The first Christians came together in private homes

In the Watchtower of November 15, 2002, page 7, the Watchtower Society, the great Christ, represents the first Christians. The Watchtower Society describes itself as the great Christ, which we also know from modern charismatics. We are Christ, is the great maxim that jumps towards us from wacky religions. This divine self-confidence is not only a phenomenon of the Pentecostals falling backwards, but has long been deeply rooted in the heresy of the Watchtower doctrine.

In the image that this totally great Christ wants to have seen as the first momentary photograph representing Christians, there is precisely the diversification of Jehovah's Witness species as they are present in the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society actually consists of these basic human types and projects its own substance of secular normality separated from Jesus onto the group of so-called first Christians.

It is highly interesting to take a closer look at this Watchtower depiction of the Jehovah's Witnesses, for one can actually recognize the types who cavort in this Gnostic reservoir.

The Eldest

The Elder is used by the Watchtower Society without paying attention to anything that would be biblical. It is only about the generally positive impression, the unconditional loyalty to the line and the necessary submission to the Watchtower. Whoever fulfils this rises up and becomes a "prince of the New World". While in Christian churches the elders are an important regulator that ensures that the church stays with Jesus, the Jehovah's elders are only henchmen of the Watchtower Society, extended arms of the Kraken, Technical Supervisory Association examiners of the supreme doctrine. The fact that here the elder is portrayed like a baker who does not know the price of his own bread rolls reflects the reality in the Watchtower Society very beautifully. He happens to have two left hands and his face shows helplessness and disorientation.

In Christian churches the elders are a highly responsible spiritual antenna. In the Watchtower Society, elders perform only the same functions as functionaries of a political party. They control, rule, determine, and report. Watchtower elders are never elected, but appointed from above. Watchtower elders are interchangeable at any time, depending on whether they obey the organization or not.

The Follower

The follower is characterized by a certain insignificance. The follower tries to make a name for himself at least through a very special sermon service, and arranges himself in this way with his follower fate. Nothing depends on the Watchtower Follower, and the Watchtower Follower hardly ever suffers the fate of being disfellowshipped from the Watchtower Society for any reason. In this way, the runner forms a kind of base porridge on whose pellet the scenery visible from the outside takes place. The followers are only mass-donating fillers. Nobody takes them seriously, but they don't say anything on their own.

Die nur dabei sein wollen

Those who just want to be there, suspect behind the whole jumble of information that the Watchtower Society is squeezing out, a big, important something that saves lives. Jesus doesn't play a role for these people, but they prefer to stick to sophisticated articles and stories that confirm that belonging to the Watchtower Society is the only true thing. One finds his certainty in the group and when the lemmings run towards the coast, it can only be right, because it comes from the all-preserving organization.

The calculating Jehovah's Witness

The calculating Jehovah's Witness has recognized the chances of being able to rule people as a Watchtower official. This is good for him and very useful for him. He can use it to satisfy his desires and desires and immediately gets the success for his exercise faithden efforts. The calculating Jehovah's Witness may not wait for a Jesus who is supposedly somewhere invisibly present, but wants to do his thing immediately and practically. He listens to the Watchtower phrases and learns them by heart, for he knows that this is the only way to come to power. The calculating Jehovah's Witness is the Watchtower Ascender's prototype.

Fanatics who hold the Watchtower store together

Fanatics who hold the Watchtower store together, are the actual backbone of the worldwide brotherhood. These are the hard-working workers who do the actual work. They have a lot of time and fear to fall through the sieve of Jehovah as women. They have to balance the privileges of the male Jehovah's Witness and in this way develop a very special zeal from which the Watchtower Society greatly benefits. Advertising these fanatics is an important pillar of preaching and without them the Watchtower Society would shrink to garden gnome size.

The emotionless Watchtower runner

The emotionless Watchtower runner blends into her inevitable fate with outward commitment. At least she gets general recognition and can keep the peace with her parents. Whether she could ever have done something wrong, she suppresses it in everyday Watchtower monotony and enjoys a certain balance.

Grey mice, filler, background Jehovah's Witnesses

Grey mice, filler, background Jehovah's Witnesses are often used for fraud manoeuvres. They approach critics of the Watchtower religion and claim that they have long since ceased to be Jehovah's Witnesses, but that so much is right about the Watchtower doctrine. After a few months you can see them bored standing behind the Watchtower Book Table. They then talk to their comrades about irrelevant gossip and let the time pass that is so important for the time sheet.

The Watchtower Society is responsible for all errors

All errors are the responsibility of our mother, the Watchtower Society! That's what Jehovah's Witnesses say. They're addressed with clear arguments. When they realize that they have been convicted, they shift all responsibility to the Org and go their separate ways. This is the lightness of the consciously suspicious that they have simply delegated their personal responsibility to the Org. These people care a damn thing about the truth and see the Watchtower Society as a kind of legal expenses insurance that is expensive enough. You don't have to take care of justice yourself, that goes too far.

Grown up in the truth

Grown up in the truth Jehovah's Witnesses are certainly the most oppressed by fear. This category is very common among Jehovah's Witnesses. These are people who have switched off their (critical) brains from childhood and who take voluntary extra hours from Watchtower elders to get ironed back on line with any argument that exposes the Watchtower doctrine. They are true artists in seeing faith as a carriage of lies. Such are not attainable, even if one has exposed the lies of the Watchtower-Org hundreds of times.

I can't get out of here!

I can't get out of here! That's what this boy's eyes express. There are many Jehovah's Witnesses who are aware of their prison-like situation and who spend their whole lives struggling to survive as humans in addition to the Watchtower cult. These people resemble a patient who is operated on without anesthesia. They have to get used to the constant pain somehow and of course suffer permanent damage to their soul. Let the face-expression of this boy affect you!

The perfect spy system

The perfect internal spy system is made up of natural traitors known to all sections of the population. The Watchtower Society uses the wickedness of these women according to all the rules of art to keep the worldwide brotherhood under control. Jehovah's Witnesses have the most brutal spy system in the world. They integrate the natural lust of betrayal into their organization and make use of the flood of information that grows out of it.

The Circuit Supervisor

The Circuit Supervisor often plays the most harmless role in Jehovah's New World hierarchy. Even if these types have a grey-green skin color when seen in light because they lead a very unhealthy life, they are only figures that can't really harm or use. Circuit supervisors have more of a symbolic function to spread respect and fear. But they can't really achieve much in the hierarchy of the Watchtower world.

Care, but just don't think

Care, don't think! That is the motto of those who cannot shine through much sermon service or through a husband who is eldest. They practice care and attention and do not realize that they have sat on a terrible lie. They sit down in the Lord's Supper in the comfort of fully accepted associates and, like all other Jehovah's Witnesses, solemnly reject Jesus by passing bread and wine untouched. They gain complacency through "good deeds" for which they receive honor from Jehovah's Witnesses.

My wife is a Jehovah's Witness

My wife is a Jehovah's Witness. For this reason, there are many who have sunk more or less deeply into the Watchtower Society. It is often women who easily fall for the Watchtower doctrine and gain fanatical joy from it. These women prefer to be divorced rather than to separate themselves from the newly gained importance. The husband, who doesn't want to lose his wife, then practices good watchtower appearances, but can't take pleasure in the whole thing.

A sinner who knows he needs Jesus, but ended up with Jehovah's Witnesses

A sinner who knows he needs Jesus, but ended up with Jehovah's Witnesses, has little chance of meeting someone who will enlighten him about the Watchtower Society's outrages and at the same time show him how important it is to turn to Jesus like a child. Most educators about the Watchtower lies are themselves victims who can never contact Jesus again. The worldwide Watchtower Brotherhood is the perfect trap for people who know that they need forgiveness for their sins.

Exemplary career promising pupil

Boarding pupils who promise an exemplary Watchtower career are the salt in Watchtower Soup. Born in, mute, trimmed to line and attractive and healthy. These are the welcome recruits of the Watchtower Society's Lying Religion. The future of the Watchtower Brotherhood lies in these men and they are cared for with special attention.

Die Time out sitting Jehovah's Witness

Die Time out sitting Jehovah's Witness is actually thinking about her cupcake, which she baked just for herself yesterday. She is well integrated into the Watchtower Society and represents the prototype of the true worshipper, who thinks only of her private pleasures when she performs her sermon service. These people have had nothing but a façade and often have no difficulty saying goodbye to the Watchtower doctrine when they are uncomfortably confronted with reality. I have seen in Speyer such Jehovah's Witnesses who never appeared again after being confronted with facts of their religion.

Permanently too naive

Permanently too naive is one of the favourite types of humans, whom the Watchtower Society likes to take to the streets as extras. These people do not pose any danger to the Watchtower Society, do not cause any control effort, and enjoy serving the Watchtower Society all their lives. It is rare for such Jehovah's Witnesses to leave the Watchtower Society, to lay aside their naivety, and to write a book like this: The Conflict of Conscience.


From the eldest, whose facial expression betrays complete helplessness, to the naivling, who only after 60 years realizes that Jesus is someone completely different from the one whom the Watchtower Society represents as Jesus, this Watchtower representation of the Jehovah's Witnesses betrays to us the deception of Jehovah. While Jehovah's Witnesses are shown to be like the first Christians, the Watchtower gang enjoys exposing them for what they really are, deceived average people who can never find God. Jehovah's Witnesses have been meticulously distracted by God and, as Jehovah programmers, are almost never able to contact Jesus. This is what the Watchtower draughtsman feeds on when he creates such a thing as the picture above.


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