How do I get to Jesus?

Zitat: "Stop your small war against the Jehovah's Witnesses."

This sentence appeared in a commentary from 19.11.2007. With this request the impression is given that this website turned small warlike against the Jehovah's Witnesses. That must be corrected! This website is certainly in the broadest sense a "petty-war" declaration of war. However, it is not directed against the Jehovah's Witnesses, but exclusively against the seduction of the Watchtower Society.

If you've read a few pages, as a Jehovah's Witness you'll be asking yourself, What does this crackpot want?!

I would like to answer this question as follows:

The actual step to Jesus is small. But many people are denied this step. They are people who reject Jesus out of different motives. But all these people have one thing in common: they do not need him. Either they find themselves completely in order and consider it a cheek that there should be a God who will one day call them to account. Or they have so much psychological and social support in their human environment throughout their lives that they never seriously encounter the question: How does this Jesus affect my life? Do I need him?

Many seekers to whom these two points do not apply are, however, still severely prevented from getting to know Jesus personally. These are seekers who meet false teachers and follow them blindly. They are seekers who, for example, turn their backs on the Catholic show of the dead saints and think they have found something much better at the Watchtower. They say and feel that they have found the truth at the Watchtower.

But the truth lives! It has come within reach and its name is Jesus. And now please test yourself: Do you have personal contact with the saving truth? Jesus is the truth. And you do not speak a word of death to him. You talk to your fellow prisoners five times a week about Jesus, but never with Jesus. If you realize that you need direct contact to Jesus, the truth, then you have to admit that you do not have the truth with Jehovah's Witnesses.

From my own life and that of many other true Christians, I know that only the direct reception of the Lord Jesus into our hearts brings salvation. He is the causer of faith and also the perfector of faith. This means that He begins faith in you and completes it in grace and redemption as well as in works. He will bless you with works that he places in your heart and accomplishes in you and together with you.

Otherwise it wouldn't be possible. For if I could add anything to my salvation, God would be obligated to accept me. But that can never be. For he saves us by pure grace. But whoever once receives Jesus into his heart and gives him dominion over his life will experience that he himself does works in the believing person that confirm faith in him – make faith alive.

I now know that in Jehovah's Witnesses there is a sheer insurmountable wall that prevents them from even speaking one word to Jesus. That is why I think it is presumptuous to simply recommend it to you: Invite the Savior into your heart! I know that the opportunity to speak directly to Jesus is wafer-thin for most Jehovah's Witnesses. Many will probably no longer have it.

But just as faith in Jesus is the work of the Holy Spirit in all other people, so this miracle can also happen in Jehovah's Witnesses.

As a testimony, I tell you my becoming a believer

When I was sixteen years old, I always had only one sentence on my lips: Life is pointless. The world of adults, ordered by human standards, offered me only disappointment and thoroughly spoiled my anticipation of life on earth. For example, I could not place myself in the monotony of earning and spending money. And so I clung to this residual knowledge of mine: Life is meaningless.

One day I read 1 Corinthians 1 and it became clear to me that Jesus was seeking and wanting to save what was broken. Suddenly I could vaguely guess that someone had made provision for such a fool as I was (and still am for me and many others). This minimal ray of hope did not let me go and I picked myself up and said the words: Lord Jesus, come into my heart, I will entrust my life to you.

Nothing happened! Okay, could I expect to be offered an angel vaudeville show to confirm this short prayer? Wasn't I the proposer and had to hope that there was something to this Jesus? So I was content with the awareness that I had made this proposal to Jesus and decided to observe the future and see what would happen to this thing.

This small prayer led in the following time (puberty, rebellion, quarrel with the parents) to a concrete miracle. Once it was time for all the family members to yell at each other (my sister was also in a bad phase), I said to myself: So, now it's time! I went into the next room, said to Jesus only: "Please take this one from us! Within those few seconds something had happened. My parents and sister stood there, hugged each other and cried. And I stood there and didn't know what to believe or not to believe. But believe me! Without the small proposal that Jesus should come into my heart, I could never have spoken this "test prayer" in this distress.

It is so important for Jesus that a person opens his heart to him and lets him in. All that follows is his work and his glory, his strength and his life. But the door of the heart must have been opened in a small moment by yourself.

This little moment is being slaughtered by Watchtower doctrine. Because the Watchtower doctrine does everything to make Jesus into a figure in the cabinet with whom one can have no contact. But I can tell you that Jesus is God. That is why you need not fear that you are practicing polytheism when you talk to Jesus.

He's God. And he will also put the certainty of this into your heart and you will be introduced to all truth by him. Only one thing he cannot and will not take away from you, because otherwise he would destroy your free will! He cannot and will not open your heart door for you. You must do this small service with your free will. Because you have the key to your heart in your hand. Give Jesus the key to your heart in childlike trust. He will bless you all your life. He will already in this life give you a foretaste of what He has prepared for us with the Father. There is no greater happiness.


A "so-called" religion, which wants to "take Jesus Christ from the throne" and displaces, runs for itself into greatest danger! For Jesus Christ is the personal governor and guarantor of the New Covenant. Only under this there is salvation for those who lovingly carry Him in their hearts and who will be saved by Him in the "Rapture" (Thessalonians).

The last formulation can be misleading. It is correct that not both conditions have to be fulfilled, but only the first one. Faith in Jesus saves. The Rapture only concerns those who are still alive at the Second Coming of Jesus. [RH]

This is coming soon!

Whoever does not carry Jesus Christ in his heart is also excluded from His forgiveness of sins and remains under the curse of God since Genesis.

Thus it is certain that all Jehovah's Witnesses will not come under the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. They remain with the rest of the people in the man-made great tribulation that is just beginning (world situation).

Furthermore, it offends that in the baptismal vows of the Watchtower Society it can be read that this society exalts itself like God. Such a blasphemy will never remain without atonement on the part of God!

All "imitation" religions are staged by Satan, none of them has therefore a legitimation of Jesus Christ, whom they reject. How else can it be that there are far more than 200 religions, which all call themselves Christian? (Not to speak of further religions).

The many Bible passages that refer to Jesus as God Himself have been stubbornly denied by the Watchtower Society for many decades. Quotation Jesus: "He who has seen me has seen the Father!"

A.K. [April 07, 2023]

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