The Dress Code of Jehovah's Witnesses

by Doris

The Art World of Jehovah's Witnesses

In the Jehovah's Witness congregation, great importance is attached to clothing. It is said: A Jehovah's Witness can be recognized by his clothing. It should be an expression of faith in Jehovah.

I think it's very dangerous, especially for women. Because a fashion show takes place in the subconscious. You shouldn't walk around old and rotten, but be chic and dressed up. After all, one represents the chosen people. And also the apartment, the children, the car etc. must be tip top. – The external image of perfection in our time.

This can be a very big pressure for housewives, especially when there are several small children. It can degenerate into stress and competition. Likewise, the perfect image of the Witness Jehovah's man in the woman can cause dissatisfaction with her husband. It costs a lot of time, energy and money.

There's a saying, Tell me what you got, and I'll tell you what you are. If I am always to function according to the standards of other people, where can I find the peace and stability of self-knowledge? How quickly does a person tend to judge ("the funny sister" is whispered or "how does she walk around")?

It reminds me of the ambition in the world, although the opposite is taught. A strange thing: not to be a part of the world, but to represent the world perfectly to the outside world.

Jesus turned the laws of the world upside down.

  • He did not judge the adulteress – one sentenced to death according to the law and order.
  • He said to a criminal on the cross: You will be with me in paradise – that makes him like God and he did not even stop on the cross.
  • He sat with sinners, lepers, the poor, the excluded and the outlaws.
  • He gave small children a higher rank than respected personalities.
  • He said the little one was big, the last one the first.
  • He came as the son of a carpenter, in simple clothes, and washed the feet of his disciples.
  • He called John the Baptist great – he lived in the desert, was clothed in fur and ate locusts and honey.
  • He warned the people to pray loudly, fast or donate in the first row while worshiping in fine clothes – it should be hidden.
  • He did not abide by the human interpretation of the law.
  • He was accused of blasphemy and cruelly killed.

Those who really understood Jesus would not dare to ignore him by not talking to him. To play him down – by claiming he is an angel. His actions are ignored.

Jesus turned the thinking of the perfect world upside down.

He was the king of men, but they saw a lawbreaker and an agitator, a renegade in him. What about the carpenter's son, a simple man, in simple clothes, without possessions, not even a suitcase or two pairs of shoes? His miracles, such as bringing the dead to life, did not count. It's about appearances.

Jehovah's Witnesses say, "Jesus is the judge of the living and the dead, he is the king of men, but he is not God. Do I not have to give my judge and king the honour he deserves? Can I say: You are my judge and king but not my God and therefore I pray through you but not to you? How can I pray, a man, a nothing, through Jesus, my judge and king, to then pray to God?

Who is man, is he more than judge and king and saviour?

Has he done so much more by giving in to the appearance of the perfect world that he thinks he can exalt himself over Jesus and then be pleasing to God? Does he also want to make rules to God by saying who is saved or judged? Does he make himself Godlike? It has been the reward of sin against God. You will be like God.

Who's the blasphemer?

Jesus' accusation was blasphemy and man killed him. Man actually makes blasphemy and determines salvation according to his own rules. What a sham in this world!


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