Witness Jehovah's Blackmail

Hand on the heart!
If someone has nothing to hide, will he then write a threatening letter or a blackmail letter?

Jehovah's Witnesses see the activities of certain people as a danger. For them, the danger they see seems to lie in someone calling a spade a spade a spade, calling a spade a spade, the Watchtower Society's deception and deceit, providing facts that rip the mask off the blasphemous apparatus. But the Jehovah's Witnesses continually expose themselves. They repeatedly maneuver themselves into hopeless situations by lying so clumsily and awkwardly that it is only embarrassing.

Is God dependent on lies and threatening letters?

The God of Jehovah's Witnesses does indeed seem to depend on all sorts of slander and lies. It is only surprising that the faithful and understanding slave has not yet reacted to the exposures that can be found on this page. The only thing that is apparently possible for this monster is the release of the lie as a theocratic war trick. With this lie in their worship baggage, Jehovah's Witnesses come along again and again and embarrass themselves to the bone.

But why do even those who suspect or even know that the Watchtower Society is a spawn of the devil lie? Even the one who sits in Selters and launches insider material to the public from there, even the one who is persecuting other people who stand up against the Watchtower Society with false claims. That doesn't even give this spy, who has remained in the apparatus, a plus for his life. Because he does not have Jesus.

It seems Jehovah's Witnesses are even threatening violence!

Letter of threat from Jehovah's Witnesses

This letter was written at the beginning of August 2008 and "sunk on foot" in the mailbox of the threatened.

The threatening letter

Hello ...

if you care about your family, stop spreading your dirty lies about Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society on the Internet immediately.

You don't want to be responsible for the consequences if something happens to your daughter, wife or dog?

A friend who means well.

(Phil 2:4)

This honorable society cannot be of God. This faithful and understanding slave, who drives his subjects to commit crimes, cannot act on behalf of God. How also!! The name of the God of Jehovah's Witnesses was only invented in the Middle Ages. So this Jehovah cannot be God. But they worship this artificially induced substitute worship name and do not realize that they are lost and slide deeper and deeper into sin. And this with the "benevolent" support of the faithful and understanding slave, who legalizes and recommends the lie as a theocratic war trick.

You will know them by their works!

Anyone who dives into this subculture of oppression and manipulation, in terms of content or humanity, quickly realizes that all this has nothing to do with Jesus. Only people who have never known Jesus can get involved with this art god Jehovah. And those who do lose their lives.

And they threaten others to wipe out their lives, too.


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