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Yesterday I had a dream

God is infinite and therefore boundless. We are created in his image and know from ourselves that we always strive to get to know our limits. So it is in God and our nature to seek our own limits. Already with small children this urge is obvious and overly clear. An essence of life. A longing for spread and free effect firmly anchored in us.

But if we accept and say that God is infinite, His "inability" to know His own limits is obvious. Perhaps he has created us in his own image, to know through and with us his limits – and to overcome them. Perhaps this limitation of man is the reflection of what God limits, because he is boundless.

Perhaps we are the form and content of God's limitation, which is infinite and unlimited. Knowing no limit in himself, he set a limit in his image to overcome his limit in our limitation.

Jesus is the only man of all time who lived exactly this border crossing, propagated it and offered it to us for free disposal. However, he obediently submitted himself to the restriction and intimidation up to the complete zero limitation, the limitation to zero – until death. In this limitation to absolute nothingness, God proved to us and to Himself that He is not only boundless, but also capable of being absolutely limited.

So the overcoming of this limitation to zero, this overcoming of death, this overcoming of non-existence is the act of a man who is God. He has been completely destroyed and completely restored. He has risen from the dead with all his previous attributes, he has come back to life.

With this crossing of God's border in Jesus, he gives us human beings the task and the opportunity to do the same. Whoever acknowledges the madness that Jesus came from death to life physically, has only stepped out of his limits when he accepts this fact in faith. Every parallel interpretation signals that man only tries not to leave his old limits. Therefore the crossing of borders initiated by God and made for us can only be effective and actually exist where this fact is not changed, reinterpreted or somehow explained in a human way.

Paul's assertion that the Jews were annoyed at the resurrection of Jesus and that the Greeks laughed at it suggests to us that Jesus actually rose physically from the dead. For the only thing that nobody could and can imagine since the existence of man is the physical resurrection of Jesus. Everything else was "cold coffee" for both the Jews and the Greeks at that time. The whole range of ideas about life after death were already taken for granted at that time. No reason to laugh or get angry.

Thus, in overcoming his own infinity, God has proven that he is God. He is infinitely just (Mosaic law) and infinitely loving (Jesus). He has made us the task and the possibility of accepting his boundlessness in faith and has given a concrete name to this task and possibility.


So in his word there can be the unjustifiable formula: In his name is salvation. People are saved in the name of Jesus.

Growth in Jesus

No matter how deep or how high we want to fathom these connections, we will always and always and always be dependent on accepting God's instruction and believing in Jesus. Because he manifests the boundless condescension of God to us human beings. In Jesus, God crossed the boundaries that he wanted to cross in order to disarm Satan once and for all, to take the last argument out of his hands.

God is the absolute infinity and has shown us in Jesus his absolute limitation (for our sake) and does not require us to understand it at all. But whoever believes in Jesus is introduced individually and carefully to the truth. Jesus is there for us. He takes us by the hand and shows us God – in himself. He always teaches us exactly what we can cope with right now. Until we really know everything, perhaps infinitely many eternities will pass.

But in faith in Jesus, this seizure of the truth takes place in a second.

Jesus is God's paradoxical message to us human beings. Watchtower booklets are enough for people who do not want to cross their borders with the help of Jesus.


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