Good and evil close together

It's quite difficult to fill a magazine with halfway interesting texts if you basically only have one topic on it at a time: Jehovah kills you if you don't obey the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society even has to make sure that Jehovah's Witnesses don't read the Bible on their own. This contradicts Psalm 1 verse 2, which speaks of the lust for the law of the Lord, but this is not desired by faithful and intelligent slaves. There the lust for the law of the Lord is frowned upon and the lust for the watchtower is used for it.

Schauen wir uns einmal so einen Watchtowertext an.

Watchtower for 1 January 2006 Page 3: Good and evil close together

Quote: In today's world, obviously only a few people are willing to bring personal commitment.

Jehovah's Witness feels directly addressed. He immediately has the package in his brain that he has tied for himself with the help of society in order to buy his way out of God's wrath. It is wonderful that Jehovah's Witness is one of the few who is still willing to give personal commitment. He owes it to his mistress, the Watchtower Society, that he keeps getting himself together to reduce the probability of having to experience God's wrath with personal commitment. This beneficial separation from the rest of the world also makes it possible for the witness to ignore the salvation that takes place in Jesus alone.

WTS-Jehova is grateful that Jehovah's Witness is not one of those who depend on grace. WTS-Jehova thanks the Jehovah's Witness for repeatedly relying on his personal resources to buy his freedom from God. It can't be any different as we know it. The human hierarchy, which the Watchtower Society practices in a very worldly form and even more intensively, will certainly continue to run like this in heaven. As a Jehovah's Witness, I have to do something to avoid sitting at the bottom! But that Jesus saves without any condition and by faith alone falls behind. That has no value with Jehovah's Witness.

Thus the Watchtower hammers once again in the heart of a witness with a single sentence that Jesus does not play a major role at all. It is the human works that are really important. And then only for the Watchtower Society!

Quote: Some, however, want to make a difference and do good in some way. Every year countless people donate billions to what they think is a good cause.

Yes! How you think! All the poor lost ignorant. Jehovah's Witnesses have a special education. Although Jesus saves us through faith alone, Jehovah's Witnesses need special Watchtower training. And they are aware that all those who have not done this special training cannot automatically do anything good with their good works. That does not flow into the pockets of WTS!

However, Jehovah's Witnesses are not taught that good works cannot be good in any way as long as they are not done by the power and commission of Jesus. This is even underbuttered in the special formation of the Watchtower, so that the Witness does not come up with the idea that he himself cannot do anything good. For then he would realize that he cannot do anything without Jesus. Then he would realize that only by believing in Jesus can a situation arise in which the works that one does are not done by oneself, but only follow the law that Jesus writes into one's heart. Only in Jesus do works of faith arise that do not aim to bring about self-rescue. For Jesus has already saved you completely. It is only in Jesus that works of faith are created which one does not regard as one's own works, because as saved by Jesus one can only bow to the grace and power of Jesus. It is only in Jesus that works of faith are created that fully belong to the property and authorship of Jesus. And Jesus is also the one who gives us the strength and the motivation, even the love for it. And only in Jesus can the word of the Bible be fulfilled: He who boasts, boast of the Lord!

Quote: In fact, this proves that man has the ability to do good to others. Unfortunately, there are also people who commit horrible crimes.

Here the Watchtower, in its inimitably neutral manner, once again expresses something true. A truth that every human being on earth knows and already knows.

But that all those who are lost without Jesus, some as well as others, are again faded out. The fact that God has prepared a salvation for us in Jesus in the sole faith is faded out. The fact that our human development only has the effect of coming to the Father through faith in Jesus is faded out. The fact that only the works that Jesus does in us and then with and through us can be good is faded out.

What crime in a religious sense can be greater than the prevention of Salvation through Jesus! The Watchtower Society, with its Masonic origins, stands before Jesus and claims that he is only an angel. – Unfortunately, there are also people who commit crimes. – In religious terms, this is the Watchtower Society. It is working flat out to ensure that people cannot take Jesus into themselves. It spends huge sums of money on disguising salvation in Jesus and suggesting to people that they must worship WTS Jehovah. This is one of the most appalling crimes against God.

How fine the Watchtower can formulate such sentences! "Unfortunately, however, there are also people who commit horrible crimes." That he means his own organization by this, none of his readers comes to that. One always seeks the bad with the other. That is what the Watchtower relies on. It expresses truths that everyone knows, but conceals the exact connections. That is the recipe with which Satan defames Jesus as subgod through the Watchtower Society and presses him down to a pure existence of angels. So he makes sure that only those who turn directly to Jesus in spite of everything can recognize the grandiose lie that is knitted every 14 days in the Watchtower. The Watchtower pushes this so far that it warns against Satan, who pretends to be an angel of light. But that Charles T. Russell was a Freemason, Rutherford an intriguing power man, and the entire Watchtower system is under the leadership of the adversary, the Watchtower does not warn against that.

But already today the works of Jehovah's Witnesses bring it to light. They oppress each other, squeeze each other into a meaningless working-life, let their children defile each other without defending themselves, waste their time with elitism and look forward to dancing on the graves of the non-witnesses and living in their houses. This in itself characterizes the teaching of the Watchtower Society as the work of Satan, whose most beautiful hobby is to dissuade people from asking about Jesus and taking him in by faith.

Zeugen Jehovas!

You will all be broken and cast out under this false teaching. You have been blinded again and again by the ever new light of the angel of light. Get out of this Babylonian tower building company! Leave these human speakers and rely only on Jesus. Jesus is given to us so that we may be saved in Him. This salvation in Jesus, which makes us completely pure, is a thorn in the side of Satan and the Watchtower Society.


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