The Paradise Expectation of Jehovah's Witnesses

The Bible says:

  • For in the resurrection they will neither marry nor be married, but they are like angels in heaven. (Matthew 22:30)
  • When they will rise from the dead, they will neither marry nor be married, but they will be like the angels in heaven. (Mark 12:25)
  • ... but who are worthy to attain that world and the resurrection from the dead, they shall neither marry nor be married. (Luke 20:35)

Like angels in heaven

Jesus tells us clearly and unambiguously that the sexuality of man is passing away. We will be different in the resurrection than we are now. In the resurrection all earthly references based on sexuality will no longer exist. But the Watchtower Society does not want this clear statement of Jesus to be true. The Watchtower Society filters the words of Jesus at will. On the one hand it claims that it is always on the way to receiving new light, on the other hand it stubbornly and obsessively denies what Jesus said clearly and openly to people.

The Jehovah's Witness Paradise

Thus the paradise that the Jehovah's Witnesses expect differs so far from what is discernible in the Bible that from this one aspect alone the teaching of the Watchtower Society can be discerned as one of the most insane of false doctrines.

With bad teeth in Witness Jehovah's Paradise

Life – How did it come into being? Page 251
The Watchtower Society signs the picture as follows: "All those who make the right choice have the prospect of a wonderful future."

Down to such details as the slight malposition of this young man's teeth, the faithful and understanding slave celebrates the return of the resurrected into earthly bodies. Jehovah's Witnesses never tire of emphasizing that this earthly paradise is perfect. But what about the young man's teeth? Should he have gone to a dentist shortly before his death?

The following urgent questions also arise:

  • If the Jehovah's Witnesses will all be in that paradise as men and women (and even as boys and girls), where is the statement of Christ who explicitly stated otherwise?
  • Will they all stay the way they are? Will the children never grow? Will they never grow er? What do Jehovah's Witnesses have of a paradise where 50 million year old girls look like 5 years old?
  • Will the young man in paradise always and always play his role of a friendly family father? Who decides that as a 27-year-old man in paradise he will be like this and not different? Is such a decision fair?
  • Will Paradise be an eternal snapshot of what remains of human material after Armageddon?
  • If not, where do the perfect families come from? They must all have died at the same time!
  • When the Jehovah's Witnesses in their bodies will be in earthly paradise, will they own cars?
  • If they don't need cars because they are perfect and like angels, why are they always portrayed as man and woman and boy and girl?

But as to drive this heresy to extremes, the faithful and discreet slave in the above-mentioned book (p. 233) prints another picture:

Sensible Work in the Jehovah's Witness Paradise

This picture is signed by the faithful and understanding slave with the following keywords:

  • A paradisiacal environment
  • Absolute safety
  • Satisfactory work
  • Blossoming health
  • Blossoming health

Doesn't that sound a lot like an election program from some secular party? Doesn't that sound like the promises that people are constantly being led to believe by politicians? And what is the "Satisfactory Work" supposed to do? How does the consequence of the expulsion from paradise come to the Watchtower Paradise as a new edition? Wasn't the work only necessary after Adam and Eve were disfellowshipped from paradise? Why should this punishment continue to exist in the paradise of Jehovah's Witnesses?

How is it that so many semi-intelligent people can seduce so many with their false doctrine?

The one who does not have Jesus cannot be introduced to the truth. He who does not have Jesus must think of something for himself and in doing so lie to himself and to others and deceive them. Those who do not have Jesus cannot rely on the fact that they no longer need to do anything for their salvation. Those who do not have Jesus can never relax and thank the Lord on their knees that Jesus saves us without us ever having to know how, when and where.

Whoever sucks himself out of the Bible with his human spirit will fail before God and men. The one who does not have Jesus will be exposed to the very core of his existence before all the world. Whoever does not have Jesus must continue, continue, continue despite the clear recognition of his spiritual bankruptcy.

The Watchtower Society doesn't have Jesus.


I heard the JWs believe that in the end their governing body members will turn into angels and will help rule over us with Jesus. This was from a baptized congregant. Is this correct? I saw a video of governing body member Morris in a liquor store buying about six bottles of high end liquor. What would Jesus need a whiskey swilling angel to help him rule a world free of sin, wickedness, crime, illness and death. A perfect place.

Victor [October 22, 2021]

Yes, it is true. Jehovah's Witnesses actually believe that only a special class of them will go to heaven. These are the ones with heavenly hope, who are also allowed to take of the bread and wine when the rest of Jehovah's Witnesses are celebrating the worldwide Anti-Communion. As for the angel Morris, he will be transformed. There will be vodka in heaven. It is cheaper. [RH]

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