Governing body takes legal action against small people

Needlesticks, needlesticks and then see what happens ...

I recently received a letter from the public prosecutor's office in Heidelberg stating that proceedings had been dropped against me. What good news. For two days I believed that the Watchtower Society had filed a complaint against me in its old days after all, and I was very satisfied that it had not been successful.

Investigation proceedings against you for infringement of the Kunsturheberrechtsgesetz (Art Copyright Act)

After these two days I remembered that we have a false teacher on Youtube (Turgay Yazar) who is currently suing all his opponents. Since I had mentioned him by name on one of my pages, I could of course imagine very well that he had found me on the Internet in his blind suing rage as one who testifies against him. And zack, it was clear to me that it was not the Watchtower Society, but this Turgay Yazar, who must have been the one who filed the complaint. I could really well imagine how with a flap of his hand he would say to his office assistant: "Yes, yes, no matter what and how, sue him!"

And then Walter called and said

Walter Nagl from Austria, who has not been a Jehovah's Witness for some time, but a Christian, informed me that he had been sued by the Watchtower Society for no longer describing the Child Abuse File Destruction Letter as genuine. On closer inspection of this rather absurd suit against Walter, it became increasingly clear to me that it was not Turgay Yazar who must have sued me out of anger, but that the Watchtower Society could have been behind this suit. What kind of conclusions does that allow?


After many years, the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses is finally struggling to take legal action against me. What a sensational event. At least for me! The question of whether the artworks of the Watchtower.Org may be reproduced on his website had been driving me around for a long time and the only clarity I had left was the advice of a lawyer that copyright no longer has any influence in the case of an overriding journalistic interest. Exactly that was and is the case with The denunciation of the many demonic and sexual allusions in the illustrations of the Watchtower literature is a main motive and main component of this website.

In the course of a redesign of the website due to new search engine standards, a few special pictures came to the fore because they were now easier to discover on each page. Here I got a feedback, which was based on it: "Well, they are only pictures ..."

But when I started to process the pages individually into videos, the new release front on Youtube must have led to the Watchtower government finally realizing that their own pictures became dangerous. The half-concealed confessions to the demon, to anti-Semitism and to the dirtiest perversion contained in these pictures must have had a noticeable effect. When does a wall fall? When every fourth stone is missing in it? Or only when every third stone has been broken out?

In any case, after Walter's report it seemed absolutely plausible to me that the Watchtower Society, faithful to its old strategy, finally took action against me. How nice it was that this trial went without my cooperation and that I only learned about it when I read the letter from the public prosecutor's office in Heidelberg.

The lawsuit against Walter Nagl

The indictment of the Watchtower-Pikl Corporation, to which Walter Nagl is exposed, reads like the late revocation of the Koran. Stop-stop, all together! All bombs back! All decapitations backwards! The thing was a fake!

The Watchtower Society actually arrives with the assertion that the shameful letter with the demand to submit all documents on child abuse to safe destruction was a forgery!

Traces Of Child Abuse Eliminating Letter of the Watchtower Society as PDF file

Declaration of omission as PDF-file

Authenticity of letter not relevant

Jehovah's Witnesses and alumni around the world have responded to the Watchtower Society's Traces Of Child Abuse Eliminating Letter. It is therefore urgent to assume that this letter has indeed been sent to all elders in this way. At the same time, it is obvious that the letter should be written in such a way that, if necessary, it could later be called a forgery. So spelling mistakes may have been made to convince Richter that this letter could not have been written by the Watchtower Society's writing department. The head and foot can deliberately be set off in colour so that it is easy to pass the letter off as a fake and to be successful in court with this assertion.

Much more important is the question in how many parts of the world how many people were affected by and responded to this letter by following its instructions or requests. This is a question that needs to be resolved by the courts, not by external signs that might indicate a counterfeit. The Watchtower Society may have planned for this from the outset.

For an organisation with such a dirty job, it is very understandable and sensible to create newsletters that are highly explosive from the outset in such a way that, whatever the need, it can be easily and quickly claimed that the letter is a forgery.

A reaction that confirms the Traces Of Child Abuse Eliminating Letter


Dear Norbert...or alias "Faithful Witness" or "Perpetrator of the Word"!

Again and again the emissaries of Selters appear here. Your words also sound the same as all these others. Therefore it is actually a waste of time to knock on the keys here...

But I don't do it because of you, but because of all the others who read here quietly, because you probably don't care about our arguments, but others don't – and they open some eyes.

You call this "Mistakes" that are being admitted?

Who of the millions of witnesses knows what about the HEAVY CRIMES of covering up child abuse? (=error???????) My conscience still beats today that I agreed in 2007 as an elder to send all documents to Bethel so that they could be sent for safe destruction. That was "aiding and abetting a crime" for which we were abused! At that time, salt was simply thrown into our eyes. The letter said then that if secular courts did something about it against us, these were "Satan's attacks". Think the LK is really so blinded and really believes that itself. But worldwide, possibly tens of thousands of victims of abuse were mobbed among Jehovah's Witnesses, some excluded because they went to the police and much more. These were truly CAPITAL crimes and no "mistakes" (Using the word here is an outrage against the victims!!!). And that this makes the LK conceal is the next crime, there the churches of Christendom so outlawed by you are partly more transparent and admit this, but your LK "walls" – sit it out and hope that everything falls asleep again.


According to current global knowledge about the massive worldwide child abuse in the Jehovah's Witnesses' spheres of influence, calling the Watchtower Society's Traces Of Child Abuse Eliminating Letter a fake is as sick and hollow as trying to declare a DM 100 billion bill fake after inflation. Who benefits from that?

The only benefit that can be found in the legal spectacle of the Watchtower Pikl world is the pleasurable action against individuals who are particularly unpleasant. This has always been the true intention of the Watchtower Society. And this tactic is typical of the Watchtower Society: even if it is the Sahara, it is certainly helpful to have hand brushes and scoops with you! Jehovah's faithful servants ...

Failed for the first time in evil?

Another indication is the organised destruction of all documents related to child abuse. This indication is the Watchtower Society's refusal to submit the documents despite a daily fine of $4,000! The Watchtower Society has been through quite different lies. It is the professional liar par excellence and has proven time and time again that it can ultimately assert itself on the religious market with the help of further lies. Should it have failed for the first time ever as a lie-organ by relying not on its lies but on the destruction of documents?

The Watchtower Society's insistence on paying a fine of $4,000 a day rather than releasing the documents suggests that the documents were indeed delivered to safe destruction in a panic-stricken action. What must have been the mountain of abuses that panicked the master liar of this world?

But there can be no question of panic. The Watchtower Society is only concerned with the enforcement of evil and the protection of the perpetrators. When it comes to bleeding to death and the decades of serial murder associated with it, it is not so easy to settle the matter. How long will the public prosecutors remain inactive?

The Watchtower Society's letter is, of course, fake and genuine!

Whether the document is genuine or forged, in any case, this Traces Of Child Abuse Eliminating Letter of the Watchtower Society has had its effect. The goal of the safe destruction of the child abuse documents has been achieved and many statements of those affected confirm this. The Watchtower Society had to calculate coldly because of the many who over time fall out of the status of elders and are excluded. Nothing is closer than a letter that was sent from the beginning as an easily recognizable forgery.

Jehovah's Witnesses can't see something like that or anything like that. A striking example of this underhand tactic of the Watchtower Society is the deception in a Watchtower image. Three ancient Romans look at a modern Bible and make a face. Below this is the question: What does it mean to be a Christian? The answer is the image. It reads: "A good Christian can be tied up by us, the Watchtower Society, everyone, but also everyone, but also every bear!" And if you have not understood the joke: Romans from the first century could not see anything that was only produced in the 15th century! The printing press did not exist at that time! No! They did not exist at that time. Thank you for thinking about it.


The Watchtower Society's Traces Of Child Abuse Eliminating Letter is the worst under the sun, and it's a real watchtower through and through! Whether the version currently circulating on the Internet looks like a fake or not remains one: The secure destruction of all child abuse documents from a certain point in time has been carried out.


I found this site by chance, but since I often see witnesses, I can report as a normal Christian that never one of them was as sick as you Antichrist.

Listen to the witnesses.

They love the Son of God. That is, Jesus. He is their king in paradise.

Watchtower Jesus is supposed to be the king in an earthly paradise that does not exist in the Bible. Jehovah has created this Watchtower Jesus for himself. This is very reminiscent of the story of Pinoccio. An old lonely man carves himself a son. Whoever spreads such a "theology" has only one interest: He wants to eliminate the fatherhood of God and the divinity of Jesus. This is truly anti-Christian. [RH]


Yes, please, with pleasure. Please provide a single rebuttal. [RH]


Mr. Truthseeker [September 25, 2021]

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