The Death of Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower surprises people with a sensation!

"Death – A terrible reality!"

What a message! The Watchtower occupies the importance with a quotation:

"We can die at any moment from birth, wrote the British historian Arnold Toynbee."

That's a thought that brightens the problem a lot. Death as a threat cannot be better described otherwise. And the Watchtower underlines this with the continuation of the quotation:

"And this possibility will inevitably become reality sooner or later."

What would we do if we didn't have the Watchtower? Fortunately, it makes it clear to us that we will die one day. And this thesis, which has not yet been proven worldwide, is finally becoming clear. The Watchtower Society proves this with another quote from "a poet in the 19th century". A poet from the 19th century! Were there only two? Or this one? How can a journal that postulates the claim to the sole truth deliver such a junk?

To eternal spiritual death

This ominous poet writes: "Sorrow makes us all children again – abolishes all differences of mind. The wisest knows nothing." Was this poet a warrior of the Watchtower Society? Why is the name of this poet not mentioned? If one considers that the 19th century, like most centuries, lasted around a hundred years, then one can gauge how exactly the Watchtower Society deals with information ... "a poet in the 19th century"!

This kind of information processing by the Watchtower sheds light on the Watchtower Society's interest in truth. It is not about truth, but about an easy, quick, unresisting sale of its manipulation. For this purpose the readers are occupied with shallow filler. And this filling of the reader with completely unimportant information happens through a society that claims that the human brain will be many times more powerful in the Watchtower Paradise. What is the purpose of this efficiency then? To store the Watchtower's unaccounted for, empty information?

The Watchtower's handling of the truth is inadequate. It is like the student lying to his classmates and teachers to play himself into the foreground. The Watchtower constructs hollow phrases without any content. The Watchtower derives assertions from this inner emptiness. One assertion is the teaching:

The soul is mortal

Whoever represents this doctrine must consequently construct extremely imaginative ideas of paradise. For with the passing away of man in death, with the complete extinction of his existence, no resurrection and no salvation can be built any more. For this reason, the auxiliary construct of the memorial tombs must close the gap. This auxiliary teaching serves only the purpose of making possible the absolute passing away of man with his death.

God is supposed to recreate mankind from his memory. This is the theory of the memory craters. This means that man, with his death, passes completely into nothingness and must be recreated again to fulfill biblical descriptions of the hereafter.

Jehovah's Witnesses die the Watchtower Death

Satan has only one chance. He must get people not to acknowledge Jesus as God. Then the exclusion from the glory of God is brought about. For only in faith in Jesus is it decided to enter into the glory of God. As soon as Satan thwarts this faith, he has achieved his goal of separating man from God.

The Watchtower is the magazine that, with its hollow phrases, comes close to the Bild newspaper. But in terms of lies, the Bildzeitung is an orphan boy against the Watchtower. The Watchtower is Satan's magazine. Those who allow themselves to be caught by this manipulation machine die the real death. It is death that, through the rejection of God in Jesus, makes God's distance enter here and now. But after that the judgment. And whoever is not in Jesus will be lost. That is true death (which the Watchtower, however, conceals from its readers).


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