The Witness Jehovah's Sermon on the Mount
Knowledge instead of faith

Witness Jehovah's Bible, John 17, 3: This means eternal life, that they continuously take in knowledge about you, the only true God ...

Normal Bible, John 17, 3: But this is eternal life, that they may know thee, of whom thou art the only true God, and whom thou hast sent, Jesus Christ.

Jehovah's Witnesses are forced by the faithful and intelligent slave into the attitude of understanding God with their human spirit. They study, study and study. Thus in the illustration of the Watchtower books Jesus appears like a politician on television. He is the one who has to explain a lot to us and puts himself to the test for it.

The Jehovah's Witness-Jesus as a mediator of knowledge
The greatest man who ever lived, chapter 35

As on television, Jesus appears in front of the viewer and raises his hand with a gesture that clearly states: It is only about the right knowledge. You do not have to believe – you have to know. And you can recognize God with your knowledge.

But Jesus says something completely different to the Bible! Jesus of Nazareth is the only man in the entire history of mankind who has set the demand for faith absolutely. His entire work, his appearance, revolves exclusively around faith. All his parables, which he has communicated to the world, serve the sole purpose of to initiate people's faith! From this it also becomes clear that the brain must never be switched off in faith or by faith (as the Catholic Church, for example, suggests), but that the Holy Spirit, which is given to every believer, expands and enriches human knowledge in a tremendous way.

But Jehovah's Witnesses place knowledge and biblical education so much at the center of teaching that faith in Jesus appears as pure brain training. That is why Jesus can only always appear as a knowledge teacher and as a good example in all Watchtower representations. He must never appear as the God in whom one can believe and in whom one must believe in order to be saved.

This shift in Bible interpretation by two, three "small" steps, this shift from faith to having to know, puts the Jehovah's Witnesses in an unfulfillable self-assertion. It is clear to them that the concept of their religion offers them less than zero guarantee. They must die in the hour of truth with the uncertainty that their Jehovah is indeed gracious to them. For (at the latest) on their deathbed, they must realize that human knowledge can never be sufficient to recognize God.

This aberration from faith to having to know, successfully enforced by the Watchtower Society, is not yet sufficient for the producers of Watchtower literature to defame Jesus. To be on the safe side, they resort to many other means to draw Jesus down to the purely human level. In the illustration above we see a person sitting next to Jesus who looks almost exactly like him and squeezes his neck with his hand. As if by voodoo magic, a strange change appears on the neck of the depicted Jesus, which seems unnatural. Just a compressed neck. Is this supposed to convey to Jehovah's Witnesses "under the Hand" that Jesus is only a puppet remotely controlled by Jehovah? Jehovah's Witnesses themselves would then be puppets.

Jesus squeezing his neck

Of course, this is all pure coincidence again. Just like the demons hinted at in the gnarled tree that accompany Jesus' Witness Jehovah's dogma of knowledge with a seriously controlling mine. The attention to detail of the Watchtower draughtsmen is grossly exaggerated. But such demon effects that exist centrally in their pictures are of course pure coincidence! – Sure!

Demons in the Watchtower – pure coincidence! Demons in the Watchtower – pure coincidence!

The Watchtower has two objectives:

  1. Man should not rely on God, but on his own knowledge and ability to perform (good works)
  2. Jehovah's Witnesses' consistent quiet habituation to demons and devilish grimaces

The Watchtower Society is the vanguard of the world developer who wants to prepare people with all means for great self-redemption. And these self-redeemed are drilled into a Jehovah who then decides with lofty ambiguity who might have made it. Of course, not a single Jehovah's Witness has made it and must die in Satan's rage. But they don't know until it's too late. Just as Adam and Eve only gained perspective when it was too late, Jehovah's Witnesses will only open their own eyes when the train has long departed.

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses! Please try to believe in Jesus Christ not only as slavery, but as liberation! Whoever lets Jesus into his heart is freed from all human theories in one fell swoop and can enjoy the promise of God to be free to be truly free! Forget your humanly acquired knowledge. They will never be able to come to God through human knowledge, but only through faith in Jesus Christ. This faith in Jesus Christ is the real inner connection with God in the Son who was sent to us for this connection.


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