General Assessment of Watchtower Doctrine

Everyone shall be blessed according to his facon. According to this principle the world of all religions revolves, even the pagan ones, which call themselves Christian and yet adhere to a pagan God who gets along without Jesus and was invented only by human beings. The principle "Everyone shall be blessed according to his facon" also underlies these Watchtower-critical pages. The testimony for Jesus is not supposed to represent an upper doctrine overflanking the Watchtower doctrine, but the testimony for Jesus stands in space as that which can be experienced directly from the contact with Jesus. This testimony has flowed into the pages because the entire Watchtower doctrine has only one purpose, namely the elimination of the salvation of man in direct contact with Jesus.

Indeed, every Jehovah's Witness should quietly pursue his preoccupation with modesty, even if it is clear that he will perish with it unless he is in possession of the guarantee of Jesus which results from the rebirth of water and the Spirit and the direct contact with Jesus associated therewith. No human work, no matter how global, can replace contact with God, no human organization can achieve anything equivalent to what God Himself has done for us in Jesus. None of us can save ourselves from sin through works or by belonging to an organization. Jesus is the only address given to us by God. Those who are afraid to worship him are afraid of the light and can hardly bear the sunshine.

All religions of this world are ways out of forlornness, ways out that man has created for himself. There is no religion in this world that can do what Jesus does for us. Nobody in this world is dependent on a religion, but only on Jesus Christ. And Jesus is directly accessible for all of us. We can, just as the people visited him and heard him at that time, address prayer to him also today and we are introduced to all truth by him. No one needs a channel of God, no one needs a pope, no one needs a faithful and understanding slave, no one needs good works and no one can buy his freedom through donations. Good works and donations can only be the fruit of faith and never its foundation. Good works must be from God, otherwise they are not good works.

The appeasement of the bad conscience before God and the Godlost state of our souls cannot be remedied by anything but the mere acceptance, the seriousness of Him who is called Jesus and died for us on the cross. The Watchtower religion comes to the fore as Satan's dazzling religious spearhead, but its powerlessness is just as great as the failure of all religions and sects in this world. Nothing stands before God but Jesus alone. Everything man-made disappears from the repertoire of salvation and only the lamb that carried sin to the world remains behind.

The beautiful cult

Religious people find consolation and inner peace in the structured repetition of always the same turnings to the necessary religious actions, which last at least for a while. But again and again they must repeat these strategies of religionist self-control in order not to fall back quickly and more evil than before into the certainty of godlessness. Catholics, Muslims, and Jehovah's Witnesses are all dependent on these cult repetitions. None of them has experienced the quenching of the spiritual thirst experienced by a Christian in direct contact with Jesus. Every Christian is in direct contact with Jesus. Unfortunately, many people call themselves Christians, although they do not have this contact. These also fall into the category of those who are always thirsty again, who have to perform their rituals in order not to be accused by their conscience.

No one wants to make rules for such religionist people and impose a faith on them. Christians know from experience that this very overturning of a faith is completely pointless. The recommendation of Jesus as Saviour, the recommendation to dare direct contact with Him, can and must only indicate the way out that God has made possible for us in Jesus. Nobody regards this recommendation as a new doctrine or as a religious cult act.

The fact that a Jehovah's Witness cannot comprehend how Jesus saves is already apparent from the fact that he knows only one viewpoint of religious life. He knows only the active fulfillment of the demands of a God, which are established and properly administered by human organizations such as the Watchtower Society or the Catholic Church. That God in Jesus has already fulfilled all demands and merely expects us to believe in Jesus and say yes, no man can experience this without the effect of the Holy Spirit. The only thing he can do is to ask Jesus: Lord! What is it that I should do? But exactly this question is diligently and wrongly answered in advance by religious organizations. Jesus does not speak any more. And with Jehovah's Witnesses even the mere possibility of asking questions has been eradicated by stigmatizing the prayer to Jesus as idolatry. Jesus as the second God must not be worshiped by Jehovah's Witness. (The fact that the first commandment already forbids the having of a second God is concealed in this connection.)

So let's hold fast:

  • Religions are human work and are meaningless before God
  • Jesus is the only address where God has made himself callable
  • All distractions from Jesus are staged and controlled directly or indirectly by the thrower of confusion

In order for the anchoring of evil in Watchtower literature to emerge and be intuitively grasped, here are some images of Jehovah-inspired literature that look deeper into the motivations of the Watchtower religion. Please click on the pictures and switch within the larger picture simply by clicking on the right margin.

Watchtower 15 September 2010 Student edition, page 26
The instructing Jehovah's Witness, appointed as an elder at a young age and rising in rebuke. He enjoys the submission of his "brothers and sisters". The hierarchy of power within Jehovah's organization makes the service that Jesus demands pure lust for power.
Watchtower 15 September 2010 Student edition, page 28
Jesus as avenger of the only true religion that clears away the injustice that Jehovah's Witnesses must experience. That Jesus never leads a human organization does not occur to them.
Watchtower 15 September 2010 Student edition, page 31
Jehovah's Witnesses are always so popular with so many people. The educated are always very interested and already carry the Satan's S in themselves.
Awake November 2009, page 27
In countries with lower living standards, Jehovah's Witnesses seem to bring pure happiness. There, individual profit mixes with simple ignorance. People in these regions are particularly vulnerable.
Watchtower 01 December 2009, Page 23
The fixed hierarchies of the people of Asia are dissolved by the Watchtower Doctrine. Here, too, the doctrine must dominate all human relationships.
Awake October 2009, page 5
The large ES for Eternal Satan (german: Ewiger Satan) is also found in the modern world. The future should take place under the iron rod of the Watchtower Society. Satan is there.
Awake October 2009, page 19
The woman as bait! Many men have already become witnesses to the attractiveness of Jehovah's Witnesses and have no idea into which trap they were lured. However, the large selection of Witnesses shown here is an outright lie. Witnesses often end up as old maidens because they cannot find a partner in the Watchtower Society.
Watchtower 01 March 2010, title page
"The Bible – A Book from God?"
This is a good question, because the apostle depicted by the Watchtower Society carries in his hair the designation ES for Eternal Satan. This shows that the devil has a joke! It's a perfidious way for the Watchtower Society to make fun of Jehovah's Witnesses.
Watchtower 01 March 2010, page 5

If you switch back and forth between the images, you can see exactly where the label is located. This applies to all images. Here, too: ES for Eternal Satan..

The way the Watchtower Society exposes itself is quite unprecedented. Does it have so much cheeky courage that it says to itself: Nobody will discover that yet? Or is she just drawing on the habitual success rate of her scams?

Watchtower 01 March 2008, Page 16

The teachable pair of witnesses
He can shine in front of his wife. He also carries the identification ES for Eternal Satan.

Click also here between the pictures back and forth. Left margin: back – right margin: forward.

Watchtower 15 January 2008, page 12
The piety of Jehovah's Witnesses cannot be surpassed in the world by anyone. At least as far as self-expression is concerned. It is helpful to find the truth that Satan proudly leaves his signature in many watchtower pictures.
Watchtower 15 January 2008 Study Edition, page 16
Is this about saving Catholics from the idolatry of Marian worship? No, because Satan likes him very much. Rather, it is a matter of setting up the next trap for Catholics who have become attentive and seek the truth, so that they do not find Jesus.
Watchtower 15 December 2008 Student edition, page 29
The chosen one, whom Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the Watchtower Society, called the first and greatest Freemason. The following three pictures show us what this means. Remains to wish the viewer helpful knowledge.
Watchtower 15 January 2010 Student edition, page 3
The new Jehovah's Witness. Still full of enthusiasm and already with a laughing snake up his sleeve. And later the typical ES for Eternal Satan is added. Experience shows that in this way captured people hardly have a chance to accept Jesus, because the contact to Jesus is forbidden to Jehovah's Witnesses as idolatry! (4 pictures)
Awake January 2011, page 29
The study of the Bible according to the guidelines of the Watchtower Society is supposed to make it possible not to be destroyed by the Watchtower Jehovah. You wear ES on your arm.
Awake August 2010, page 2

Jehovah's Witnesses can be very friendly and we don't know if they mean it honestly or not. The Watchtower Society, in any case, cannot mean it honestly according to the state of affairs. It marks its preachers with E and S.

Connected to Eternal Satan.

Many Jehovah's Witnesses themselves do not know what kind of Jehovah they serve and what kind of "service" they perform.

Awake August 2010, page 4

The stigmatization with the Eternal-Satan-ES carries the child who cannot know anything about anything. Jesus said emphatically:

Let the children come to me and do not hinder them!

But the Watchtower Society destroys childhood and life for all those born into it. The hardening of the heart by Satan seems perfect. The natives have almost no chance to ever get to know Jesus.

Watchtower 15 March 1998, page 3
According to the insights of the faithful and intelligent slave, already in Jesus' time there were people with artificial laughter. ES-characterized.
Children's book(!) LERNE VON DEM GROSSEN LEHRER, page 30 at the bottom
Manipulation is also used mercilessly in the children's book LERNE VON DEM GROSSEN LEHRER. Jehovah's Witnesses have been accustomed to the ES label from an early age. (Pay attention to the neck of the boy shown on the left side of the picture! Look at the figure from the collar to the ear! Also pay attention to the structure, which looks like the shadow of his left hand in the boy's far right: A devil's sign very close to the ES.)
Children's book(!) LERNE VON DEM GROSSEN LEHRER, page 33
The angel Gabriel brings the news of her upcoming pregnancy to Mary. Mary's symbol for eternal Satan is clearly visible, but beautifully hidden. With the angel Gabriel the Satan signs are only very weakly lifted from the background, but they are beautifully large and distributed on both arms. (Ask yourself the question: Why is the left sleeve of the angel Gabriel so crimped, when the arm simply hangs loosely down? It is due to the Satans-S, which the Watchtower Society does not want to do without. – Switch back and forth between the pictures in order to recognize the facts precisely.)
Watchtower 15 February 1997, page 7
The devil's answer to pain and suffering – he has drawn the picture – is an earthly accumulation of happiness. The communion with God, which is infinitely more than earthly happiness, is what Satan says to man. The devil uses the American dream of the eternal world power on earth.
Watchtower 1. March 2011 – last cover page
The most important desire of the Watchtower Society is the faith of all people in the spiritual provision of Jehovah: Jesus cannot be God. In order to achieve this goal, they very much like to represent Jesus with human attributes. Nothing is sacred to Satan. Everyone knows that. And yet Jehovah's Witnesses believe that they are in the truth. Beware! This is not a caricature! It is the original image with emphasis!
Watchtower 1 January 1998, page 16

Just as Jehu was supported by Jonadab, so today the "great multitude" loyal supports the greater Jehu, Jesus Christ, and his anointed brethren.
Meaning: Jehu and his anointed brothers are stone-rich, so they have horse harnesses studded with gems and gold. Jehu and his anointed brothers work on the delusion and exploitation of humanity, symbolized by the lion heads with their huge empty eye sockets. Jehu and his anointed brothers take the Jehovah's Witness on the chariot, which, judging by its face, is more of an overfed official. He is allowed to ride on the cart of the false doctrine.
Watchtower 1 July 2005, page 3
The search for inner peace
Meaning: Inner peace is possible if the person allows himself to be guided, so that he no longer has to make any real decisions himself. With this the responsibility is handed over and one feels redeemed, even though one is far from at peace with God. The intelligent man in the picture is wearing a tie showing a Muslim Jinn covering his eyes. The Watchtower leadership thus indicates that a kind of inner peace can also be achieved through deception and lies if one only gives responsibility to others. (Click on picture!)
Watchtower 1 July 2005, page 4
Humans, unlike animals, have a spiritual need
Meaning: Jehovah's Witnesses sell special Bible knowledge as rescue vehicles and advertise it with sayings like: "Humans, unlike animals, have a spiritual need". The funny thing is that they draw a monkey on the thinker's forehead in order to signal that the spirit of the Watchtower society does not help anything. Witnesses of Jesus experience is sacred. Jehovah's Witnesses strive for mental thinking. This picture shows which lie they are putting on the spot. The monkey face has exactly the same expression as the Jehovah's Witness. (Click on picture!)
Watchtower 1 July 2005, page 5
They will pile up teachers to get their ears tickled (2 Timothy 4:3)
Meaning: The Watchtower Society never misses an opportunity to ridicule the Cross of Christ. It uses Bible texts that it misuses. That the Bible texts are misinterpreted can be seen from the satanic perfidy with which they "adorn" the cross with symbols of death. While Jehovah's Witnesses repeatedly reproach them for being riotous, they themselves are filled with a blind hatred of Christ's cross. This hatred is instilled in the hearts of Jehovah's Witnesses from above, by the Watchtower leadership through infiltration. This image clearly shows that hatred of Christ's Cross is a central part of the Watchtower doctrine. In order to achieve the worldwide goals of High Grade Freemasonry, the Cross of Christ must first be destroyed. The Watchtower Society is working on this prerequisite for a New World Government. (Click on picture! Then click again in the middle of the picture to see the picture even larger.)

My advice is: Never rely on people in things that concern God! Check everything, but don't just trust people. God has said that a lot harder. He says in Jeremiah 17:5-6, "Thus says the LORD, "Cursed is the man who relies on men, holding flesh for his arm and leaving the LORD with his heart. He will be like a thorn bush in the wilderness, and he will not see the good that is coming, but he will remain in the drought of the wilderness, in the barren land, where no one dwells.

Whoever gets involved with the Watchtower Society and lets it get so far that he finds consolation over his forlornness through the religious activity has relied on people and has with a high degree of certainty cast off the saviour of people forever. Whoever hopes for salvation from man has already signed the contract with the devil. This means that the blockade of the heart is even worse than that of a Catholic. And he really has a hard time in the idolatry of Marian worship, in the cult of the Holy Father, who is forbidden by Jesus himself to call himself that, and in an organization which, like the Watchtower Society, claims to be the only one to be blessed.


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