Jehovah's Witness term blending


... who would crush the head of his snake-like adversary and thereby bring relief to mankind ...
Insighten, Volume 1, page 1345

Here one can clearly see how the Jehovah's Witnesses strive, through harmless new vocabulary, to immerse the work of Jesus in a light that makes everything appear as irrelevant as possible. What does the word mean to give someone relief? For example, when I shake a patient's pillow or give him a painkiller, I give someone relief. You can relieve yourself by going to the toilet or by turning from one side to the other from time to time in bed.

What a self-deprecation it is when Jehovah's Witnesses use such a term to describe what Jesus did for humanity! What a bad testimony of what Jehovah's Witnesses think of Jesus! They try to drag Jesus down to a level that has something to do with emptying the bowels.

In truth, Jesus has irrevocably redeemed all mankind and reconciled them to God. He has also predicted to those who believe His Word that by believing in Him they will not have it easier in this world. That is the truth! What does that have to do with relief? That is not relief, that is pure salvation! The millions and billions of times of "relief".

Obedient people

... and through the redeeming sacrifice provided the means by which obedient people could be freed from sin and death ...
Insighten, Volume 1, page 1345

No! Faith in Jesus himself is the obedience demanded by God. It is not the focus on obedient action in human works that saves, but the clear bond of faith in Jesus. It is not the redeeming sacrifice sold by Jehovah's Witnesses that is the centre of life, but Jesus himself. It is not the "appreciation" of the redeeming sacrifice that brings survival, but the Lord Jesus himself. With his power he accomplishes the good works of the believer, and in them the believer is obedient to give the glory to Jesus Christ in his good works. For it is not human obedience that counts, but the superhuman, even the divine power of Jesus, who has completely fulfilled obedience for us!

For the fulfillment of obedience does not take place in human works, but only in the faithful acceptance of the Son of God. The entire act of obedience is then mastered by Jesus himself in us, who died for all of us in boundless obedience. This work cannot be taken away from him. Nor can this work be combined or completed with human obedience. This perfect redemption work of Jesus is so sublime that only faith in Jesus is still necessary for us to make it effective on us. In this we are obedient to let Jesus, who stands at the door and knocks, into our hearts.

Jehovah's Witnesses try to talk this circumstance away by focusing on human action. They are strong in driving their fellow human beings before themselves and the misinterpreted will of God. They put people under a pressure to perform that no human being can fulfill. In this way, they are sure that Satan can successfully sue all those who believed Jehovah's Witnesses in judgment.


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