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What's the matter with it? When is it coming?

Until the end of 2007, the Watchtower still shone with the statement that it spread the gospel of the destruction of all people. The good news was:

He [the Watchtower] offers comfort to all nations by the good news that God's kingdom will soon destroy those who oppress their fellow men, ...
Okay, I get it! All those who oppress others must be destroyed as soon as possible
Okay, I get it! All those who oppress others must be destroyed as soon as possible

Since there is no one in the world who does not oppress anyone, this Watchtower Gospel means hope for the death of all people. – How much this self-confession, written down in every Watchtower, makes clear that growth is an organ of the Antichrist, can be seen by those who know of Jesus that Jesus wants to bring every human being from death to life.

Nothing is further from Jesus than the destruction of all mankind.

Nothing else the Watchtower Society and its members, the Jehovah's Witnesses, long for more than the destruction of all mankind.

This is the gospel that the Watchtower spreads. All those who oppress others should be destroyed. What could fit better into Satan's program than such a request that promises people the prompt reward of their deeds! Jesus is directly opposed to this program. He has paid the sin of the whole world. He gave Himself with all that He was and is and will be, to prevent the destruction of all mankind. With this way, which he determined for the people that we should not be condemned according to our human weakness, but should be saved according to our faith, he has put Satan on the line.

What could be more obvious than that Satan, despite or precisely because of this wonderful turn that Jesus brought about, continues his old goal of annihilating humanity? What could be more natural than for the devil to come up with a substitute gospel that, at least for those who believe this gospel of Satan, will bring about the unconditional end of their sins? What is more plausible than a slightly modified copy of the gospel of Jesus, which in essence turns the whole thing around but comes across in Christian garb?

Satan has convicted himself.

Satan has left many thousands of written proofs of his longing to destroy humanity completely in the magazines of the Watchtower Society. Surely he packaged them so well that only real Christians could discover this false gospel of the annihilation of mankind. But he has left behind this evidence and he has thus exposed himself before the eyes of the whole world in such a way that his request now condemns and deeply humiliates him even before the end.

But he can still expand his success and power by avoiding being discovered by many people and being recognized as a liar and annihilator. The evidence he has left behind is burning on his skin and he has to get rid of it somehow. But at least on this website the remembrance is upheld that the Watchtower has emerged as a propagator of hope for the annihilation of mankind.

Watchtower of God's Kingdom – Destruction of All Humans
The Jehovah's Witnesses yearn for the annihilation of mankind in fervor and with all their hearts.

Since 2008 the confession of the Watchtower has changed!

Since 2008, the Watchtower Society has published two different versions of its satanic writings. One for the hard-boiled and one for the public. This alone allows anyone to recognize Satan's act of conspiracy with the Watchtower Society. For the step of winning the public his "gospel" with a more harmless form testifies to the secret intention of the faithful and understanding slave. The public, harmless version of the Watchtower scriptures has weakened the commitment to the will to destroy mankind. There it is said only:

... offers people the comfort of the good news that God's kingdom will soon put an end to all evil ...

God's kingdom only against evil?

By dying on the cross for us, Jesus gave us the chance of our lives, even though we were and are evil. He stood up against evil without destroying us who were and are contained in evil. He gave us the unique way out that only God could think of by the rule of God that we should be saved by believing in His name.

But the Watchtower Society expresses Satan's urgent desire to connect evil – if it is to be judged by God – with the fate of all human beings. Evil is in all of us. This is Satan's weapon. As long as he can convince us that we can escape evil by our own efforts, he has a real chance to mislead millions and billions of people. He only has to distract from the way Jesus prepared for our salvation. As soon as an idiot finds himself and believes he can pull himself out of evil with his own good will, Satan has found this idiot for his revenge on Jesus.

Unfortunately, humanity is full of these idiots who let themselves be blinded in their human intelligence by Satan. But these idiots have a great chance to be saved. This chance consists in admitting one's own idiocy. Everyone who believes Jesus must have somehow realized that he is an idiot if he thinks he can save himself with his own good will. It is precisely these failures and the failings of one's own recognition that Jesus seeks.

That is why Satan's greatest triumph is to say to the people: "You will manage to come out of evil! You just have to make a lot of effort.

Otherwise the Watchtower's confession of the imminent annihilation of evil cannot be interpreted. For anyone who announces the annihilation of evil and nourishes hope for it, must and will inevitably give the appearance that one can as a human being without the undeserved grace of Jesus move away from evil.

The Catholic Church also cultivates this suggestion.

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