Genital in the Watchtower

In the illustrations of the books and booklets of Jehovah's Witnesses, the fabrics wobble and fold into quite different and often quite strange shapes. Those who do not look at these images with the marionette eyes of Jehovah's Witnesses will notice again and again apparitions that do not aim to glorify God's Word, but on the contrary to draw the Word of God through the mud. There are demons, there are satanic symbols and even oversized genitals. For example, a sexual organ can be found in the following illustration:

Hidden sexual organ
The greatest man who ever lived, chapter 36

Here, a highly attractive girl with an enmeshed bedroom hairdo in the back cares for the sick son of a Roman captain. Although the girl does not fit the theme, she moves inconspicuously into the foreground of the picture. The drapery of her right outstretched arm folds purely by chance at the lower end into a structure that could be both a giant female clitoris and a male glans.

Clitoris or acorn

Order the Jehovah's Witnesses to take wild photographs once in a while and take 1000 photos a day. Then sort out the photos that have purely random such genitalia. Then send me these photos as proof that something like this happens by accident.

Question to Jehovah's Witnesses: Have you ever worn a cape with a sausage-like device in the hanging part of the sleeve that resembled a genitalia?

Vagina or penis

I make the assertion that the Watchtower Society is set up to denigrate and ridicule the Word of God according to all the rules of art and by all the means at its disposal. The Watchtower Society distorts the meaning of the Word of God as much as possible. As a guideline it uses the philosophy that man can draw himself out of the swamp of sin.

This great goal of the Watchtower Society is flanked by measures designed to covertly keep the spirit of Jehovah's Witnesses at bay or even deeper into error.

More about sexual abstrusities in Watchtower scriptures


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