Jehovah's Witnesses, the trick of omission

The death of Jesus at the stake plays an important role in the salvation of mankind, but acknowledging this is far from everything that faith in the name of Jesus implies (Acts 10:43).
Insighten, Volume 1, page 1345

Everyone who reads this text, expects in the nearer surrounding text, thus in the lines immediately following this sentence, exactly what further achievement is to be rendered by man, "what faith in the name of Jesus includes"! But there follows no explanation, no indication of what is supposed to be further or to be adhered to. The Watchtower Society Scripture addressed to the Jehovah's Witnesses does not address in any tone what is fully touched upon here. The open question is simply left as an open question and thus serves the purpose of being able to establish demands of any kind, which the reader then swallows without resistance.

This way of "giving food to one's sheep" does not testify to a faithful and circumspect slave, but to an unfaithful and circumspect slave who skilfully irritates in order to be able to successfully manipulate elsewhere. Also the biblical passage mentioned does not illuminate "what faith in the name of Jesus implies".

This technique of freely made assertions with as little sitemap as possible and without subsequent explanations can be found again and again in the texts of the Watchtower Society. This is the evil spirit of the Watchtower Society, that it always causes a mental breathlessness in the reader. Assertions without sense and understanding remain as trademarks of heresy and irritation in the text landscape. The infected Jehovah's Witnesses swallow this breathlessness and are proud to be able to endure all the irritations of the governing body. After all, they have worked for years in a free study on not being able to think thoughts independently and not wanting to think independently anymore.

The sentence that follows the announcement of a big gap in faith in Jesus is so far from reality that the reader has to do a terrible balancing act to make a connection between the first and second sentences. But this artificial connection is intentional and, because it happens unsolicited, the reader perceives it as his own knowledge.

After his resurrection, Jesus said to his disciples: "All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me" and thus indicated that he would be at the head of a government of universal proportions (Mat 28:18).
Insighten, Volume 1, page 1345

This government "so recognized" with much imagination" is of course under the leadership of the Watchtower Society! And, of course, the believer must also be subject to this universal government in addition to acknowledging the role of Jesus. This is what the slave wants to tie to the leg of his Jehovah's Witnesses.

And he's succeeding. But the slave from Brooklyn has successfully eliminated the fact that faith in Jesus alone is sufficient to attain eternal life. The slave from Brooklyn has added something to Jesus' rescue work that is based on the words: ... and let recognize in such a way! Isn't that bold? If it goes after what Jesus let recognize, then everything can always be interpreted somehow or also differently. The seducer from Brooklyn works exactly on this base of his own bold assumptions!

(By the way, the Catholic Church works over long distances with exactly this technique of wildly rampant assumptions.)

But it is not about "what Jesus made known", but it is only about what is written in the Bible and what the Spirit says to the churches. Somewhere in Revelation it is said what happens to those who take something away from the Bible or add something. This happens with the Watchtower Society and its Jehovah's Witnesses.


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