The Jehovah's Witness in the Last Judgement

How the Watchtower Society Corrupts Life

What happens when a Jehovah's Witness stands before God's judgment and is to be examined all his life? When a person stands before God, nothing helps him to make good arguments and apologies. As far as God is not an ungodly, self-invented thing, as is the case in all gentile and non-Christian religions, the following unanimous agreement prevails among all people: It is simply inconceivable that even a single person is recognized as just in the judgment of God and escapes due punishment. Let us take the example of a Jehovah's Witness to illustrate the course of the proceedings.

The process

First, as in any good lawsuit, personal data is read out and with every detail, the Jehovah's Witness is swayed to know everything about him. After this part is finished, the Jehovah's Witness takes his place and the Prosecutor rules his office. With great pleasure, he begins to report the list of the Jehovah's Witness's transgressions. But at this moment the lawyer, the defender of all people, stands up and speaks to the prosecutor. The defender, known by the name of Jesus of Nazareth, argues that he has already been punished for all these sins. And finally, it can never be right to punish the same offence twice or more times.

On the defender's objection, the plaintiff's temples begin to pulsate and small stinking steam clouds rise from him. The plaintiff's face darkens and with vehemence and determination he presents his next and final charge. He knows very well about the redemption through Jesus Christ, but could not do without at least trying to bring the sin register of Jehovah's Witness into the public eye. After this was taken from him, he throws himself at his final accusation: "This Jehovah's Witness did not believe in Jesus!"

Now all heads in the courtroom turn expectantly towards the defender, who however says at this point: "Unfortunately, I didn't die for this." Everyone immediately realizes that Jehovah's Witness has no chance of surviving the Last Judgement. But he wonders what purpose he spent his life ploughing for the Watchtower Society and sacrificing everything to it. Was there not also a Jesus in whom people believed? Jehovah's Witness is closing his neck and the questions he has ignored all his life are a burden to him.

But God's judgment is just and Jehovah's Witness is given an opportunity to understand the transgression of his life. He relied on paper. He has placed his hope in the spread of an ideology. Jesus Christ, who atoned for his sin, was not important to him. He did not ask Jesus, but an earthly organization that called itself divine. While Jehovah's Witness gradually understood that he, just like any other Jesus denier, had no faith in Jesus, his inner being also begins to deal with what judgement will now be made of him.

The more the trial progresses, the more unmixed truth penetrates Jehovah's Witnesses. He begins to understand why his life is forfeited and why Jesus' sacrifice was so trampled underfoot in the Watchtower Society. He also realizes that those who knowingly seduced him into these lies have terrible things to expect.

A bad pain hits him. How many people has he seduced into satanic religion in the course of his watchtower life? And why has he never followed the justified doubts about the Watchtower teachings? He thinks of his next companions, his family, his friends. Wouldn't he have had to take some responsibility for these people as well? Why did he always remain silent and carry out his tasks submissively? Hadn't he been indifferent to the question of Jesus during his life? Didn't he always stick to the thought: Oh, the society will already know it? Had he not had the opportunity every day to get to the bottom of the Watchtower teachings?

But what becomes increasingly clear to him in the course of these thoughts is the fact that on every single day of his life he had the opportunity to ask Jesus personally what was going on. But didn't society expressly forbid praying to Jesus Christ? Yes. That is correct. And at this moment Jehovah's Witness realizes that he should never have bowed to any guidelines of earthly organizations. He looks over to the defender, who in all probability will no longer stand up for him. And he understands it.

How does the process end?

The Bible invites us to make or at least try to make a decision for Jesus Christ now and here in this life. The Bible reports that it is not impossible for anyone and that everyone is welcome and that without Jesus Christ no salvation is possible. Will the Jehovah's Witness still get a chance in the course of his trial? In the face of his defender, whom he has rejected all his life, will he still ...

According to the Bible, every person who has rejected Jesus all his life will be lost. But what about the fallen asleep Catholics who marketed Jesus in the form of flour biscuits? What about Muslims who deny the divinity of Jesus with all their might? What about the esothericists and the Greens, who preferred to remember their own religion? What about all the people who have never heard of Jesus?

According to the Bible, every person who has rejected Jesus all his life will be lost. But what about the fallen asleep Catholics who marketed Jesus in the form of flour biscuits? What about Muslims who deny the divinity of Jesus with all their might? What about the esotericists and the Greens, who preferred to remember their own religion? What about all the people who have never heard of Jesus?

My experience

To illustrate the tragedy of people simply ignoring Jesus or replacing him with another God (e.g. Jehovah or climate protection), I would like to share my experiences. At the age of 16, I was in the pubertal life cycle, despairing of human logic. Quite unexpectedly and "coincidentally" I read the first chapter of the first letter to the Corinthians. There was the hint that there is more than man's farmer's shrewdness and that God's stupidity is wiser than anything man can infer. Wow! What was that! There is more than wealth, more than glory, more than sexuality, more than beautiful women, more than fat cars? Soso, that sounded interesting.

I didn't find it hard to make a decision. Why shouldn't I take the Bible seriously at least once in my life? Who would prevent me from doing an experiment that I did not seem to find negative? I said to Jesus, "If you are the one you pretend to be, I will give you my life. And this cheeky prayer was not resented. On the contrary.

I will not report the consequences of this prayer here. You, reader, must make the experiences yourself. No one can replace that. Nobody can chew that up for you. Only one thing I may tell with your kind permission: At Walldorf-Wiesloch station I stood with my signs in front of Jehovah's Witnesses. A man (Albanian?), whom Jehovah's Witnesses had already turned against me for more than a year, approached me and made efforts to snatch the signs from me. One meter away from me, he suddenly looked over me and got eyes the size of a breakfast plate. Then he disappeared.

Dear people, a good scientist does not shy away from self-experimentation. Take Jesus seriously or ignore him. Anyway, I can say from experience that the God of the Bible is our creator and that we will all meet him. Face to face. Think me stupid or not. I so don't care. Please don't let yourself be guided by other people's opinions. Follow things and see if Jesus Christ is alive. And never get involved in earthly organizations! Also don't get involved in the Freimauerer just because they throw coal around.


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