The name Jehovah was only invented in the Middle Ages!

The information where the name Jehovah comes from is available on the Internet and can be checked by anyone in the world. On Wikipedia under the keyword Jehovah we find the following information:

The name Jehovah appears repeatedly already in the 13th century in Latin form Iéhouah. Around 1270, the Spanish monk Raymond Mantini translated various parts of the Bible from Hebrew. His manuscripts contain the Hebrew text on the right and the Latin text with Iehovah on the left. Cardinal Nicholas of Kues used the tetragram vocalized as Iehouah in several of his works, such as around 1428 in his Sermon In Principio Erat Verbum.
Petrus Galatinus published his work in 1518 "De Arcnis catholicae veritatis".
When William Tyndale translated the Pentateuch in 1530, he also transferred the Tetragramm with Jehovah.

This information is telling us

  • The name Jehovah was only formed in the Middle Ages in its present form – so actually invented!
  • The creators of the name Jehovah were Catholic monks!
  • The creation of the name Jehovah was arbitrary!
  • The name Jehovah is human work!
  • Who worships this name turns to a human invention!
  • Anyone who claims that this name is in the original texts is lying!

Lying is the inevitable consequence

How can it happen that people all over the world are impressed when the Watchtower Society claims that the name Jehovah appears over 7000 times in the Bible's original texts? How can it happen that even critics of the Watchtower Society accept such a statement for a long time as if it were true?

The historical course of Catholic religious arbitrariness does not run independently of the Reformation. The Reformation by the Catholic monk Martin Luther cleared the way for the recognition that the Catholic Church is not the Church of God and that the salvation of mankind was not and is not in the hands of these Roman rulers. The Reformation had to bring about a change in the sense of the Enlightenment – and the adversary knew that.

Thus, at a well-adjusted time in the course of the centuries, an arbitrary Catholic name creation appeared which, with this arbitrarily invented name of God Jehovah, in a certain sense provided a second stage of seduction. The activity of the one who wants to keep Jesus away from people's hearts at all costs had to be sharpened in a certain way because of the Reformation. He, who denies the dominion of Jesus worldwide, was under pressure due to the spiritual development of mankind to develop a "higher qualified" level of lying to enforce his seduction.

Catholicism, which (by its works) can clearly never be the Church of Christ, drew not only the blood and sperm of its exercise of power, but also a spiritual decline from the hat of the adversary, which revolves around an inner axis, which is the name Jehovah.

Under this label "Jehovah", freely invented by humans, even a new siding for Jesus could be invented by the hand of confused American Freemasons. The invention "Jehovah" became highly stylized into a God who all in all bears rather satanic traits (blood, human sacrifice by prevention of transfusion and suicide driven "renegades"), and under this artificial God title a place was created in which people, not knowing whom they really worship, can surrender their lives to Satan without obstacles.

In that the human practice of religion does not orient itself to Jesus, but deifies its own arbitrarily scratched together knowledge, it is the bearer of the great world seduction program. Human religious practice must fatefully pass by God. Human religion can always only be a substitute for truth.

  • In Catholicism save not Jesus, but Eucharistic sorcery.
  • All the religions of the world claim that Jesus is not God.
  • The people worldwide are dependent on religion, but not on Jesus himself.
  • Religion exercises power over people instead of Jesus.
  • Religion enchants by providing orientation and thereby replaces Jesus Christ.

With the arbitrary use of the name "Jehovah" a sophisticated repression mechanism was created, which has only one aim: the replacement of the name of Jesus. The salvation of man through childlike trust in the name of Jesus is an abomination to Satan. And this not only because Jesus finally destroyed the work of Satan through his sacrificial death, but also because faith in Jesus works. Satan has the greatest interest in letting the effectiveness of Jesus happen unhindered in as few people as possible. Although he could not completely eradicate faith in Jesus, he succeeded in leading the world again and again into the distance from God. His strategy is oriented ice-coldly to everything that distracts from Jesus.

So people who make their lives and their being dependent on this Jesus are an abomination for Satan and for the whole world area influenced by him (also for the Watchtower Society)! Nobody who is directly connected with Jesus finds recognition before the world, but is rather regarded as naive and crazy. That this approach is 100 percent shared by the Watchtower Society is a sign that it is part of the godless world that wants to talk away and trivialize everything that concerns Jesus. The Watchtower Society even goes beyond the Christian contempt common in the world and explains the personal attachment to Jesus as idolatry.

The trick of the substitute god Jehovah has so successfully obscured people's brains and hearts that the appearance of Christian piety has long been associated with the name Jehovah. The assumption that this Jehovah is truly Satan will reach only a few hearts. For this fact can only be experienced by those who trust in Jesus Christ and not in human religion. This is where all human argument stops and this is where the work of the Holy Spirit begins. Those who, believing in Jesus Christ, penetrate to the realization that Jehovah is in truth the true Satan can claim in gratitude that the Holy Spirit touched him. Without Jesus and without man's personal attachment to Him, this knowledge cannot take place.

We will still experience "funny times" in which the big and small religions of the world will unite. They will best perform the great concert of lies with such perfection that – if it were possible – even those connected with Jesus will be seduced. This clearly indicates to us that human reasoning has no enlightening power to distinguish false faith from true faith. Only the clear connection with Jesus Christ, which means that we are in him and he in us, can distinguish the spirits. It is hopeless to approach this matter with a human mind.

So again nothing else can be said but what Jesus calls out to all of us: Come to me all you who are troublesome and laden. I will refresh you. Except Jesus, there is no rock in the world that can hold us or protect us from lies. All people who have already allowed themselves to be distracted by Jesus, all people who are dominated by Satan's false bolls, are extremely effectively prevented from recognizing Jesus as God. They are condemned to order their faith by their own logic and thus fall even deeper into the deadly rule of the Antichrist, who is Satan himself.


Brothers and sisters, Do not argue with the nations, just smile and keep going and make our Heavenly Father Jehovah. Smile from your endurance.🌹🗝😷🌊🐬

anonymous [November 2, 2020]

The name of God is not Jehovah. Therefore, you are not our brother or sister. Jehovah's Witnesses are definitely not Christians. They have made themselves a different God. The smile of Jehovah's Witnesses is fake and artificial. [RH]

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