Satan's Signature in the literature of Jehovah's Witnesses

Yes, yes, yes! You can talk a lot when the day is long. And you can write a lot if you have time. It's so boring to always talk about the same thing and to fall on deaf ears over and over again. But still, the Jehovah's Witnesses thing is fun. Because it makes sense! It's about people who put themselves in the hands of a cheat for life (and death) and think they have the truth.

Every Jehovah's Witness hurts my heart. Even if he is one of those right-Habrian bigots with a tie and freshly shined shoes. – What kind of shit do these people have to find themselves in to put their hopes on the most obvious lie in the world? They let their own people permanently put them under pressure, invest strength and time to fulfill their supposed duty.

In Muehlhausen near Heidelberg, a Mercedes was recently standing on the sidewalk. The driver was leaning against the Mercedes and in his hand was working on a NWT Bible of the old man I meet every morning on the way to work. She, his wife, sat with her legs apart in the driver's seat of the Mercedes. One could see at first glance that both were ill and suffered considerably during their sermon service. Both could barely breathe and the woman's suffering from her obesity could be felt directly. Both suffered and breathed heavily.

Jehovah's Witnesses are victims. And in being victims they become perpetrators, henchmen of the faithful and understanding slave. Under the rule of the faithful and intelligent slave, they gain a false hope and vegetate in the most perfect deception of their lives. They are forced to preach by their leaders. When they become ill, they still have to take to the streets. Even if with the Mercedes.

Satan's distinctive mark
The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, chapter 26

How beautiful this picture is! A biblical situation. Jesus, our Jehovah's Witness, sits in the center and works so blessed, oh no successful. With the slave it depends only on the success.

And then and then and then!

And then there is again a certain detail in the picture, which strangely enough hardly attracts attention. No Jehovah's Witness sees this detail and even the viewer without slavish attachment to the Watchtower Society can flip through it without finding anything suspicious. It is the signature of Satan.

Satan's Signature

Hugely bold in the foreground sits a guy who, like us viewers of the picture, has nothing special to do with the events depicted. He is actually only the same as us. A fellow inhabitant, a viewer, a witness.

Satan's abbreviation

But luckily we don't have the Satans-S on our shoulder. Only the witness who binds himself to the Watchtower Society in his oath bears this brand. And we do not know to what extent this brand binds. But we know that God looks at the heart. We know that the Son really frees.

Sometimes I think about whether it is important to be baptized again in the name of Jesus so that the baptism of Jehovah's Witnesses is replaced. But as a believing Christian, I am very clear that the deliverance and blessing that Jesus gives us when we believe Him is stronger than all symbols and human actions.

Nevertheless, the thought of a baptism in a real church of Christ is a beautiful and important thought. But this happens under one's own responsibility and in the light of one's own knowledge. For Jesus is our Lord and he tells us what he wants.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!


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