Prison, which, according to the Jehovah's Witnesses, is far above the earth's surface. The descent into the worldly scenario of nonsense and human vanity is only possible by the most courageous of them. But the path to Jesus remains closed to them as well, because they have to drag along the old theses and arguments of the Watchtower Society like thick iron balls with chains.

God wants Jehovah's Witnesses and all people to know that Jesus saves unconditionally. He does not bind Himself to a secular organization, nor does He have a faithful and understanding slave to represent Him. His redemption is perfect and works even when man is absent. Jesus is the Incarnate Savior. His word is valid. Every human being may claim his salvation by believing in him.

But humans like themselves better when they save themselves by standing order and continuous use as watchtower slaves. Then he can put his documents about his good deeds under his pillow. With this he is always better off than others and can build up a hope, the basis of which is not faith in Jesus, but a humanly transparent and calculable proof on the hourly performance form of the Watchtower Society. He is building his own salvation. He can keep a written record of his commitment.

But the Watchtower does not teach that man thus totally fails to do the will of God.


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