Esau and the lentil soup

Leading Anti-Watchtower websites sold?

There is a rumour that the Watchtower Society has taken over leading German websites to better control the people who deal with their content, mostly apostates of this heresy. If this is true (and the only refusing website – wtcleanup – has allegedly been legally demoralized), then the Watchtower Society exercises violence over people not only on the spiritual level, but also very practically through skilful moves of the theocratic warlist. (The theocratic warlist is the positive sanctioning of the lie in Jehovah's favor.)

If it is really true that the Watchtower Society must protect its good reputation in the secular system by dishonest measures of assumption of power, then this is further proof of its ungodly nature. Then it is so much a part of the satanic style that the system of things is the real, the real basis of its agitation.

What makes a person sell a Watchtower-critical website to the Watchtower Society? Was the offer so lucrative that you couldn't say no? Was the offer accompanied by considerable legal pressure? – How can an advocate of the Insight that the Watchtower Society can only be a lying association sell his website to this very creature of the devil? How!

Are we dealing with a lot of Esau's today who are giving up their inheritance for a lentil soup? And to which lying agitator is the inheritance transferred in this way? Isn't this another sign of the end that the superficially effective power is transferred to the adversary? Is this development of human rights in favor of the devil not a sign of the end?

The signs of the times are seductively clear. In this situation, it is advisable not to rely on threadbare symptoms. Perhaps the Watchtower Society's power behaviour is only one thing that has always existed in different variations. Perhaps this is the normality that has been more under the skin in recent decades. Perhaps it is through the Internet that these incidents reach us more intensively than before.

The message reached me yesterday in the form of an e-mail. It is so incredible that I can only classify it as a rumor at this point:

Quote: The manfred gebhard-forum as well as infolink have been bought or taken over by the wtg. they run it as a "reception camp" for the crashed ones, which are then systematically dismantled there. that's why they have so much insider information. due to the sheer size and the popularity of the forums, these are the first places for drop-outs and wtg has good instruments to control them. wtcleanup has resisted and was – just for copyright reasons – razed to the ground.

Even the mother of lies, the Catholic Church, did not need to take over websites in a blackmailing way. But she has always exercised this power much earlier and quite brutally. People who were critical of the Catholic lie were brutally oppressed, tortured and killed. The Catholic boot went and goes completely different ways. The Watchtower Society begins to discover this "assertiveness" for itself. Spiritual oppression is no longer enough for it. In practice, worldly power must be taken over and exercised.

Thus, contrary to the expectations of rational-minded people, the formation of the One World Religion will take place not only under the leadership of the Catholic Church, but also with the extremely important participation of the Watchtower Society. As a little thorn can light a whole foot and expose it to amputation, the Watchtower Society will gain a power that will be respected by the whole world.

Not only will the recognition of the Watchtower Society as a public corporation be enforced, but a worldwide power role will be conferred on this community of lies. For what capitalism and the stock exchange anticipated as unthinkable injustice in the financial sector, the organized liar himself will exercise in the same way in the sector of religion and morality. Humanity must be deceived to the extreme before Jesus returns.


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