Jesus' perfection

The Watchtower Society has a subliminal interest in making Jesus appear before men as a kind of special construction. While it is clear to all Jesus' disciples that Jesus was a true man on earth and thus shared everything with us that concerns us, the Watchtower Society presents him as a kind of special being. It makes him a superman, who in reality did not share humanity with us at all.

The Scriptures show that Jesus Christ was indeed perfect on earth as regards his human organism (1Pe 1:18, 19), and that he kept his perfection by continually preserving and strengthening his integrity under trials.

(Insighten, volume 1, chapter: Justice, paragraph:
The one accomplished by Christ Jesus "an act of justification")

With the assertion that Jesus as a human being was physically perfect, the Watchtower Society undermines the very basis for the miracle that God accomplished in Jesus with a very small needle prick of error and false doctrine. By claiming that Jesus was physically perfect, she assumes that Jesus did not share our destiny, but was only a magic trick of God. For with this she can pursue the goal of making of Jesus something that did not speak to us as one of us, but only as one who spoke to us detached from our problems as God's messenger. And already the Watchtower Society has reached its goal: Jesus was and is only an angel.

Thus the Watchtower Society divides the work of Jesus down to a level that is only worthwhile as a mere ambassador function. For if this alleged messenger of angels was physically perfect, he did not have the basis to give advice to men as Jesus, who as a true man was completely equal to us in everything, even in his physical constitution. For as a semi-silky copy of man, as an angelic messenger in human form, as something that only resembled man, Jesus could not have been an example or forerunner, let alone a saviour.

With the thesis that Jesus was physically perfect on earth, the Watchtower Society sows the erroneous thought into people's hearts that Jesus as a human being had something ahead of all other people. The Watchtower Society needs this false thought in order to be able to use the correspondence »Adam – Jesus« indicated in the Bible as the basis of the "redeeming sacrifice". For with this it can detach Jesus from his real function and place him in a context that amounts to God showing us only one way with Jesus.

However, Jesus is not the slimmed-down figure of redemption that the Watchtower Society is making up for, but he is the perfect Creator God who went into perfect human imperfection to create perfect salvation through human faith. This absolute God went into our being in order to make, through his perfect condescension, the example that saves not by striving, self-improvement or zeal, but by only one thing: by the simple faith in Jesus Christ.

This is indicated by so many passages in the Bible that we become perfect by the power of God when we believe in Jesus. All true Christians testify to this as well.

If Jesus had been physically perfect, and if he had acted only as an antithesis to renegade Adam, the pursuit of perfection practiced and propagated by Jehovah's Witnesses would only result in people bowing to the dictate of a soulless truth in rectification and thereby saving themselves. This self-rescue would only be a technical process that would not have much to do with faith.

To indicate what is meant, I quote Sundar Singh (Collected Writings, pages 238 and 239).

An angel, who had come down from the highest levels of heaven and held a high position there, replied: "God did not create man as a machine that works compulsively; nor did he determine his destiny as that of the stars and planets, which cannot deviate from their orbit. Rather, he has created man in his own image and likeness: with free will, with understanding, and with the power to make decisions and to act independently; in this way man is superior to all other creatures. If man had not been created with free will, he could not enjoy the presence of God or of heaven; for then he would merely be a machine which moves without knowing or feeling it, or he would be like the stars which, without knowing it, rush through the infinite space. But man has a free will and is therefore essentially opposed to this kind of soulless perfection. A perfection of this kind would really have meant imperfection for him. Such a man would be nothing more than a mere slave, whose perfection would have forced him to certain acts; but he could not have rejoiced in them, for he had no choice of his own. For him then there would have been no difference between a god and a stone."

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So we see that the Watchtower Society is calibrated to transform salvation in Jesus into a certain self-help program. While those who turn directly to Jesus experience the power of God, the slave of Jehovah must exert and exert and exert and exert himself.

This is the diametrically contrary contradiction to the Bible in which Jesus tells us: Without me you can do nothing and I give water of life in vain.

Jesus can either save us completely and free us from all the burden of sin, or he becomes a fairy tale figure who serves only as an incentive for man to save himself. The latter is the program of the Watchtower Society.

They will receive their reward.


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