Suicide for Jehovah's Witnesses

Information from Walter N.

Freemasonry openly serves Satan from a certain rank / degree / level. We don't know what Freemasonry buys with it. We can only guess. But it seems extremely plausible that Satan's goals find practical expression in the thinking and acting of Freemasonry. To worship and serve Satan is not a private hobby without consequences, but a conscious act that promises power over other people. Freemasonry, which openly deifies Lucifer, naturally has its influence on the lower degrees, which worship only a certain Jehovah. But it is in the lower degrees of Freemasonry that the controlling decisions of the upper degrees take effect.

Nobody is surprised when a Charles Taze Russell in Adventistry becomes acquainted with the effects of Freemasonry and decides to outdo the Adventists in the pursuit of Masonic goals with his own religion. In return, this man has lived to gain greater fame than the Masons, who were set up by the Adventists.

The machinations of secret brotherhoods, which glorify the devil internally, have an effect deep into the lowest – then about some no longer informed – followerships. Jehovah's Witnesses actually believe that they not only serve God, but are also the only true religion. This blind error has consequences that Jehovah's Witnesses cannot classify unless they are initiated into the motives of Freemasonry.

The friendly old gentleman with the white gloves and the bib that stretches modestly across his genitals makes such a harmless impression. He doesn't harm anyone! He's fabulating on the Internet about how harmless Freemasonry is and that Freemasons do a lot of good. In pedestrian zones, Freemasons sell calendars on a donation basis and are happy that they have done something good. How beautiful!

The fact is that Freemasonry does everything it can to block people's way to Jesus. With the Watchtower Society she gave birth to her dearest child.


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