Jehovah's Witnesses have to lie

Blasphemy of the Catholic Church

While the Catholic Church, as a purposeful apparatus of power, knew how to bind the representation of the Son of God to itself, it still managed perfectly to undermine Jesus in such a way that only an empty ceremonial shell remained of him. With the representation of the Son of God the Catholic power had not only bound the Christian idea to itself, but had also occupied this location worldwide for itself and with its heresies. This highly coveted supremacy, which is reflected in all Christian sects that are appropriate to the works, is concentrated in Roman Catholicism, whose history is logically a history of the persecution of Christians.

In this religious apparatus we find an elite that sells to believers every possible blasphemy as the only true faith. From the worship of the Queen of Heaven to the daily repeated sacrifice of a pseudo-Christ to the simple assertion that one could change the interpretation of the Bible at will and that believers had to accept this, all blasphemies possible under the hollowed out figure of the Son of God are assembled under the guidance of the Pope.

In the Catholic Church there is all blasphemy that can only be thought up and carried out within the recognition that Jesus is God.

Innovation of Islam

This accumulation of the power-desireful instrumentalization of faith in Jesus brought a fundamental innovation to Islam. Although Islam declares that it recognizes the Christian scriptures as true and as the Word of God, it claims that Jesus cannot be God. The simplicity of the Muslim mind, which does not trust God with anything that the Muslim does not immediately understand, sets the new framework for the blasphemy of Jesus and the great thesis of the non-Christian world that Jesus is not God.

The lie of Jehovah's Witnesses

The world of Catholicism and Islam represents a dual polarization of forces, with both directions trampling under Jesus' feet. Islam with the simple assertion that Jesus cannot be God, the Catholic Church with an apparatus of blasphemy and abuse of power developed over centuries. The teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses enter this dual religious world with two clear demands:

  1. The Bible is the only authority!
  2. Jesus is not God!

Thus the Watchtower Society pursues on the one hand the infiltration of the already strongly meaningless Christian world of power and on the other hand the installation and legitimation of the Islamic basic idea of the nature of Christ, who could be anything but God.

If there were only the hollowed out papal-dependent faith in Christ and the Christ disbelief of Islam, then the Watchtower Society could certainly have been successful as such a theological hybrid. The majority of those who fall prey to Jehovah's Witnesses are Catholics and Muslims. This expresses very clearly in which circles the theology of Jehovah's Witnesses is at home.

But the world's largest folk dumpling machine still has true Christians in its ranks. And outside its sphere of influence there are miraculously movements that recognize Jesus as God and follow him. To this day, Christian communities are emerging all over the world that are not impressed by Catholic doctrine or other mainstreams and obey Jesus Christ alone.

This real Christianity, here the real body of Christ, which gets along without intermediate protests like pope or faithful and understanding slave (WTS), forms for Islam and Catholicism and the front of Jehovah's Witnesses an obstacle, which God has put in their way. Sooner or later, all deniers of the divinity of Jesus will encounter the resistance of people who are directly bound to Jesus Christ.

To this day, the world is not sufficiently aware that Jehovah's Witnesses represent nothing other than the thought sitemap of Islam. The only pillar of both religions is the denial of the divinity of Jesus. Because the Watchtower Society insisted by all propagandistic means that it was Christian, the world public has overlooked until today that it is actually as closely related to Islam as the tadpole is to the frog. Even the focus of her religion on the one God with a certain name has been adopted from Islam. In her teachings and in her everyday life the word godliness (Islam) plays one of the most important roles.

The purpose of the Watchtower Exercise is to suppress salvation by believing in Jesus in favor of a faith of obedience to the artificially added leader who calls himself a faithful and understanding slave. With this intermediary mediator figure, the Watchtower Society again assumes one of the main criteria of the Catholic religion. If one takes a closer look at the Watchtower Society, one discovers a perfect mixture of the two great religions of the world. The most important common feature of all religions is the crushing and crushing of the deity of Christ. Everything that harms Jesus is allowed and allowed to reside under all paradigms in this world. The main thing is that people have as little insight as possible and can be kept away from Jesus by various means.

Two types of lying

While in Catholicism the lie as a stoically accepted belonging to a certain religion has its place in the hearts unchecked, under the Watchtower Society people are additionally urged to pass the lie on to other people and with many psychological tricks. They sacrifice their lifetime to spread the worst and stupidest lie of mankind. They missionize Jehovah for their substitute God and tell people: Jesus is not God.

The only truth

Whoever wants to know the truth must approach Jesus without reservations and without spiritual prejudices and trust Him. Those who want to know the truth must entrust themselves to Jesus and put themselves in Jesus' hands. Then one day he will understand with certainty that Jesus is indeed the truth and will recognize it: Jesus is God.

Jesus clearly points out that he is God by saying literally, "I am the truth. For nothing but God can be the truth.

Finally, the Bible clearly proves that Jesus is God. In Revelation 5:13 John hears praise from all creatures on earth, in the sea and in heaven. The only ones who do not praise are those who sit on the throne, that is, God the Father and the Lamb. Since these two are exempt from the active practice of praise and accept the same, this Bible verse visibly states for all the world that Jesus is not a creature. For all praise creatures, but the Lamb and the one on the throne receive praise.

Considering this small biblical passage, the Watchtower Society can no longer insist that it takes the Bible as its foundation and authority as long as it claims that Jesus is only an angelic spirit creature. The Watchtower Society no longer has this protective mantle at its disposal and must admit by this proof that it deliberately lies in at least one of the two assertions:

  1. The Bible is the only authority!
  2. Jesus is not God!

Through this little verse in Revelation 5, both theses are absolutely mutually exclusive. Either one accepts the Bible as authority and sees that Jesus is God, or one sticks to his assertion that Jesus is not the Almighty, but must then reject the Bible as the source of truth. The Watchtower Society has successfully concealed this contradiction to this day and has always presented this passage in its literature in such a way that the true context could not be recognized. The Jehovah's Witnesses are a flock of professionally seduced people who have been tied to the carts of the great religious mixture.

Those who take the Bible seriously can only certify to Jehovah's Witnesses that they have put a bloodsucker in their fur with the faithful and understanding slave and have been fatally infected by him. As long as they prefer the duplicity of the Watchtower religion to truth and honesty, they will adhere to their false God and worship a name invented by Catholic monks only in the 13th century. As long as they do not consciously give up their mental confusion and test everything (testing is forbidden at the WTS), they are at the mercy of fear of extermination and have to preach to the Watchtower Society in Armageddon to prevent their threatened demise as best they can.

Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics and Muslims!

Jesus is the truth, Jesus is God, Jesus is our Savior. Nobody can get past Jesus and every knee will bend before him. All creatures in heaven and on earth will honor the Lamb and the one on the throne and see that all human theory has passed away and had to give way to faith in Jesus Christ. For God cannot and will not make himself known to the human spirit according to human knitting patterns. It must be done through faith so that we can understand it in a way that goes far beyond the human mind.


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