They always need the insight books

by Marco E.

Hello Ruediger, I still have to get rid of a few lines, because I don't really have someone to talk to about things, or nobody is interested. About my person: I am married and have three children. My family has been through a lot because of me and still stood by me faithfully. Last year I started to clean up my life (as I had started so many times before). But this time I wanted to do it right, got a job and turned my back on my criminal past. After initial difficulties, everything turned out to be the best. It was all great, Job was running, a super woman, great kids – but there was this emptiness.

And then I wanted to fill the void and miraculously the "Jehovah's Witnesses" stood in front of the cabin. I made an appointment and they came. After two hours of opening Bible verses and answering questions, I was positively surprised to be asked for a new date! Well, long story short – I was impressed by the nice, friendly way you approached me. We met regularly and the conversations became more and more private. So you got to know me better and better, but I didn't know anything about them.

My wife always said, "They're too nice, they want something". There were also some arguments about the witnesses. I've only ever had to deal with crooks, criminals, etc. before. All my life. And now the nice people come and bring me the Bible, literature, etc. all for free. And that's supposed to be bad again? I didn't want to believe that.

To cut a long story short: I studied the Holy Scriptures like a savage, met other Christians, had night-long conversations with followers of Islam, etc., was not liked to be seen, but what did they want to do, I am already a "convincing phenomenon" – hahaha. Well, I went well to the meetings and had my wife in tow and sometimes the children.

But as it is, the light in a "true seeker" becomes brighter and brighter, and I realized pretty quickly that the individuals have no idea what they are talking about. They are dolls without an opinion of their own. When I mentioned a Bible verse and wanted to talk to them about it, they always needed the "insight books. I've received pretty much all the Watchtower sect textbooks from them by now to answer me.

When I began to ask her for her own opinion, there came only spiritual emptiness and various excuses. From then on I noticed that something was wrong and researched Scripture independently. I made up my own mind and there were spiritual confrontations in the Bible study. To the question "What was wrong with me" I quoted Luther.... only Scripture must convince me ... etc.

There you wished me still "Jehovah's blessing" (with grinding teeth) hahaha. But when I stopped attending the meeting and confessed to the "Lord Jesus Christ" at the last Bible study, everything was over. I honestly went to a lot of trouble to nail them down with their own literature "WHAT DOES THE BIBLE REALLY TeaCH". I also did it with the help of the "Lord". Now no one answers any more. That frustrates me because I have to let it out and now nobody has the courage to come here anymore.

We actually had a friendly (probably just "fake") relationship until now. The study was last week Thursday, since then no sign, no answer to my sms. That makes me sad, angry, but also strengthens me in my (so far only small) knowledge of Scripture. Last week I also came across your side and can only share your opinion, not because I was influenced by you, but because I recognized MY understanding of the Bible in your words. I would be happy if I could write more often to exchange myself with you!




Hello Rüdiger, I have been a Jehovah's Witness for 30 years and Jesus is my greatest role model and love him with all my heart. Sad is that you can not talk with the ZJ about everything that is close to your heart, because then you are already considered weak in faith.

Lg Pierre [July 01, 2021]


Good evening Marco,

about 18 months ago, I started reading the Qur'an with a Syrian refugee. At that time I had been a Jehovah's Witness for 17 years and had tried to teach my Syrian neighbor about the Bible.

We exchanged at some point, so to speak. He got Bible texts, I got Qur'an texts. I was very surprised about how many texts there are about Jesus (Iessa). Some knowledge gaps that I had, bwurden so closed.

The Islamic Jesus copy is not Jesus. [RH]

Also to the " Fall " and the " Tempter " stands there some , which the Bible does not answer.

Full of enthusiasm, I wanted to talk about it with some sisters and also addressed this to an elder. In my life, I have never been so extremely hostile. I was downright cut down to the size of a child! (Was at this time 46 years)

I was told very aggressively by the elder that I had found the truth after all, and that it was absolutely not necessary to read the Qur'an. I should leave them alone. Etc.

I was shocked and indignant , replied only that " The truth " need not hide or defend . Shortly after this conversation , I would be expelled at my own request . No more friends . All deception. I am so glad that my now already grown-up children have never taken this path, otherwise I would be rid of them now.

Often I would be told very indiscreetly in the meeting that my children had to come along. But I had always given them the freedom of thought and choice. They came along as often as they wanted. Bible reading was however obligatory with us up to the 12th year of life.

I still believe in the Almighty Creator. I believe in Jesus Christ as His prophet.

Then you are still one to one on Watchtower line. That is exactly what they teach. Do you also believe that your children are animals? If not, then you should accept that Jesus is God. [RH]

And I have found that there is more hidden in the Torah and the Gospel than Christianity generally thinks it knows. Certain people had a great interest in changing the scriptures a little. Or simply to omit or add something.

Do not let anyone forbid you to read and search Marco .

Stay curious,😊

Karin [December 04, 2022]

Romans 8:9 But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwelleth in you: but whosoever hath not the Spirit of Christ is not his.

Just a little verse from the Bible that proves that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Christ. If two have one and the same spirit, they must necessarily be one. [RH]

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