My personal contact with a Jehovah's Witness

by Friedrich Hunold

In the years from 1974 to 1993 I was employed in industry as an industrial electrician. My main task was to repair the production machines as quickly as possible in the event of a malfunction. In one department there was a man who was never taken very seriously by us. Now I'm sure they'll be asked why. I would like to explain this briefly here.

We as craftsmen were dependent on the statements of the operating personnel. It was helpful for us to have statements about the nature of the malfunctions and how they affect us. During the night shift, I was called that a machine had a malfunction. I went by bicycle to the machine and found nobody who could give me information. The production machine was switched off and the person responsible for the machine was not on site.

After a long search I found him in the break room. When I asked him what was going on with the machine, I only got the answer that it was broken. When I asked him more questions, I got the answer that I was the electrician and not him. If he knew what was broken, he would earn more money and be an electrician. He was studying a watchtower and forbade any further disturbance from me.

Since I knew almost all the machines and this machine could be operated by one person, I put it into operation and checked it out. After about 15 minutes I discovered the cause and eliminated it. I went back to the break room and told the operator that everything was fine now and that he could work again. He just said, all right, thank you. Since I had to have all work receipted, he also signed that it had been repaired. I drove back to the workshop and waited for the next incident.

At 6:00 in the morning I took a shower and drove home. Around 8:00 o'clock the telephone rang with me and my boss was at the rope. He wanted to know from me why I had not repaired this machine. Since I could prove however that I had repaired it (by indication, where the assembly report had been filed by me), I could sleep further.

At the beginning of my next shift, I first went to the machine to interview my colleague. But he wasn't there. I talked to a colleague who told me that this person was no longer employed by us. Termination without notice is called such a thing. What had happened? He testified that my behaviour had been impossible. I would have dared to interrupt him several times during his Bible study. But his Bible study would be important. More important than operating the machine. He had not started his work that night.

After weeks I was given a letter which this colleague had deposited with the administration. The letter said that I was to blame for the fact that he was now unemployed. My disbelief would have deprived him of his job. But that was not all. Then Jehovah's Witnesses visited me almost daily at home. There were always two or three people of this faith who regularly got me out of bed to talk to me about it. That was psycho terror of the worst kind. If I hadn't opened the door, you stood for hours in front of the house where I lived. With the watchtower in my hand.

I pressed charges against the police at some point. Only then did the spook stop.


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