Jehovah's Witnesses do not even say to Jesus: Lord!

It is difficult to have a clear view when it comes to Jesus. We humans live in a human world of experience and are exposed to thousands of influences that limit or expand our perception one way or the other. In order to get to know Jesus, we need measures that we can take actively and consciously. This includes such things as the realization of such instructions as: Become like the children.

But even the active decision to be guided by this instruction is no guarantee of success, no guarantee of implementation in our spiritual life. Despite all active decisions we are dependent on the help of the Holy Spirit. Many, no all our life decisions have a development background which Jesus compares with the mustard seed. This small seed undergoes an infinite growth process in the course of our faith development.

This process of growth always requires the loving accompaniment of the Holy Spirit, so that we do not wander about the region in confusion, but, like every plant, meet the light to grow on Jesus. This reliance on the Holy Spirit, this urgent need for divine guidance in our life with Jesus can be proven almost literally by some examples.

For example, the development of this website is a small reflection of what has been going on in me over the last year and a half. Many findings can be traced back to the very close preoccupation with the topic "Jehovah's Witnesses and their aberrations". One can formulate the assumption: My dismay at the Watchtower doctrine has opened my eyes to many contexts. Some things will indeed have been achieved in this way. But there are also things that are closed to the gaze with the view at close range.

Here the effect of the Holy Spirit is necessary. My personal confrontation with the Jehovah's Witnesses has made very much clear to me in matters of faith that I would never have thought about without this confrontation. So I have had many epistemological experiences just in the response of Commentsn coming from angry Jehovah's Witnesses. But even "cool condescensions" of a theological nature, which Jehovah's Witnesses thought they had to post here as commentary, created situations in which I could only gratefully accept the insights the Holy Spirit gave me.

One of these experiences is perhaps the simplest thought I have had since dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses! When I used Andre's commentary, I suddenly realized the implications of Jesus' words. Jesus says: "Not everyone who says to me: »Lord, Lord« ...". This word of the Lord distinguishes two groups of people who say Lord Lord to Him. Those he knows and those he does not know.

Jehovah's Witnesses belong neither to one group nor to another, for they do not even say Lord to him.

If Jesus had said: ... who call me their Lord ..., one could assume that Jehovah's Witnesses belong to the shortlist. Then it would be possible for Jehovah's Witnesses to join the circle of those who might be recognized by the Lord as his servants. But Jesus expressly formulates it differently! He uses the formulation of the personal address: "Those who say to me".

According to Jesus, this excludes the possibility that Jehovah's Witnesses will ever have access to Jesus. Because for them the personal address of Jesus is forbidden. They are only allowed to address Jehovah personally. They do not speak a word to Jesus. And certainly not the word: My Lord Jesus!

I am astonished that this simple, compelling hint of Jesus was completely misleading to me for a year and a half. But I am sure that this also makes sense. For as a disciple of Jesus I am familiar with the fact that he gives knowledge when he wants and whom he wants. Here too I must trust him that he will decide what happens and why this or that thought was or is so difficult or so easy to achieve.

The simplest decision since Jehovah's Witnesses came into existence

Thus Jehovah's Witnesses exclude themselves from Salvation through Jesus long before the judgment by not knowing the conversation with Jesus. They cannot even say "Lord" to him. And that in a personal address. That would tear their hearts apart. In the meantime I have clearly learned that Jehovah's Witnesses would rather bite their tongues off than speak directly to Jesus. And to include the word "Lord" in it is a deep abomination to them.

This very personal rejection of Jesus is a common characteristic of all movements initiated by Satan. One can recognize all Satan's servants by the fact that they cannot speak personally to Jesus. This is also the case with Jehovah's Witnesses. With this quality they exclude themselves from the circle of those who can ever speak to Jesus:

"Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? Have we not cast out evil spirits in your name? Have we not done many miracles in your name?"

Jehovah's Witnesses just don't belong! Their pseudo-theology excludes them from the fellowship of those who will ever be shortlisted! They have turned against Jesus by their "Bible knowledge" and by their years of "Bible study" in such a way that they never have the slightest chance to ever change a word with Jesus. They are already refusing this conversation today!

The importance of this word of Jesus is so immensely important, especially in the time of the Internet, where a fool like me can communicate that I am totally amazed that I was given this mental connection only on May 12, 2008. It is so gross that we argue here about the greatest theological things, but the simple, the simple and the clear, has been hidden for so long.

In it the importance of the word of Jesus is recognizable, that we should become like children. For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. They are not studied, they are not disciplined, they make spontaneous decisions. They go after their hearts and say the truth like the drunken. So we can often only recognize the most important things of Jesus when we cling to him like children and trust that he cares for us in all things of truth.

Jehovah's Witnesses, be invited to this filial faith in the Lord, to whom I have the freedom through Him to say, Lord! My Lord and my God! Blessed be your name and your love, which you have shown us and show daily in our lives. You give us growth and knowledge of the truth. You give yourself to us even though we do not deserve you and depend daily on the forgiveness of our sins.

Your name, Lord Jesus, be praised for eternity. Amen.


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