Jehovah's Witnesses Congress on Jesus Christ

Jehovah's Witnesses can only talk about Jesus and not of Him.

Because all they know about him is what the Watchtower sends them. They do not know Jesus Christ himself. Because then they would know that Jesus is God.

In this way they also over disregard Jesus. Because who reports something about someone, exercises power above someone. He spreads about someone stories. But who reports about to someone, can only tell what is really about known to him.

We find on the internet a website, which is so wonderfully harmless, but splashes out a lot of untruths. Topic: Jesus Christ.

List of Witness Jehovah's Lies

Quote: In 2007, a congress was held in which millions of people were present. What is so interesting that millions of people have nothing better to do than attend a congress for three days? The answer is Jesus Christ!

Jehovah's Witnesses Congress

This is an outright lie. Jehovah's Witnesses are obliged to attend congresses. They accept this annual duty disaster because otherwise they will be excluded from survival in Armageddon. So, in order to prevent the worst fears of existence, they must attend these congresses. The theme of the congresses is determined at will by the Watchtower Society. Thus Jesus Christ is so secondary as a topic that one can fry a fried egg on it. This statement that Jesus is the reason for the enthusiasm is such a cheeky and audacious falsehood that one's hair stands on end when one hears something like this from the mouth of a Jehovah's Witness. Jehovah's Witnesses only confess Jehovah and try to make him affectionate by meeting the demands of the Watchtower Society. These demands include only human accomplishments. The use of Jesus' completely redeeming power is missing. Jehovah's Witnesses cannot really do anything with this salvation. For Jesus is with them only an angel with a minor role.

Quote: If you know very little about Jehovah's Witnesses, you may be divided about them.

The other way around it becomes a shoe! The more you know about Jehovah's Witnesses, the clearer it becomes that they only want to distract you from Jesus in order to reinstall the old image of God to which all the pagans of the world have already fallen. Jehovah's Witnesses are only concerned with achieving their own survival in the old way, with which all people have always tried to make fate their own. They throw their human works, their human goodness, into the balance in order to calculate to Jehovah what they have done for him. They completely ignore that Jesus says, "Without me, you can do nothing. They do not rely on the power of Jesus, but make their own efforts to find God. This is the modern Tower of Babel. The less one knows about Jehovah's Witnesses, the more neutral one can be toward them. One accepts all the junk as an idiosyncratic religious direction and even out of ignorance confers corporate rights on this sect of lies. The less one knows about them, the more indifferent one can be to them. The more one knows about them, the deeper is the sadness that befalls one in the face of the avoidance of Jesus' salvation. Therefore, the quoted sentence is a terrible lie. It sounds so harmless. So unimportant. But even in such small things Jehovah's Witnesses consistently practice lying.

Quote: But when you listen to Jehovah's Witnesses, you not only realize that Jehovah's Witnesses are Christians, but also that they actually try to follow Jesus Christ.

Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians, for they bathe formally in the pagan self-rescue attempt of good and exemplary achievements. While the Bible speaks clearly of Jesus, who did the perfect salvation for us, Jehovah's Witnesses want to take their salvation into their own good hands. They are impostors before God, because they do not humble themselves under the dominion of Jesus. They witness Jehovah and nothing else. Jesus is only an accessory with them. Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians. The only one they follow is the faithful and understanding slave from America who keeps spreading untruths about Jesus. The only thing in which they imitate Jesus is the Watchtower Society's role of Jesus as Jehovah's greatest witness. They agree that Jesus is not God. Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the Watchtower Society in esoteric Masonic fashion, already described Jesus as the greatest Freemason. What a blasphemy! – Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians. The quoted sentence is one of Satan's smartest lies.

Quote: Being in Jehovah's organization is wonderful, because then you have friends all over the world!

This is not a lie in itself, but it amounts to a lie about Jesus. This sentence is meant to suggest that people who are connected to Jesus have friends all over the world. This is exactly different from a biblical point of view and from Christian experience. For whoever is in contact with Jesus has nothing to do with this world any more. One cannot make friends by believing in Jesus. Jesus himself always says this more than clearly. But the Watchtower Society gives the impression that this is exactly the other way around. Thus she exposes herself as a servant of the Antichrist. For she spreads the lie that Jehovah's Witnesses have many friends through spiritual conformity. That Jesus saves each person individually and individually (by mere faith) is the abomination of Jehovah's Witnesses par excellence. They bathe themselves in the kitschy cliché of human friendship, but repress the fact that they are all just spiritually combed through to the raw flesh. They are puppets who see friends in other puppets. What spiritual poverty!

Quote: Jehovah's Witnesses are truly extraordinary people. Extraordinary Christians.

Jehovah's Witnesses are so common, it already hurts. They are bourgeois and perfectly adapted to the world. They shine with good works according to human taste and – like all humans – always put themselves in a good light. This light is a completely human light and does not come from God. Jehovah's Witnesses use the most common of all means to make themselves submissive to that Jehovah. Jehovah's Witnesses occur figuratively throughout human history, where the medicine man invokes spirits, where druids cook their soup, where magicians perform cults, where witches speak their formulas, and where human organizations claim that salvation is with them alone. Jehovah's Witnesses are thus adapted to this world in the most unusual form. They reject the only way out of this ordinariness: Jesus. Just as with all religions that do not recognize Jesus as their God, Jesus only plays a minor role and thus their own humanly acquired goodness and devotion to God leads to salvation (e.g. Islam), the Jehovah's Witnesses act habitually and unreflectedly according to the performance requirements that the Medicine Woman Watchtower Society prescribes. The common thing of Jehovah's Witnesses is their arrogance to be something better. This can be found in all the people of the world.


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