Jehovah's Witnesses – Concreted non-Christians

The Watchtower creates a god with good intentions. It sounds as if someone had hit his chest on New Year's Eve and said to himself: "No, I have to do something now. So the Watchtower in Jehovah's Witnesses creates the feeling that all they have to do is wait for this New Year's Eve convert to finally do his good intentions sometime.

God has long since carried out his plan and presented it to the people in the person of Jesus Christ for decision. From the beginning it was clear that God had to and wanted to meet the people in Jesus in order not to break their free will. For God has nothing but frustration from a person with a broken will. For he is the God of love, who longs for us to meet him in love.

The possibility for this is created in Jesus and invites us to it. Whoever throws his life at Jesus will be in Jesus' guidance all his life and will love him for it. The Christian loves Jesus because he does not educate us from the outside, but builds us up. From within.

For a long time I have been among the Jehovah's Witnesses as one who has seen these Jehovah's Witnesses as almost Christian. The knowledge of the Bible, the bearing of the name of Jesus in their mouths, the detachment from the world ... all this seduced me to classify Jehovah's Witnesses as my brothers and sisters who just did not yet use the wire to Jesus in the right way.

But these days it has become clear to me that Jehovah's Witnesses are professionally placed on an anti-Christian track. And they're always racing full steam ahead, the model railway vibrating and wobbling and mummy shouting out of the living room: "Does it always have to be so loud? They are like musical clocks that have been wound up, that without their mistress from America, without the spiritual whip strokes from the Watchtower press will inevitably stop dancing and hitting with the pot lids.

Life with Jesus, on the other hand, is so different. I myself have stayed away from Jesus for over a decade and he has left me alone. There was no pressure, no panic, no psycho terror. He let me go! He is the shepherd who does not guard his sheep with barbed wire and machine guns, but sets out to search when one of his sheep disappears behind a dune under the impression of great freedom. After he has found me again, he carries me back to the flock on his shoulder and is happy that I am still alive. He spares no effort to bring the sheep, which has gone astray, back home with love and trust to the spiritual homeland of those who are his.

The Jehovah's Witnesses must renounce this love. They are brought up never to pray to Jesus. Under military drill they are bound to the legion of preaching ministers and with every false step they lose the support of the Zweckgemeinschaft des Kirchen-Nachbaus Watchtower-Gesellschaft. They are drilled to look strictly past Jesus and consequently do not even have the hope that they will one day get to know him after their death. They have prepared themselves in the Watchtower doctrine to remain forever in the ignorant state in which they now find themselves. They hope for a physically intact existence on Earth under the reign of the Watchtower Society.

The difference between a Jehovah's Witness and a Christian could not be greater. The Christian already experiences in this life how Jesus works on him and prepares him for eternity. Jehovah's Witness is basically told at the very beginning: "Hey, you stay as you are unless you change.

The Christian lives under the constant certainty that he cannot lose Jesus. Jehovah's Witness lives under the constant fear of losing the favor of the faithful and intelligent slave. The Christian lives in the enjoyment that knowledge and seeing approach him as if by themselves through the hand of Jesus. Jehovah's Witness is under stress four or five times a week to have himself ironed back on line.

Watchtower chains, Jesus saves

The stacked Bible knowledge of Jehovah's Witnesses does not save them. No one has flown yet because he was so hungry that he could rise above others with the next breeze. Only when one has starved oneself to the stage of dust can one fly away. But then not under your own power and not for life. So the Jehovah's Witnesses lack the power of Jesus and think they have to make the high-flyer out of their own Bible knowledge. That Jesus is the one who actually gives wings in this life, no, they cannot and must not know that. There the faithful and intelligent slave stands before it.

This faithful and intelligent slave is faithful and intelligent. But he is not good. He is the slave of Satan who wants to keep as many seekers away from Jesus as possible. He does his duty faithfully and intelligently.


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