What will you do when you stand in front of Jesus?

Dear male Jehovah's Witness, dear female Jehovah's Witness, dear Jehovah's Child Witness!

It is so wonderfully comfortable to rely on the "faithful and understanding slave" and to transfer the full responsibility to him. You sit back beautifully once and for all and familiarize yourself with the thought of going to preach regularly from now on for the only true teaching of the Watchtower Society. Perhaps you will courageously stand at the central station and set a glorious example of your special courage. Or perhaps you are going to a sermon service relatively far from where you live.

In both cases, however, you rely on other people who merely claim to have found the truth. On the one hand a very high risk, but on the other hand so wonderfully simple. Once you have overcome your doubts about the Watchtower Society, no doubt touches you so easily. In a wonderful way, you are protected from negative information about the Watchtower Society.

  • When you go online, you never look at critical sites.
  • When someone tries to tell you that child abuse has become a serious problem in the Watchtower society, your perception changes wonderfully and you see blooming, paradisiacally scented mountain pastures.
  • If someone wants to tell you that the psychological techniques of the Watchtower Society Community Breeding no longer have anything in common with love, you just say to yourself, oh! I won't let it get that far.

You really have taken away all responsibility and feel so free of guilt. At the same time you look at your good life and enjoy the awareness that you have committed no conscious sin or only little of it.

Every day you are earning your eternal life here on earth. That gives structure to your life and you have everything so beautifully under roof and compartment. Every day that passes without you falling away from the salvific Watchtower Society brings you closer to the Kingdom of Jehovah. Every sentence that your mistress publishes in her writings gives you this comfortable feeling of knowing all this already. Yet you continue to read with a quiet curiosity, because perhaps there will be a new insight conveyed which might then bring you even closer to the kingdom of Jehovah.

All in all, you're really happy with yourself. You made it.

You do not smoke, you give the required financial contribution to your salvation, you deliver the required sermon workload to your salvation, you obediently obey the prohibitions of the Watchtower Society to inform yourself about them on the Internet. You have laid a foundation for yourself. A basis that gives you stability and from which you can say down: Jehovah! Who, if not me, is so close to you that I can already feel you!

But what do you really feel?

Your peace is based on risk reduction in your life. You have left the insecurity of faith behind you and live firmly in a spiritual corset. Your life takes place according to fixed rules, which – and you are still imagining something about this – were supposedly already valid for the Jews 3000 years ago. Your life pattern is the reincarnation of Pharisaism and is the active rejection of Jesus.

When Jesus came to the people, he rebuked them for their one-sided interpretation and implementation of the Mosaic law. He warned his disciples, "Stay away from the leaven of the Pharisees and scribes..." Jesus was a blasphemer to the religious leadership at the time. But they had at least one thing ahead of Jehovah's Witnesses: They did not deny him that he said of himself that he was God.

Jesus was crucified precisely for this cause. And the Jehovah's Witnesses are aggravating this again today, not only by destroying the whole mind and building their own righteousness of works, but also by taking away the very reason for Jesus' crucifixion. They turn Jesus into a person who can no longer become dangerous by himself. For he is only the slightly superhuman judge who in the end has to carry out Jehovah's instructions. And Jehovah has established the Watchtower Society. You just have to stay in the Watchtower Society so that in the end Jehovah gives the order not to kill you.

That's what Jesus has to do. For this very reason, the Watchtower doctrine must also place this great emphasis on the fact that Jesus is smaller than Jehovah. So that this Jesus can no longer become dangerous. This frees the Jehovah's Witness from the need to take Jesus' words seriously. Because Jesus is smaller than Jehovah, the Watchtower words can have Jehovah's desired priority. In this way, the return to the carnal interpretation of Mosaic law is assured.

Your peace, witness, is essentially the elimination of the risk of Jesus.

Jesus represents the greatest perceptible risk for the people of all time. It is rightly claimed that no one can get past him. He either opens the only true chance of salvation or means nothing. Many turn completely away from him and serve money or the atheistic thought. Some of them get personally involved with him and experience life with him in a completely new way. But you, witness, have only banished him to the midfield. You turned the actual striker into a midfielder and sent him to the back of the field. That's how you've finally managed to control his explosiveness, which can be felt by everyone, for yourself.

For you, Jehovah's Witness, he is no longer a challenge, but only a semi-important figure in your life showcase. He has been ticked off and put away in your life with the help of the Watchtower Society. Only means to an end and not even worth half of what he tells us and you in the Bible. You have really got him under control and can finally lean back and relax in this life. Jesus can no longer touch you. He only plays a very strictly controlled role in your life. Without the Watchtower Society you would not have this reassurance.

But what do you want to do when you stand before Jesus?

If you want to close your eyes, throw yourself on the ground and scream, you don't even exist! You cannot be that! You are not God!

Dear Jehovah's Witness. Dear Jehovah's Witness! Jesus lives and wants everyone to rely on him. Jesus is the living mediator between God and people. He is waiting for you and wants to show himself to you now in this life. Then you will see that his power, which, by the way, he gives to us, is higher and more powerful than anything that people could come up with.

The only thing that remains, however, is our fatal powerlessness against him. We will never get a grip on him. But only he us.


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