Marian cult

The Catholic Church has in common with the Watchtower Society that both consider themselves to be the only ones to make salvation. Both are human organizations that have a monopoly of their own over the divine offer of grace of Jesus to be saved by him in faith. Both organizations have the audacity to instrumentalize and market Jesus and thus God for themselves. There can be no greater shame under the sun than a human organization daring to have God in its pocket. An organization cannot lie more impudently.

Virgin Mary
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Marian cult

On January 30, 2008, the new Archbishop of Munich and Freising could be seen on television worshipping Virgin Mary. This is deep paganism. If these people knew Jesus and would not only know something about him, they would rather die than pray a prayer to Virgin Mary. The Catholic Church is actually nothing more than a sect with this worship aberration. Their power interdependencies are purely human in nature. That impure spirits appear in it, which must be cast out by Catholic priests, suggests that the Catholic Church has nothing to do with Jesus. Because where Jesus is, there can be no demons and devils. They cannot endure the presence of Jesus.

There are many theories about what the Catholic Church is doing with its Marian cult. The explanations go as far as the thesis that some pagan goddess has taken her entrance into this "church". But for someone who has come to know Jesus, the background to this aberration is completely unimportant. The only important thing is that he leaves the Catholic Church and escapes its sphere of influence.

With Jesus there is no dogma. There are certainly connections that the Holy Spirit makes accessible to a believing Christian, but all this must never be made a condition of the right teaching. The only thing that may be important for a believing Christian is the words of Jesus and thus the whole Bible. For Jesus is the Word.

So no person can simply wipe off his responsibility by claiming that this or that is not so wrong at all. He could therefore remain quietly in the institution of heresy. No, he must accept this responsibility and leave such lost institutions. Otherwise he runs the risk of losing faith in Jesus. For even if the Catholic Church does not quite as badly ruffle Jesus Christ as the Watchtower Society, it nevertheless perfidiously depicts figures next to him who are supposed to irritate people and distract them from him.

The Catholic Church's incredible lie that a virgin should be worshipped as Mother of God first led Freemasons like Charles T. Russell to build their own webs. And besides the Inquisition of the Catholic Church, the Inquisition of the Watchtower Society looks almost shirt-sleeved. Although the Jehovah's Witnesses suffer from an Inquisition actually applied, the misconduct under Catholic rule was all the worse.

It remains to be seen whether even Catholic rulers can be rescued, who lead National Socialist sayings in their mouths to the sign of their remoteness from God. It remains to be seen whether also the good little villagers can be saved, who only go to church to light a candle, make a confession and do something else that has nothing to do with Jesus. Fact in all cases is from a biblical point of view that we have to be in Jesus and he in us. This presence of Jesus in our heart cannot be replaced or completed by any ritual, by any donation of money and by any incantation of Mary. No, on the contrary! Rites, donations of money to ease conscience and evocations of saints can only be a sign that Jesus is not in us.

So we see in the Catholic Church just as much aberration and false doctrine as in the Watchtower Society. The Catholic Church is even more dangerous because it is more socially recognized and hides the salvation of believing in Jesus from people.

As long as the Marian cult is not banned from the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church cannot be of God.


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