Mary, mother of Jesus, a Celt? – Blasphemy and Occultism

The success of the Watchtower Society speaks for itself! Not that this publisher has spread the biggest lies ever told or lied to the largest crowds – one thing the Watchtower Society can claim for itself: It holds the record of keeping the most serious truth seekers trapped under the lie and can boast of keeping those who seriously sought the truth away from Jesus.

Jehovah's Witnesses are people who once searched for the truth and worried seriously about their salvation. Jehovah's Witnesses have fallen into one of Satan's worst traps in their quest for truth, and they sleep the sleep of death of preaching service and work righteousness while still alive, unaware that these human works only benefit the profits of the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses have dedicated their lives to the Watchtower Society, a society that grew out of Charles T. Russell, who fell in love with the religion of ancient Egyptians. For more than a hundred years this society has been spreading a mixed religion among people and enriching itself splendidly.

Science is the trend

Television now blatantly broadcasts "scientific documentaries" in which it is "proved" that Jesus was at best only a man and that the rediscovery of pagan cults revealed true religion. In these manipulation films of the occultists, mostly equipped with dramatic music and a butter-soft speaking voice, a large number of the Watchtower contents find their place, because also the Watchtower society springs from the Gnostic world of religions. Monotheism still finds room in the Watchtower theology, but the faithful and understanding slave lets more and more pagan "trivialities" flow into his works in order to prepare the ground for a great revolution: The New World Order.

Mary as Celtic

So we find in the magazine "DER WACHTTURM – 1. January 2009" on page 8 a picture depicting the mother of Jesus as Nordic woman (Aryan) – as Celtic.

Note the skeleton of the dead, which can be seen schematically in the background and watches over everything!
Mary, Mother of Celtic efficiency


The Catholic Church, which in these days under the leadership of Benedict XVI has given anti-Semitism a new platform, is not alone in its theological delusion of replacing the people of God. Jehovah's Witnesses also believe that they have been elevated to the status of God's chosen people in place of the Jews. While biblical doctrine clearly states that we Gentile Christians are only partakers of the grace of God as grafted branches, both the Catholic Church and Jehovah's Witnesses have gone mad to be the true people of God.

As if to mock the religious Jews, the Jehovah's Witnesses built themselves a Pharisaic doctrine that surpasses the snootiness of the original religious elite of the Jews. The grace of the Son of Man is built into their teachings as a byway, so that those seeking truth can fall for the false teachings of the WTS. Apart from that, Jehovah's Witnesses of Jesus Christ is quite irrelevant.

A highlight of the insolence of the faithful and intelligent slave (Governing Body of the Watchtower Society) is the portrayal of Mary as Celtic. As if to banish the last Jewish spark from religion, the heroic figure depictions are equipped with Aryan facial features. This also applies to the depictions of Jesus in the Watchtower publications. Only the Jews represented in them always have something eccentric Jewish about them, as one knows it from the "good" old German representations.

Two roads lead to Rome

With the representation of biblical stories by Aryan figures, the Watchtower pursues two goals. On the one hand it underpins the anti-Semitic part contained in its teaching (Jehovah's Witnesses are the people of God), on the other hand it introduces an affinity to the pagan cult being via this clandestine track. While until now "only" demons in the pictures of the Watchtower magazines did their mischief, now also the elements belonging to the pagan religions like for example anti-Semitism join them.

Just as the Catholic Church keeps people away from Jesus, the Watchtower religion draws people into a pull that seems well prepared in our modern world society. Evolutionary religion, paganism and Bible changes are the components of the strategy with which Jesus is to be dethroned as God and Lord. It is the Jesus normalizers who work together worldwide to build a Christian-free new world. They weave at the New World Unity religion.

With the classification of the Watchtower Society into the ranks of the Jesus normalizers and now also into the ranks of the pagan cult discoverers, a phase begins in which the game is still quite transparent. The Internet is still free and the dirty game of the religion manipulators is denounced here and there. But these possibilities will be more and more limited, because the rulers have a great interest in banishing Christ as the Redeemer God from the hearts and minds of human beings.

Thus the Watchtower Society, with the discovery of its pagan cult vein, pursues the objective of the true anti-Christian religion, whose earthly home is the Vatican. Everything will unite in Rome and also the faithful and intelligent slave will collect his wages there among many others. The goal of all religions of this world is the elimination of Jesus as centre and God. Rome unites all these religions among itself.

Pioneer Rome

The purpose of the action is to portray the Antichrist. As long as the Christian majority believes that Jesus is the Son of God or even God himself, the Antichrist cannot make a real appearance in the world with his Schmalhans-wonder bag. First the faith in Jesus as the Incarnate Creator must be taken away from mankind, so that the Antichrist can present himself as a normalized Jesus. If the mainstream says that Jesus was only man, the basis for the appearance of the Antichrist in the world will be prepared.

For this reason the religions of this world (also the occultists are a religion) have in mind the great goal of normalizing Jesus to a human being. Therefore, it is important information for Jehovah's Witnesses that they are no more than the desired mystream and that the Watchtower quietly and secretly begins to form Celtic heroic figures from the doers of the Bible.

At this point Jehovah's Witnesses should realize that they are being deceived by the Watchtower Society. They are hired to distribute the message for their salvation, which the faithful and discreet slave will lead ever further into the pagan realms. Jehovah's Witnesses are blinded to reality, making themselves the tools of the occultists and the normalizers of Jesus.


Enormously many factors point to the appearance of the Antichrist. The richest of the rich of this world have given themselves the "honor" to establish themselves beyond all human imagination as welfare recipients and to steal this role from all the poor of this world. In this way they pave the way for the One World Government. At the same time Jesus is consistently fought in all media or displaced by the Catholicism in line with the needs of the factory. With Obama we have already today a foresight on the general possibility to install a world leader. On television one could actually see how passers-by let themselves be led to personally address a life-size cardboard figure of Obama and wish him all the best.

Jehovah's Witnesses! You are diligently involved in the preparation of the Antichrist without knowing it. You are obliged to read and see only what the Watchtower offers you. You have been artificially blinded by abuse of the Word of God. But the Word of God, Jesus Christ, will open the eyes of all men at His return. See to it that you do not then experience a bad surprise!

Discover Jesus Christ! He is the hand that God has given us. Why should God only give us a replacement hand, as is the case everywhere in the world? No! God has indeed given us his real hand and this hand of God is called Jesus Christ. Jesus is God. He became God, man and went to death for us, which we should have suffered. God has presented himself to us as a pioneer and mediator of life and does not deserve that we do not believe him.

Every path to God that we make ourselves must fail. Jesus is the way and only him. His name alone is given to us so that we may be saved in Him.


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