Jehovah's Witnesses' wave of lawsuits against unpopular Anti-JW sites

Comment: Hello there is just a wave of Jehovah's Witness attorney Pikl's suit against unpopular anti-JW pages rolling across the country. But an action group has already formed to stand up to the challenge: ...

Unfortunately, the Internet address provided links to a page that does not provide any information on the subject. What is that supposed to be? Should this only be an attempt of intimidation?

Even if German jurisprudence, which still applies anti-woman laws (Law of 1913, which denies German citizenship to sons of German women if the father is a foreigner unfortunately no longer attainable, 02.01.2011), against the publication of reprehensible Watchtower content and thus against this website, I would rather die than stop reporting on the Watchtower Society's lies.

In the confrontation with a Jehovah's Witness I was made completely new and yet not new, but well-known, affected by the power of Jesus. After about 12 years of my own chosen distance to Jesus, Jesus returned to my life with his power and made such a strong impression on me that I have to say in every sequence and also in the retrospective: I want, can and may always only listen to Jesus.

As a result, all human objections, whether pseudo-Christian or legal, cannot prevent me from carrying out the commission I believe I have received from Jesus. And if I die from it or end up on the street! I will not bow to human sneaks and objections.

In order to make the Watchtower Society's sophisticated deceptions understandable at all, in order to expose these dirty lies at all, in order to offer the deceived Jehovah's Witnesses a small chance at all to see through the filth of the faithful and intelligent slave, the Watchtower Society's publications must be publicly displayed. Without the reproduction of Satan's propaganda, any action against this lying society is pointless. Today, images of Hitler are also shown on television without anyone raising any copyright issues.

After the official introduction of torture in the US again, after a Frank Walter Steinmeier received the approval of 70 percent of the Germans, when he said that he would again leave an innocent Turk of German descent in this torture prison for 4 years (literally: I would decide that way again), after the free press is put up against the wall for the Olympic Games worldwide, I will continue to publish against the Watchtower Society until I am dead.

There's no alternative!

There may be good sides against this dirty sect. Most are not interested in the false teachings of the Watchtower Society because, as non-Christians, they have no access at all to the real sins of this Luciferian organization. The "gap in the market" of the denunciation of the Watchtower's false doctrine was written by Jesus on my flag. No earthly law can change that.

This my premature "martyrdom", this unconditional willingness to ruin and break the German judiciary if it allows the Watchtower Society's flimsy demands to be met, is intended to send a signal here and now so that readers of this website may recognize how serious the matter is. It's about life and death. Surely it is not about life and death for the numerous "enlightened" good citizens of the country, certainly not for the lost followers of New Age, Catholicism and Jehovah's faithful and intelligent slave. But for me.

Everyone who gets to know Jesus knows that these false teachings are created to keep people away from Jesus. Anyone who realizes that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life can measure the importance of these false teachings. Anyone who is personally confronted with the blindness of Jehovah's Witnesses can only make one decision: Do I accept the task or not!

I accepted this assignment.

Never in my life have I had an interest in portraying a Michael Kohlhaas. But in this case the "Haase" runs differently. There is no way, for the sake of human sense of justice, to accept the great man-eating of the Watchtower society without resistance. This may sound very much like the defiant muscleman awakening in me now, where I hear that waves of complaints are to emanate from the Watchtower Society. But that is not the case. On the contrary, like any normal person, I am attacked by fear and terrible fears. Especially since my income is very low and I cannot even afford a car. But when it comes to exposing the Watchtower Society, there can be no restrictions that forbid me to present the lies publicly and make them as plausible and vivid as possible for the readers. There must be no law that supports the professional distribution of lies just because the liars can afford their own printing houses, their own draughtsmen, their own copywriters and their own campaign distribution. There must be no law that forbids less wealthy people to use their means to expose these lies and to use the works of these liars themselves.

How can the lies be exposed if they can't be portrayed? Are people to be lost simply because the state is enacting fundamental laws that are shamelessly exploited by these liars?

The critical publication and reproduction of contents of the Watchtower publications belongs to my faith. I am commanded by the Lord to do this service. And I will do this ministry even if I perish from it.

Ruediger Hentschel


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