Jehovah's Witnesses Live in Satan's Gospel

But this is now the most audacious thing this Ruediger Hentschel can afford. He calls the good news of the Kingdom of Jehovah the gospel of Satan! He also claims that the Jehovah's Witnesses lived in the gospel of Satan and from this it can be concluded that this evil, evil Ruediger Hentschel also claims that the Jehovah's Witnesses are in the hands of Satan.

But slowly it is time that this slanderer is finally stopped. If he does not get it right, hacks his websites, makes telephone terror, secretly cancels all his contracts, because it really can't go on like this. First he proves that the Watchtower Society is hard-core in presenting the theses of Apostle Paul as a lie, then he also claims that the Jehovah's Witnesses are in the hands of Satan. But that's the end of it! We have freedom of religion and the Watchtower Society is getting better and better in state-recognized positions!

Put an end to this horror! Everyone should be happy in his own way. And we witnesses don't put up with this Ruediger Hentschel anymore!

The Gospel of Satan

Satan has a large colorful bouquet of gospels. He spreads a new replacement gospel at short intervals. But some elite versions he maintains longer. These include the gospel he established through the Watchtower Society. This elaborate product from Lucifer's kitchen is a particularly well thought-out and very well marketed Jesus Displacement Gospel.

One peculiarity of this gospel of Satan is its success. Whoever has once been baptized in the name of Jehovah can no longer come out of this work of the devil. Unless Jesus himself intervenes. Therefore it is a duty of love for all disciples of Jesus to pray that all Jehovah's Witnesses will find their way away from Satan to Jesus.

But how does this idiot, Ruediger Hentschel, come to the conclusion that the good news of the kingdom of Jehovah could be the gospel of Satan? How can this disgusting type presume to make such a statement? Where does he get the authority to make such a slanderous assertion?

Why can Ruediger Hentschel claim that the good news of the Kingdom of Jehovah is Satan's gospel?

Shall we let him have his say? Or should we rather click away this damn web page immediately and continue so far? Shouldn't we rather follow the will of the faithful and intelligent slave? We can't and shouldn't read this Anti-Watchtower page!

For those who are of good will!

Here comes the explanation why the Watchtower Message comes from Lucifer's hand. The whole thing is so easy to see and so open that it is surprising that so many people just swallow Satan's obvious trick. It is so simple and clear to anyone to realize that one must inevitably wonder how Satan manages to lure 6 million people worldwide into this trap.

In every single issue of the Watchtower, the faithful and intelligent slave repeats the one traitorous sentence that everyone reads over and overlooks. With this one movement the Watchtower Society exposes itself as Satan's henchman and deprives every good believer of the chance to ever be acquitted of the Watchtower error by virtue of stupidity. For no one in this world who has ever fallen for this team of deceivers will ever be able to make an apology that refers to it: "I couldn't help it". For everyone can recognize at least by this one sentence of the Watchtower the satanic origin of the Watchtower Society!

Der Satz lautet:

He [the Watchtower] offers comfort to all nations by the good news that God's kingdom will soon destroy those who oppress their fellow men, ...

Lucifer's brilliant achievement

Any "good news" that is not the message of salvation through Jesus' death on the cross is only a substitute gospel. But what makes the good news of the kingdom so disgusting that it must be attributed to the hand of Satan? It is – let us read the text with the eyes of a child – the message of the annihilation of all mankind. For there is not a single person in the world who does not oppress anyone! From this it must be concluded that this "good news" is in reality Satan's intention to eliminate all humanity.

According to Paul, there is no man on earth without sin. So there is also no man who does not oppress any other man! And all these, all those who oppress others, are to be destroyed. This is the gospel of the Watchtower. It is the gospel of the destruction of all mankind. Here Satan himself announces the total annihilation of the world and sells this message as gospel, as good news.

This is one of the greatest achievements of Lucifer. Millions of people are confronted with the worst and manipulated to receive it as a message of God's salvation. Millions of Jehovah's Witnesses are so persistently and perfectly lied to that they live and work all their lives for Satan, yet still get a hope of salvation.

But please be clear, Jehovah's Witnesses! You are servants of Satan and have let yourselves be tied to his carts as working cattle.

Jesus frees you from it. All you have to do is ask him.


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