The Jehovah's Witness Cliché

The bourgeois facade of Jehovah's Witnesses shines and outshines the whole world with a clean, dignified, hard-earned attitude to life. The nice little family, in which Jehovah is worshipped from early in the morning until late in the evening, is the tidy, clean environment for the offspring, whom the faithful and sensible slave desires. The great erudition of all family members is promoted by the loving family father through constant instruction. Everyone is always very attentive and prefers to spend their time in the light of the loving religious practice which the father so lovingly and wisely passes on to his children.

How could Jehovah ever resent such an exemplary family? Something so clean, so completely separate from sin, so well placed in front of the world, can never fall out of Jehovah's grace. Whoever so straight as a die and persevering to the death upholds and upholds bourgeois goodness must be able to count on surviving in Armageddon!

The warm colours of Joseph and Mary's family and the peaceful atmosphere give us the impression that Jesus, like every other Jehovah's Witness, grew up in the best religious environment. Jesus, as the eldest son of Mary and Joseph, even has the role of role model for his dear brothers and sisters. He is the chief witness Jehovah's son. Just as Mary and Joseph lived after the Jehovah's Witnesses were conceived, all Jehovah's Witnesses strive to live. In a wonderful family world, whole healed, whole loved, whole religious and in very regular worship.

The Jehovah's Witness Cliché
None of the biblical passages given points to worship!

But the truth is that nothing is known about whether the family of Jesus was ever such an ideal world. Even Joseph's supposedly magnificent religious achievement as a family worship teacher is pure fantasy of the faithful and intelligent slave of America. The faithful and understanding slave has sucked all the clichéd piety from the above illustration out of his fingers. The good-citizen cliché that is burned into the allegedly non-existent soul of Jehovah's Witnesses with the above illustration is pure American fantasy. The rich from America have always sold nice looking dreams.

The family of Mary and Joseph was a completely average family. The economic conditions of Israel at that time were not suitable for attaching great importance to above-average order and family breeding. They certainly did not have more religion in mind than the rest of the Jewish people. And when they did, they did not "practice" it like the Jehovah's Witnesses, but carried them in their hearts.

Features of the Jehovah's Witness Cliché

  • To be good, so that you don't need Jesus
  • Setting a good example for the world to see that Jesus was actually unnecessary
  • Show all people how to ingratiate themselves with God without Jesus
  • Calculate with mathematical accuracy the personal contribution that can be calculated for God at a given time
  • With bourgeois penetrance practice religion to force one's own salvation
  • Insist on the bourgeois principle that there is only earned grace
  • Limiting the mercy of God to one's own goodness
  • Force your way into paradise with discipline
  • Survive with the right of the good citizen Armageddon
  • "Exercising" faith to increase one's own right with God
  • Calculate one's chances with the help of the faithful and understanding slave

In contrast to this clean world of Jehovah's Witnesses, something takes place with God that no man can ever comprehend, but can only accept and claim for himself by believing in the man Jesus of Nazareth. In Jesus, the paradoxical love, the contradiction and its dissolution, the acceptance of the sinful man reigns. In Jesus we find a greatness that goes far beyond the self-developed chance of survival of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Who is Jesus really?

God is absolute in everything. His justice is absolute and His love is absolute. These two are mutually exclusive! For if God wants to be absolutely just, he must kill us human beings. And if God wants to love absolutely, he must kill justice. What now!

There is one thing that stands so high above human thought that the probability of its divine origin is higher than high. Even if Jesus were just a good idea, the idea would be so beautiful and so meaningful that it deserved to be believed and accepted as true by mankind by its very nature. And the fact that in all probability it does not originate in human brains can be recognized by the fact that it is not thought, recognized or believed by both the then and now religious elite.

It is God's action that resolves the conflict between absolute love and absolute justice in a way that does not destroy us human beings. God has punished Himself in Jesus for our sins so that the necessary justice, His righteousness, may be satisfied. While the religious elite then as now did not know what was really written in Jesus' book of commissions, God allowed Himself to be punished in Jesus for the sins of the world. And as a human being! Not as an overpowering being for whom all this does not matter! But as a true man with all pain, with all doubt and all sorrow. He washed out in Jesus that which was reserved for us for our sin and bound his mercy through this sacrificed Jesus to faith in this very man Jesus.

Even if this Jesus had only come up with the idea of creating a new faith in this way in one of the great moments of human intelligence, even then it would only be right to follow this coup. Because this coup is a divine coup that leaves every comparison in the world behind. There is nothing higher than this, that Jesus died for us and once and for all cleansed the relationship between man and God. All that religion exists in the world reflects only our bourgeois facade and has only human conclusion in itself. Only one thing is above all that far superior. This is Jesus who told us: The Father and I are one.

Only in this absolute unity of being between God and Jesus, only in the godliness of Jesus does his sacrificial death have the meaning that the righteousness of God has been satisfied. Only in the absolutely unjust punishment of himself could God dissolve the paradox of love/justice. All utterances, announcements, promises, promises, predictions of Jesus suddenly get meaning under this aspect and become self-explanatory!

This turn of death towards life, however, can only be grasped by the believer. Human perception is bound to stones, plastic, glass and good deeds. Man is carnal by nature. Only those who receive Jesus personally in faith can become spiritual.

Die guten Zeugen vom Watchtower

Jehovah's Witnesses are absolutely carnal in all their calculations. They have so thoroughly turned away from God that they (must) put everything, really everything, on the good old pharmacist's scales. But they do not understand that God measures with completely different measures. For they have made the measure of all things a foolish sausage. They have rejected Jesus and are attached to a god of art, which the American faithful and understanding slave has thought up. They think in exclusively human values and references and cannot recognize what God has communicated to us.

I haven't understood for a long time either. I stood in the church and was surprised that the people there praised Jesus with tears and laughter! What was going on! What was that all about! – Today I know that only faith counts. God wants you to simply accept Jesus in faith. When and how you will understand, that is actually decided by God alone. Because without the Holy Spirit the matter cannot be understood. But it works in faith. From the moment you invite Jesus into your heart, you are irrevocably saved.


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