Maria sexually attractive

What the faithful and intelligent slave or governing body is tackling always seems to amount to demons, sex and Freemasonry. The Watchtower for 01 January 2009 comes with an Art Nouveau touch. (Art Nouveau was the direction of thought at the time of the turn of the century around 1900. Its core was the search for a new understanding of religion, the formation of a subculture and unintentionally became one of the pioneers of the Hitler dictatorship.) By integrating components of Art Nouveau into its editions, the Watchtower has for some time been aggravating (formerly less often and not so conspicuously) components of Art Nouveau, trying to revive a trend that expired a hundred years ago and found its effect in a terrible chaos of the world.

In addition to the decided Watchtower theology, which wants to portray Jesus as a creature (Jesus is quasi only a great Jehovah's Witness), the Watchtower Society repeatedly treads a byway of influencing by the use of tendencies that the world has already fallen for once. The title page of the Watchtower (January 1, 2009) depicts a woman in make-up, very sexually appealing, embedded in a round amulet, as one is accustomed to from the Catholic Church, decorated with the all-seeing eye, as it is known from Freemasonry.

Maria as a sexually appealing woman

Again, in the generously laid out splendour of the depicted woman's hair there is at least a demon in her strangely frivolous look past the observer, ...

Mary Demon

... but the emphasis is on the rich decoration of the title page of this watchtower with the all-seeing eye of Freemasonry.

Omniscient Eye of Freemasonry in the Watchtower

Who is still surprised when in the corresponding article "What one can learn from Mary" the next image of Mary again bears the signs of the devil?

Satan's S

In keeping with the reversals that the Watchtower makes optically here, the article then also presents the content of an image of Mary, who not really appears as an instrument in the hand of God, but shines through strength of will, speed of reaction and steadfastness of faith according to the pattern of the Watchtower Society. (This arbitrary attribution of exaggerated attributes to Mary is also cultivated in the Catholic Church). According to this article Mary is an Islamist (Islam = devotion to God) and represents informally (not explicitly mentioned) as mother of Jesus of course the Muslim thesis that Jesus cannot be God. This is the pillar of Watchtower theology.

The Watchtower Society has only one real interest: It wants to direct people towards a Christian Islam that no longer pays attention to Jesus personally. In this way, the Watchtower Society is able to ensure that Jehovah's Witnesses can no longer follow Jesus, however faithful they may be in the Bible! The surrogate name Jehovah, which has been proven never to be the name of God, is repeatedly placed at the center of human attention. We must not be saved in the name of Jesus, but according to the "knowledge" of the WTS through this name accident Jehovah. – The Bible says the exact opposite!

The Bible says in Acts 4:10-12: "so be it known to you and to all the people of Israel: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead; through him this man stands before you in good health. This is the stone that you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone. And in no other is salvation, neither is there any other name under heaven given to men, by which we shall be saved."

How the newspaper publisher from Brooklyn would have to fight its chest if it took the Bible seriously! How deeply he would have to bow before mankind now to obtain forgiveness from mankind for his mega lies! What a judgment this well-organized publishing house will receive from God, where it does not even confess before the people that its only purpose is the trivialization of Jesus Christ!


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