Christmas of Jehovah's Witnesses

Why Jehovah's Witnesses Can't Celebrate Christmas

Jehovah's Witnesses are prohibited from celebrating Christmas of any kind, and this does not only apply to company boozing and eating orgies. Christmas is strictly forbidden for Jehovah's Witnesses, so that they are effectively protected from recognizing logical connections. This can be seen if you take a closer look at the Christmas story. Like all other people, Jesus is born a newborn. And long before he could build his Watchtower attribute of perfect humanity, long before he could even walk at all, three strange types came to visit to worship him!

What a dilemma for the Watchtower Society!

The Watchtower slaves believe that Jesus cannot be worshiped. That would be polytheism and thus idolatry. To keep these Watchtower slaves in error, they must not know the Christmas story. They must be artificially kept away from anything that even remotely reminds them that Jesus was worshipped. Otherwise the Watchtower would have to demonize the wise men of the Orient.

The wise men of the Orient were only magicians

Charles T. Russell initiated the esoteric-magical Freemason interpretation of the Bible and was thus only a magician. What is the difference between the magician Russell and the three wise men from the Orient?

The wise men of the Orient never tried to impose their own goals and ideas. When they found an infant instead of a king, when they had to accept changes in their plans at short notice, they did not publish lengthy explanatory pamphlets, but simply followed God's call. Thus Jesus never disappeared from the center of their gaze, but was the absolute center of their action.

This is ice-coldly proven by the fact that they paid homage to Jesus. And what is homage but worship?

Jehovah's Witnesses must never know this strange story of the three magicians who worship Jesus. That's why the faithful and understanding slave abolished Christmas without further ado. Otherwise the Watchtower State cannot keep its subjects under its spell.

Sensational is also the realization that magicians found Jesus in a direct way and without conflicts. And this long before anyone could develop theories about whether Jesus was God or just an angel. But the magical organization of Freemasons – the Watchtower Society – is as far removed from the actions of the three eastern magicians as the devil is from heaven.

This thread of the works by which one can recognize the Watchtower Society can be spun on almost endlessly. While the magicians brought gifts from the East, the Watchtower Society only collects money. It skims off and fills its pockets in the hope of owning the whole world one day.

The Watchtower Society's Christmas ban has a profound meaning. The Watchtower must protect itself from exposure. But one day Jesus will melt the false teachings with his breath and he will spread his glory before us human beings. Then the false doctrines will burn like straw in the fire and nothing will remain of them.

Jehovah's Witness! Turn back from your snobbish heresy and come to Jesus. He will always introduce you to the truth as you need it. Just like it happened with the three wise men from the Orient. They didn't have faithful slaves and they still got all the information they needed to do their job.


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