Does a Jehovah's Witness benefit from Christian thought?

Your daughter is Jehovah's Witness!

... and you're a Christian. You have argued from your Christian point of view and cannot understand that your daughter is still following Jehovah's Witnesses despite this clear information.

Dear Randy,

here I would like to explain to you why Christian thoughts promise little success when they are addressed to Jehovah's Witnesses.

In order to illuminate the problem, we must ask ourselves who finds it easier to understand something of the Christian faith. Imagine speaking to an atheist. An atheist has a firm belief that God does not exist. An atheist is a bad listener due to this fact and therefore cannot be open. He always thinks about how he can destroy the testimony for Jesus.

Let us ask ourselves whether a Jehovah's Witness can understand Christian thoughts better than an atheist. A Jehovah's Witness is convinced that there is a God and that this God is that Watchtower Jehovah. A Jehovah's Witness has been so deliberately trimmed to another God by the Watchtower Society that he no longer needs to think of how to destroy the testimony you have given to Jesus, but this has become his natural reflex. A Jehovah's Witness goes to class four or five times a week whose core sitemap is to deny Jesus Christ his divinity.

The difference between an atheist and a Jehovah's Witness is that the atheist is still alive in the narrow area of arguments. The Jehovah's Witness, however, is killed in this area, and he cultivates his death by constantly taking up the Watchtower doctrine. The thinking of the atheist is unfree. The thinking of a Jehovah's Witness is more than unfree and almost dead. And where the dandelion bores its way through the asphalt, it is brutally beaten with axe, saw and pliers to destroy this sprouting of thought. This is what Jehovah's Witnesses call "loyalty".

Can you reach a Jehovah's Witness with arguments?

Jehovah's Witnesses are also only human beings and can be reached for facts. However, Christian facts are often less helpful because Jehovah's Witnesses can be professionally emptied of their brains at this point. They learn an abysmal hardness of heart, especially towards Christian facts, which makes them permanently immune to the God who became man in Jesus. Therefore we should not look so much at how the Christian faith could be recommended to a Jehovah's Witness, but we must apply the quite banal intellect that points with the finger to the consequences.

Jesus did exactly this by saying succinctly:

You will know them by their works!

Therefore, I would like to recommend to you, Randy, within your conversation with your Jehovah's Witness daughter, to leave aside all Christian experience, all experiences with Jesus, all insight, all knowledge, all blessings, and to be fully human. Don't address your daughter from the position of a Christian, but confront her with the simple facts produced by the Watchtower Society. Only then can you possibly open your daughter's eyes. Only then can the testimony work for Jesus, namely when your daughter asks you about it.

What are the works of the Watchtower Society?

Let us imagine ourselves as a simple man with both feet on the perfectly normal moral ground of facts. Let us give room to our natural indignation. Let us look through the eyes of a child at the Watchtower Society and shout out loud what Jehovah's Witnesses are doing!

It's bare murder!

By entering the Watchtower religion, a Jehovah's Witness agrees that people are murdered by this religion. If a Jehovah's Witness needs a blood transfusion to survive, Jehovah's Witnesses set up hospital liaison committees that manipulate the person until he loses his last will to live and bleeds to death. That is ice-cold religious murder. They do not decapitate the sick or injured, but they manipulate them to death with false religious theses. That is and remains murder! This is the work of the Watchtower Society.

The way of manipulation is secondary, but interesting from a Christian point of view. The Bible talks about nutrition, Jehovah's Witnesses turn it into cannibalism. But the Bible says nothing about cannibalism. But Jehovah's Witnesses pretend that the assumption of a blood transfusion is cannibalism. And at the same time they claim that the blood is unacceptable because by shedding the blood, the life of the killed animal is returned to God. But what life should man give back in the case of a blood transfusion? The blood donor did not die at all!

We see that the blood doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses serves the sole purpose of killing people under the label of the only true religion. This is the work of the Watchtower Society. And every single Jehovah's Witness declares with his Watchtower baptism that he agrees with this murder. So every single Jehovah's Witness standing on the street and holding up his notebooks recruits not only new Watchtower Society financiers, but also new death row candidates. You have to make that clear and put yourself in the right position. There are people on the street who don't even know that they supported the religious murder and even support its promotion.

There are many more diabolical things that the Watchtower Society brings forth. But first, this Watchtower work of bleeding murder should be enough to help you help your daughter with non-Christian facts. There is no place for Jesus in the heart of a Jehovah's Witness. Therefore, Jehovah's Witness must be confronted with his real life lies in order to wake up from his false dream.


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