The devil sees Jesus as a varnish monkey

Various religious communities proclaim Lucifer as the true God, partly openly, partly covertly. This takes place with the Mormons and well hidden also with the Jehovah's Witnesses. The god with the name Jehovah, naturalized by Catholic monks in the 13th century, does not glorify his son Jesus as the only mediator between himself and man. This God Jehovah has established an earthly organization for this service of mediation and in this way already indicates that he cannot be God, the Father.

The favorite image Satan has of Jesus is the unwarranted liar Jesus, who falsely pretends to be the Son of God and disputes his supreme position with him, Satan. For Satan, Jesus is a kind of unfair competition, an ingratiating beauty-word speaker, a greasy suppressor, an unlawful heirhunter. For Satan, Jesus is a self-appointed steward who interferes as an arbitrary, stuck-up, self-opinionated varnish monkey in things that do not concern him.

Satan pursues several goals with his earthly organization. His main goal is certainly the ice-cold seduction of Jehovah's Witnesses to religiously dressed up Satanic virtues such as pride, being better than others, arrogance. Hidden in it is the core that nourishes the illusion in Jehovah's Witnesses that one can make oneself pleasing to God with human goodness. A further goal is important to Satan: it is the portrayal of Jesus as a stuck-up varnish monkey who cannot refrain from interfering in Satan's things.

How Satan sees Jesus
Der Watchtower, 1 November 2008, page 24

Satan's most beautiful hobby

Satan's favorite pastime is to put Jesus in a certain light.

  • You can't talk to Jesus.
  • Jesus is only one god among many gods.
  • His redemption is imperfect – Jehovah's Witnesses must help themselves with their good works.
  • Jesus is a wimp (see picture above).
  • Jesus is just a kind of telephone strip to God that you don't pay any attention to yourself. You just value him.
  • Jesus even poses a danger to Jehovah's Witnesses, for they must not be carried away to ask him anything.
  • At the Lord's Supper, Jehovah's Witnesses demonstratively let bread and wine pass by.
  • Jesus is only an angelic spirit creature.
  • Jesus is not the Lord of Jehovah's Witnesses, otherwise they would have to call themselves Witnesses of Jesus.
  • Jehovah's Witness has as little in common with Jesus as possible. Bearding is frowned upon by the Witnesses.
  • Jesus is just a sacrificial animal of Jehovah.

A publisher who portrays Jesus as a sniffed lacquer monkey with a hanging eye cannot have anything to do with God. Such an image calls out to all readers of the Watchtower: Hey, you can safely assume that there are only lies in these books. It's your own fault if you believe this bullshit! And yet people are enthusiastic about these pseudoscientific teachings and let themselves be blinded by this cheap publisher from Brooklyn.

The above presentation of Jesus as a vain corporate heritage is accompanied by a text about the indefinite article that Watchtower writers have added to the Bible to make Jesus one God among many. The Coptic translation is brought in as support to prove how important this indefinite article is at this point: John 1, 1:

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was at dem God and ein God was the Word."

But the fact that the Copts could never even begin to confirm the Watchtower doctrine is concealed by the smooth Watchtower article with the Egg-Eye Jesus. What such a small omission can do! One can correctly imagine the faithful and intelligent slave dancing and singing in circles: Oh how nice that nobody knows, ...

The truth is that the Coptic Church (which can be read by all on Wikipedia) would never understand an unspecified article, if it existed, in the Bible passage in question as the newspaper publisher from Brooklyn would. On Wikipedia we read about the Coptic Church:

  • "We believe in the one Lord, Jesus Christ, God's only Son, born of the Father before all time, light from the light, true God from the true God."
  • "According to Coptic dogma, Jesus has a God-human nature that is as united as fire and iron in a glowing piece of iron."

Thus the evidence provider itself proves that the Watchtower Society again spreads crisp lies on this point with the aid of half-truths. The Watchtower Society is an instrument in the hand of Lucifer, who only wants to drag Jesus into the mud and tell people what he thinks of this wimp.


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