In a divided house

By order of Friday, September 12, 2008, a Hamburg court ruled that journalist Heinz Peter Tjaden may no longer claim "that spouses will be encouraged to separate if one of them says goodbye to Jehovah's Witnesses". This decision was obtained by Watchtower lawyer Armin Pikl. The aim of this lawyer Armin Pikl's efforts is to cleanse the Watchtower doctrine, which "under the skin" promotes a division of spouses, one of whom has renounced Jehovah's Witnesses.

The insanity of this undertaking is the very expression of such a marriage that is winged in Jehovah's Witnesses. Among Jehovah's Witnesses there is the fixed term: "Living in a divided house"! This everyday formulation alone determines in the minds and hearts of Jehovah's Witnesses that a marriage in which a partner has escaped the teachings of the Witnesses cannot have a real chance of continuation.

Even if there are no explicit instructions to the Watchtower Society's supervisors that they should openly and purposefully initiate or recommend the separation of the spouses, all the conditions are in place for a single glance, gesture, or hint to be sufficient to indicate to the spouse loyal to the Watchtower that he or she should divorce. For the term "living in a divided house" marks a condition that is untenable in the long run. This designation alone ensures that the Jehovah's Witness who remains in the false doctrine must think day and night about what sense it still makes to want to remain together with this renegade!

A person under this pressure can no longer decide freely if he does not love his spouse idolatrously. Especially a person who acts consistently rather than hesitates for a long time will not delay the redemption from this dilemma for long. Thus the Watchtower Society once again has power over the most private things of its subjects.

What could have happened to this marriage? What other children would have emerged from this marriage? How many happy hours could they have spent together? How much protection, love and home could they have offered each other? None of this plays a role in the thought structure of Jehovah's Witnesses. They are deprived of all natural and normal thought and sacrifice many other components of their lives to this false God Jehovah in addition to the many hours of preaching.

Let's look at some of the texts that influence Jehovah's Witnesses:

When you read these Watchtower texts, please remember that whenever the Watchtower talks of "spiritually," misdirection occurs. There is not one word in the Bible that examines a believing Christian for his spiritual condition. The only word that could remotely remind us of such a thing is in the Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are the poor in spirit. And this expresses exactly the opposite, namely that the attitude of the Spirit does not count. (All quotations are taken from the WT-Library 2006.)

Marriage disputes can be caused by a spirit of independence. Such a mindset also inhibits spiritual development, ...

This statement of the Watchtower Society prepares the ground for seeking the reasons for marital problems usually in the watchtower averted mindset of the breakaway spouse. This achieves the psychological effect that a witness marriage already burdened by the apostasy of a partner is brought to further disruption. For this offer of thought by the Watchtower Society lures Jehovah's Witnesses into a self-fulfilling prophecy. The attraction of this explanation is the basis for the explanation of all marital problems that can be found especially in a "divided house". As soon as even the slightest tension occurs, this thought races through the brain of the witness remaining in the false doctrine and forces him to assume that the apostasy of the other once again causes trouble. This one-sided view is ingrained and everyone knows the effect when the actual reasons for marital problems are not sought, but only a certain blanket explanation is valid in the partner's head.

Christian spouses who believe that separation is the only solution to their marital problems are in danger of falling victim to Satan's attacks, and their spiritual attitudes are seriously flawed ... One or both of them do not fully apply God's principles ... They should therefore immediately and prayerfully try to resolve their differences. If these seem insurmountable, assembly elders can be consulted ... While these men are not empowered to tell their fellow believers what they have to do in detail to resolve their marital problems, they can draw attention to what Scripture says ...

At this point it is noticeable that the Jehovah's Witnesses regard a non-functioning marriage as a sign of spiritual failure in the Jehovah's sense. This again imperatively includes the thought that the dilemma must be the fault of the one who separated from the Jehovah's Witnesses. Again, the Watchtower Society hacks into the notch of blaming the apostate for the total indebtedness of the disruption of the Witness marriage. – By the way, it is mentioned that one can get advice from the supervisory staff of the Watchtower Society in this situation. But what will one of these people, who are particularly deeply involved in the Watchtower heresy, be advised to do? Can we assume that he will give us the advice to keep the marriage going? Will he not rather give advice to the witness damaged by the apostasy of his spouse that corresponds to the heresy of the Watchtower Society?

For example, anyone who "does not know how to preside over his own household" obviously does not have the ability to "care for God's assembly as an overseer" ...

And again there is the threat of degradation! Whoever fails in his marriage inevitably has to fear the withdrawal of his religious authority and validity as a consequence. And this in a religious community that makes salvation dependent on the volume of performance and the ascent "in truth". Thus another liter of oil is poured into the fire of the divorce willingness of the remaining Jehovah's Witnesses. So if a witness spouse becomes apostate, the one who persists in the false doctrine must reckon with the loss of his religious reputation. How easy is it to make the redemptive decision? Are there still active instructions from the Watchtower Society necessary to dissolve such marriages as quickly as possible?

A real threat to mental well-being is also a reason for separation. In a religiously divided house, the believer should do all he can to make use of the precautions taken by God to strengthen faith. A separation, however, is permissible if the opposition of the unbelieving partner (perhaps by restricting freedom of movement, among other things) really makes the practice of true worship impossible and actually endangers the spiritual well-being of the believer.

After the manipulative determination of all Jehovah's Witnesses' inner impulses on the "spiritual" track in relation to this substitute God Jehovah, it is not difficult to focus on the "endangerment of the spiritual well-being" as a separate factor of marriage disruption. Here works the fatal self-founding tautology in which Jehovah's Witness revolves around itself. Just as the white mold proves that it is a mold by its whiteness, so the disruption of witness marriage stems from the spiritual maladjustment toward Jehovah, and the wrong spiritual attitude toward Jehovah is promoted by marriage disruption (Who ... "doesn't know how to preside over his own household"). Again, the sole guilt is attributed to the apostate. Again he is the cause of all evil. Already the need for protection of the remaining one in the false doctrine indicated here requires the separation from the apostate.

Christians who separate must take responsibility for this step themselves, and should be aware that we all have Jehovah to account for ...

After the watchtower phrases have prepared the separation from the renegade like an oiled slide, it is suddenly said here that everyone himself would have to answer for the decision. The insolence with which this frivolous-unbiblical newspaper publisher gets rid of any responsibility can hardly be described. At first they manipulate the situation in an ice-cold way and put on the bondage in such a way that one cannot help but decide in the Watchtower sense, then, suddenly, there comes the hint that the decision is not the responsibility of the Watchtower Society. This kind of interpretation of the Bible can only be seen as satanic. They bear not the burden together, but elude the individual and burden him even more than he can bear. In addition to the pressure of the Watchtower doctrine, there is now also the sole responsibility of the Witness before Jehovah the God of Revenge and at the same time the well-oiled slide of separation from one's spouse. In this artistically interwoven teaching structure of the Watchtower Society, should a single concrete instruction of action be necessary for its control officers in order to eliminate marriages burdened with breakaway as quickly as possible?

She is conditionally subject to her unbelieving husband, but when a conflict arises, the will of God must be done ... Attending Christian meetings three times a week is certainly no exaggeration.

Here the Watchtower's love of the law comes into conflict with itself. The will of God (being subject to the woman) is invalidated by another will of God. What blasphemy! And of course the Watchtower Society determines which will of God is higher than which will of God. Of course, the coworkers of the faithful and intelligent slave have voted the right will of God by hand signal in their meetings. And promptly the will of God superior to the will of God is that which stands in the service of the Watchtower Society!

Since men are imperfect and live in a sinful world dominated by Satan, some marriages are about to fail ...

How could it be otherwise! The apostate addicted to Satan is responsible and he is the real destroyer of marriage. As soon as a spouse leaves the Watchtower Society, everything that could be considered the cause of the marriage's destruction is gathered on him. How should the spouse who remains in the false doctrine behave? Does he not have the duty to stay away from the satanic world? So he must conclude that he must separate! That is the manipulative energy of the Watchtower Society. In inconspicuous sentences that sound like filler material, it burdens its subjects with burdens that break up marriages and end self-determined thinking.

It's not true that Jehovah's Witnesses, as some say, divide families.

Watchtower literature actually has the forehead to make assertion against assertion. But the fact that they admit that people claim that Jehovah's Witnesses divide families does not seem to strike them at all. But what about "some" saying that Jehovah's Witnesses divide families? Are all those who claim this journalists like Heinz Peter Tjaden or former Witnesses? Renegades? No. There must be general experience that Jehovah's Witnesses divide families. Otherwise the Watchtower literature would never have to bring such a sentence: It's not true that Jehovah's Witnesses, as some say, divide families.

Already the permanent feeling of being observed within this religious community puts the not renegade spouse several times a week under a strong psychological pressure to "clean up" his life situation according to the views of the Watchtower Society (Jehovah's resolutions). Who wants to assume that this marriage still has a chance in the long run? At least the direction of development is fixed, even though the Watchtower texts seem to be full of marriage-preserving advice. But all this advice fades from the suspicious look of the community (Who ... "doesn't know how to preside over his own household"). They even increase the performance and adjustment pressure of the spouse who remains in the Watchtower society.

Selbstlose Geisteshaltung

The driving force is the mindset that comes into play when we have to make a decision or choice. ... What will help us to make the right decision? The power that drives meaning, if it is focused on doing Jehovah's will. ... How can we still strengthen the force that drives the mind? By valuing Christian activities and Christian values. We must therefore study God's Word regularly and learn to enjoy conversations about Jehovah's thoughts and counsel. ... Such a kind of appreciation for Jehovah's just principles can be maintained not only by studying the Bible together, but also by regularly attending Christian gatherings together and by standing together in Christian preaching ministry. These two effective influences can constantly strengthen the power that drives our minds, so that we may reflect Christ's meaning through our selfless way of life.

The very fundamental error of the Watchtower doctrine that one can come closer to God through constant training thwarts a spiritually fruitful life under Jehovah's Witnesses. Thus the penetration of the Watchtower texts culminates in the term "selfless way of life". While it is known of Jesus that he gives us the strength to exist and endure all facets of life, even to master them in his own sense, the faithful and understanding slave constantly irrigates the Jehovah's Witnesses with the demand to stand completely apart from one's own self in order to fulfill the clichéd demands of the newspaper publisher. Jesus, on the other hand, wants to fulfill us and, through his love, make us accept and love ourselves. For without this self-acceptance made possible by Jesus, it is not possible to love one's neighbor. (Love your neighbor as yourself!)

The tribute which the Jehovah's Witness has to pay is the most extensive exclusion of his own personality from the Watchtower-determined life and, as a consequence, a spiritual attitude which, precisely in matters of marriage conduct, is based not on the self but on religious theses. Here it becomes once again clear that the Watchtower doctrine as a whole already cloths marriage with a unity sack and provides this sack with the great Wackerstein of selflessness. Whoever leads such a marriage built on Jehovah's intentions can easily deceive himself that he is pursuing the good goal of high principles. In reality, however, he has let his self be removed in order to live a selflessness that Jesus never demanded.

But what is worth a marriage that, when mechanized down, represents only the minimal personal coexistence of two hollowed out facade beams? Can the hope be nourished here that these two will be well pleased with each other and can actually become one flesh? This important growing together of the spouses is certainly still possible within the framework of the life seconds not determined by the Watchtower. However, when a spouse deviates from the Watchtower doctrine, the axe of inner separation falls simply because of the psychological stress that the person remaining in the Watchtower doctrine cannot and must not avoid. Therefore, the assumption that the Watchtower Society destroys marriages is not only admissible, but also self-imposed. It is based on the messages that the Watchtower wrestles from the Bible, which are reduced to pure legality. Redemption through Jesus Christ and the life given to us by him must not play a role in this teaching. Because then the self of each one comes to the fulfilled life and to the love for the neighbour that Jesus creates in us.

Married couples must pray together. Often such prayers open the heart and lead to open discussions that clear up any dispute.

Did you know, Judge, that Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to pray together properly? Jehovah's Witness women are forbidden to pray aloud when a man is present! This is the truth about this Jehovah's doctrine compiled by a newspaper publisher! How is "common prayer" to take place in a Jehovahistic marriage? But only in such a way that the man prays loudly and the woman participates wordlessly. At the most, she may quietly bring her prayer requests before this substitute god Jehovah. What should such a prayer have in common?

Here, too, we find a pre-programmed separation from the Watchtower, an artificial separation that can only be justified by the highest possible twisting of the Bible. The threadbareness of the Watchtower doctrines, which produce such harmful results from a normal human perspective, is no longer even perceived by the Jehovah's Witnesses themselves. Here the Watchtower Society follows the same path as the Catholic Church, whose authority is so highly regarded that blatant false doctrines such as the worship of the Mother of God are no longer seen by people as blasphemy.

When people are legally forbidden from spreading claims about such false teachers, the judiciary opens the door to these manipulators. Where the blindness is already so great that people sit on the craziest false teachings, the legal regulation of journalistic activities directed against these institutions of blasphemy cements the arbitrary misinterpretation of the Word of God with publicly valid law. Where state institutions interfere in the discussion of religious contexts by means of jurisprudence, the power of the seducers is strengthened and gives them the means to hide their harmful influences from the public.

Instead of demanding and enabling the parties involved to engage in a hard public debate, public law covers the dispute by prohibiting allegations and thus provides for a firmly established and state-protected association that is allowed to oppress thousands of people. This development, which runs counter to the separation of state and church, is among other characteristics a sign for an overall state development, which interferes more and more and more lastingly in the life of the individual.

Such a Christian [a Jehovah's Witness, RH remaining in the false doctrine] must thus obviously strive to pursue a path that is in accordance with Christian principles and at the same time helps him to fight against depression and feelings of loneliness. Perhaps he can arrange to spend more time talking to others about God's kingdom or studying the Bible with newcomers. ... Feelings of loneliness can also be dispelled by being more concerned with helping those in need in the congregation ...

Isn't it embarrassing how the Watchtower Society is capitalizing on the ban on remarrying? In this law work of the famous newspaper publisher every emergency situation of the people is exploited. The forgiveness of sins, which every person receives from Jesus through simple faith, disappears in favor of an oppressive work of law that prescribes and imposes burdens on Jehovah's Witness for every single second of his life. Religious activity not only replaces faith in Jesus and the use of His grace, but is also the Watchtower-specific panacea par excellence designed to help Jehovah's Witness out of his deepest need. Of course, everything is always formulated to help can. But by the penetrating repetition of the recommendation of religious activity this newspaper publisher increases its turnover and deepens its influence on the people. Thus the misguided Jehovah's Witness only glorifies the distribution of Watchtower magazines, but not God. For God cannot be reached through activism. The attitude of the heart counts alone. And that can never be improved by Watchtower training.

The fact that the Watchtower Society can capture Jehovah's Witnesses in such a way is due to the same blasphemy that the Catholic Church also commits. Both claim that salvation lies only in them. Both claim to be the true representatives of God alone. Without this blasphemous self-appointment as a channel of God or Pontifex Maximus such repressive measures would not be possible at all and trials that forbid journalists to keep their mouths shut would be absolutely superfluous in this context.

You should realize how Islam has been denigrated by cartoons. Everyone cried out for freedom of the press. But the WTS-RA Pikl manages to get a hearing in German courts and to impose a ban on a journalist!

Jesus binds man's salvation only to faith in him, Jesus Christ. He never speaks of certain organizations administering the power over his work. Even the foundation of his church, which he transferred to Peter, can never have this claim to sole administration. For Peter does not appear in the tradition of Roman succession to the throne, but Peter embodies every Christian bound to Jesus. Peter is the pattern of the loser who jumps into the water with zeal and then immediately loses courage. Peter is the pattern that defies Jesus out of misunderstood reverence (foot washing) and is strongly rebuked by Jesus. This chain of the exemplary qualities of Peter can be continued endlessly. In all this, Peter is the model of the Christians who form the true Church. It is precisely this constantly perceptible failure situation of Peter that is the foundation of the true Church of Christ. For the true and only Church of Christ is not a concept of human success, but it is the union of all failures saved in Jesus, who realize that they cannot do anything without Jesus.

Never can an organization on earth focus Jesus' claim to sole representation on itself. Never can people or organizations act as intermediaries in the relationship between the believing disciple and Jesus. Any organization that claims that salvation lies only in itself is not of God. For Jesus made the good news accessible to all people.

The Creator wanted marriage to be the closest bond between men, whereby man and woman would be "one flesh"... Does a Christian act wisely when he enters into such a close relationship with an unbeliever? ... Of course there is no harmony between Christ and Satan. And in an unequal yoke it is very difficult for the man and the woman to "strike the same strings". They resemble two musical instruments that do not harmonize with each other and instead of euphonious tones, produce dissonant tones.

How does a human organization that writes such sentences claim to want to protect marriage? Naturally, with its earthly theories, it must subordinate marriage as an institution to its longings for world domination. Like a meal that is completely inedible due to a rotten ingredient, the Watchtower doctrine must turn out to be stinking. All additionally applied hot spices will not change the fact that the eater of this dish will fall ill and die. The Watchtower doctrine is based solely on spiritual activity. Again and again it emphasizes that the spiritual aptitude of man saves. However, Jesus proclaimed exactly the opposite. Jesus actually saves those who believe him. Regardless of how much and what they have studied. But the newspaper publisher from Brooklyn attaches importance to another gospel. The core of this false message is the annihilation of all human beings. It is not the salvation of all human beings through faith in the Messiah that counts, but belonging to a newspaper publisher with God's Canal claim. And all those who oppress others will be destroyed. This is the gospel of Satan, because there is no man under the sun who does not oppress others.

All the fine words of this Jehovah-society cannot hide the fact that everything built on a substitute gospel must lead to death. This includes marriage. As a Jehovah's Witness construction, marriage is consecrated to inner death and must follow the path of the Watchtower Society. It must move from self-deception to self-deception and eventually perish. When Jesus returns, this society will receive a terrible judgment. Just like the Pope, who spreads blasphemy in many ways throughout the world.

It's obvious

No one can refute that the Watchtower Society in all things interprets the Word of God in its own favour. It is the newspaper publisher with the dream of world domination (which it has in common with the Catholic Church). So also in the matter of marriage and divorce there is once again a point that should shake us awake. The judicial prohibition mentioned above hides and favors in the end only selfish actions of this law society. But apparently the new capitalist world today grants the religions self-interest as a healthy quality. Apparently, arbitrary and profit-seeking religions today enjoy the protection of the selfish and profit-seeking state.

However, this does not justify the injustice resulting from prohibitions obtained by powerful societies under the exclusion of witnesses who are former members of that society. It is and remains wrong. It is the arbitrary ignorance of necessity that emanates from such societies. Religiously dressed up reason and misinterpretation of the Bible are their business.


From all the points of view shown here, the Watchtower Society's strenuous attempt to use the legal process to polish up its own image in public appears to be an undertaking condemned to tricks and lies. Mr Pikl, the poor lawyer of this honourable society is faced with a problem he cannot solve. There are now a great many watchtowers to be published to take on this task. They must make it clear to the people that all the insidious theses of the faithful and circumspect slave have only been misinterpreted. (Some have misunderstood the teaching through exaggerated expectations.)

The basis for the social recognition of the Watchtower Society as a religious community is not given. Jurisprudence, however influenced it may be, cannot change this status. Therefore the Holy Spirit strongly recommends the slave to reconsider his "theology" again fundamentally and to change accordingly. But that is pointless, because this newspaper publisher has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit.


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